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Melvina (Byers) and Wilson Kelley
Melvina (Byers) and
Wilson Kelley
Alex Kahn James Russell
James Russell and James Kahn


Violet (Kelley) DavidsonJohn Thomas Davidson     Anna (Kass) RussellFrank Russell
Violet (Kelley) Davidson    John Thomas Davidson     Anna (Kass) Russell         Frank Russell
Hello! My name is Thomas E. Russell.  Above me are pictures of  my Great-Great Grand Father James Russell (the white haired gentlemen with the pocket watch standing in front of his store) with his sin-in-law Alex Kahn, one set of my Great-grand Parents, Melvina (Byers) and Wilson Kelley, and my Grandparents, Violet (Kelley)  and John Thomas Davidson, and Anna (Kass) and Frank Russell.  I have been dabbling in my family's geneology for a while now and I've finally taken the big jump and started my own web site.  I hope by casting this broad net to find others of my clan who can add to what I have done; and to help others who face the same  brick walls that I have yet to get over.  

I have added links to several word documents that show the descendants my ancestors as far back as I have traced them so far.  The oldest documented ancestors come from England (Northumberland), Germany and possibly Ireland.  For others, I have lost the scent in western  Pennsylvania (Washington, McDonald, Pittsburgh, Homer Township.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am using Family Tree Maker software and will update my lists whenever possible and necessary.  I am more than willing to share my data files with anyone who needs them.  I will also be adding links to more pictures and documents as time and web space allow.  You can contact me at  Thanks, and good luck in your search.   Tom
(Last up-dated, May 8, 2010)
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