I have split the links into two halves, in the left column you will find enthusiast websites with good information. In the right column you will find Parts suppliers. I have also moved the parts suppliers that have parts specifically for the Jeepster Commandos to the top of the list.


Jeepster Commando BBS
A forum of Jeepster enthusiasts exchanging stories and information

The American Jeepster Club
The Central website for 67-72 Jeepster Commando vehicles

The World of Jeepster Half Cabs
A well done site devoted to the underappreciated, but rare half-cab Jeepster Commandos

Mark's 4WD Links dot Com

Mac's Jeep page

Darren's Jeepster Commando Page

David's Jeepster Mania 4x4 Jeepster Commando Site
This link is dead, if you know where the site is or if it is permanently offline, please let me know.

Randy's Jeepster Commando Page


Just Jeepstsers
Just like the name says. They have tailgates, floorpans, and more. Here is a couple of pictures of what they make.

Fiberglass parts
Fiberglass fenders and hoods for the Jeepster Commando.

Aero tanks
A 20+ gallon aftermarket tank replacement.

Metro Moulded Rubber
These guys have custom moulded door weatherstripping.

JC Whitney
They have lots of odds and ends that are useful for your project.

Turner 4wd
They have a great catalog with lots of parts.

Leon Rosser
Lots of cool stuff in their catalog

Truck Accessories by Truck Stuff USA
Has some good general Jeep stuff.

Jeep Web - 4wd Jeeps

Olympic 4x4

Dirt Road Online Magazine
A online only Jeep Magazine

These guys make reasonably priced universal wiring harnesses.