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I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. John 10:11
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Pur'-i-tan n.one who seeks a purer, more Biblical form of life, doctrine and worship.

Whereas modern religion often glorifies man, 
the religion of the Bible glorifies our sovereign God, 
who is most blessed and glorious in all His ways.

Prayer Concerns
Trials - Pray that the Lord would give His people confidence in His power and Fatherly care, unquenchable inner peace, and the courage and wisdom to speak boldly for Christ through the trials He has appointed for us.
Government - "The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will." (Proverbs 21:1). Pray that God would cause our government leaders to exercise true mercy and justice and to maintain peace in our land.
Family - The salvation of your children lies in the hands of our sovereign and holy God who answers the fervent prayers of His people. Visit the Parental Rights website to support the proposed Parental Rights Amendment.
Revival & Reformation - The church today is in great need of God's mighty, transforming power.
Persecuted Church - Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer persecution daily.
World Missions - Are you faithfully praying for missionaries and Bible translators?
Upcoming Conferences
True Woman 2014
Finding Freedom, Fullness and Fruitfulness in Christ
Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Joni Eareckson Tada, Janet Parshall, Mary Kassian, Jim Cymbala, Danna Gresh, Erin Davis, Jani Ortlund, Angie Smith, Leslie Bennett, Lauren Chandler, Trillia Newbell, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Blair Linne, Chicago Tabernacle Choir
Indianapolis, IN Oct 9-11, 2014
Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis
Dr. John MacArthur, Kirk Cameron, Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Col. Jeffrey Williams, Dr. Joe Francis, Dr. Abner Chou, Todd Starnes, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Randy Guliuzza, Dr. Jake Hebert, Brian Thomas
Sun Valley, CA Oct 10-12, 2014
Midwest Annual Reformation Conference
A Time for Truth
Thabiti Anyabwile, Anthony Carter, Ken Jones
Indianapolis, IN Oct 16-19, 2014
2014 National Southern Baptist Founders Conference
Confessional Power and Gospel Advance: The 2LC at Home and Abroad
Tom Nettles, Phil Newton, Fred Malone, Tom Ascol, Andy Davis, Steve Lawson, Aaron Menikoff
Charleston, SC Oct 16-18, 2014
Reformation Worship Conference For Preaching and Living
Steven Lawson, W. Robert Godfrey, Richard Phillips, Douglas Kelly, Roland Barnes, Terry Johnson, T. David Gordon, Mark Ross, Jon Payne, Neil Stewart
Powder Springs, GA Oct 23-26, 2014
Oklahoma Conference on Reformed Theology
The Active Obedience of Christ: No Hope Without It
Philip Johnson
Oklahoma City, OK Oct 24-25, 2014
Sola Scriptura Ministries - Vancouver Conference
“Let Us Run With Endurance the Race that is Set Before Us” - The Well Disciplined Life
Dr. Don Whitney
Vancouver, British Columbia Oct 25, 2014
Staley Lecture Series
Philip Ryken
Cedarville, OH Oct 30, 2014

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27-Apr-2014 Conferences Conference List Updated
Added many conferences, from Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, 9Marks, Creation Ministries International, etc.
12-Apr-2014 Articles The End of the Wicked Contemplated by the Righteous
Jonathan Edwards answers the question: 'Will the joys of heaven be darkened by the knowledge that many of our former friends and relations are suffering the horrors of eternal punishment?'
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11-Jan-2014 Conferences Conference List Updated
Added Founders Conference Midwest and UK Creation Mega Conference.
29-Nov-2013 Conferences Conference List Updated
Added GPTS 2014 Spring Conference.
28-Sep-2013 Articles (updated) Evolution is Not Science
Fixed broken links, added some creationist scientists.
13-Sep-2013 Articles (updated) The Problem of Suffering
Added a section titled 'There was no suffering in the world until Adam sinned.'
13-Sep-2013 Articles (updated) How Old is the Earth?
Fixed some links that appeared to do nothing, and some that brought up an external page inside one of the frames.
13-Sep-2013 Articles (updated) This is My Body
Added an 'Analysis' section to the case for using unleavened bread in communion, and included answers to two more objections sometimes raised against this view.

