The Sabbath was Not a "Creation Ordinance"
from John Gill's "A Body of Doctrinal and Practical Divinity"

Note: It should be noted that John Gill believed that Sunday is "the Christian Sabbath" and "the Lord's Day", and that it was the appropriate day for worship. However, he did not accept the view, popular among Sabbatarians, that the Sabbath was a "creation ordinance", i.e. that it was instituted during the creation week.  Gill's arguments against the "creation ordinance" theory are so compelling that I felt it valuable to provide them here.

(From Book III, Chapter 8.)
Of the Circumstances of Public Worship, as to Place and Time ...

... But the circumstance of "time", or a stated day of worship, requires more particular consideration; it having been a matter of controversy which has exercised the minds of good and learned men, for a century or two past, and not yet decided to the satisfaction of all parties; and in order to obtain what satisfaction we can, it will be proper to inquire,

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