Robert Culpepper
Field Assignment #2
Classroom Incentive System
ED-327 sec 03
Dr. Brown
8:20 - 10:50 Tuesday
Fall 1995

This assignment is based on theoretical constructs.
It was not tested in an actual situation.
Furthermore the below mentioed cases may or may not exist.

  1. Mrs. Donna King, Stivers Middle School
  2. 8th Grade Social Studies
  3. The class is talking too much and too loudly during Channel 1, and are consequently doing poorly on the weekly tests.
  4. Free Time or No Free Time, That Is The Question -Group Incentive
  5. The incentive is a maximum of 20 minutes free time on Fridays for an activity the class votes on and the teacher approves of.
  6. For each day the class is quiet (or not extremely disruptive) during Channel 1, the class will earn 5 minutes of free time for Friday. The class will be advised of the system and the rules. On Monday, the class will vote for the incentive they want for the week, and that will be the incentive if the teacher concurs.
    • The Rules:
    1. The class will be quiet and pay attention during Channel 1.
    2. Students will remain in their seats for the news.
    3. The room must be quit enough so that the teacher can hear the news. If the teacher can not hear the news, then the rules are not being followed.
  7. If the rules are not followed, then no reward is earned for that day. The time the incentive would have occupied on Friday will be supplemented with another assignment to be completed and turned in before the end of class. Of course, this assignment might last a little longer than 5 minutes.

  1. Mrs. Donna King, Stivers Middle School
  2. 8th Grade Social Studies
  3. Casey is consistently out of his seat and disrupting other students
  4. Keep Casey Quiet -individual incentive
  5. Casey likes to help the teacher and also likes to move around the room a lot, so if he follows the rules he can hand back papers and pick-up assignments as needed.
  6. If Casey follows the rules, then he will be allowed to get out of his seat at least twice a day during class and help the teacher.
    • The Rules:
    1. Casey will ask for permission before he leaves his seat
    2. Casey will be quiet and not disrupt his classmates
  7. If Casey does not follow the rules, then he will not be allowed to get out of his seat, and will no longer be allowed to help the teacher in the classroom.

Class Organization and Management