Reflections on
the Love of God
by A. W. Pink

... One of the most popular beliefs of the day is that God loves everybody, and the very fact that it is so popular with all classes ought to be enough to arouse the suspicions of those who are subject to the Word of Truth. God's Love toward all His creatures is the fundamental and favorite tenet of Universalists, Unitarians, Theosophists, Christian Scientists, Spiritualists, Russellites, etc. No matter how a man may live--in open defiance of Heaven, with no concern whatever for His soul 's eternal interests, still less for God's glory, dying, perhaps with an oath on his lips--notwithstanding, God loves him, we are told. So widely has this dogma been proclaimed, and so comforting is it to the heart which is at enmity with God we have little hope of convincing many of their error. That God loves everybody, is, we may say, quite a modern belief. The writings of the church fathers, the Reformers or the Puritans will (we believe) be searched in vain for any such concept. ... (continued)
Introductory Essay
by J. I. Packer

... Thus, we appeal to men as if they all had the ability to receive Christ at any time; we speak of His redeeming work as if he had done no more by dying than make it possible for us to save ourselves by believing;  we speak of God's love as if it were no more than a general willingness to receive any who will turn and trust;  and we depict the Father and the Son, not as sovereignly active in drawing sinners to themselves, but as waiting in quiet impotence "at the door of our hearts" for us to let them in.  It is undeniable that this is how we preach; perhaps this is what we really believe.  But it needs to be said with emphasis that this set of twisted half-truths is something other than the biblical gospel.  The Bible is against us when we preach in this way; and the fact that such preaching has become almost standard practice among us only shows how urgent it is that we should review this matter. ... (continued)
What is "A 21st Century Puritanism?"
by Mitch Cervinka

Puritanism is a movement that arose within the English Protestant church in the late 1500's and continued into the 1700's.  The Puritans were Christians who believed that the Bible ought to be the sole authority for the doctrine and practice of the church.  They were convinced that the Protestant Reformation had not gone far enough in eliminating unscriptural traditions from the Church, and so, in a very real sense, they were second-generation Reformers, seeking to finish the work begun by early Reformers like Luther and Tyndale. 

The reforming spirit of the Puritans ought to exemplify Christianity in every age.  The Latin phrase "Semper Reformanda"—"Always Reforming"—should be the continual watchword of the Church of Jesus Christ, as we diligently seek to root out every false teaching and to bring the church 's worship into full conformity with the apostolic teaching revealed in the Holy Scriptures. 

Reformation is a never-ending task for two reasons.  First, because the church has never achieved 100% perfection, and thus there is always room for improvement.  Secondly and more importantly, because human depravity makes us so prone to wander from the truth. God's people need to be constantly vigilant to identify and oppose the age-old errors that keep reappearing, sometimes in new disguises, that threaten the spiritual vitality and radical witness of the church. 

The great enemy of Biblical Christianity in the days of the Puritans was Roman Catholicism, both in its full manifestation as well as in the vestiges of Catholicism carried over into the Anglican Church.  Puritans were often decrying the form of Anglican worship—crucifixes, kneeling at communion, and especially the "Popish" attire of the Anglican "priests".  But Puritans were also on guard against a return to the Catholic doctrines of human free-will and personal merit—doctrines that militate against the free grace of God as revealed in the gospel. 

In our present day, the great enemy of Biblical Christianity is the arrogant pragmatism that measures success by counting noses rather than seriously assessing the spiritual condition and progress of its converts.  This pragmatic approach turns its back on what the Bible says about God's sovereignty , man 's depravity, and the manner of worship that is most pleasing to God.  Instead, modern Christianity is often guilty of seeking to please men rather than God, thereby repeating the error of the self-righteous Pharisees. 

With the Puritans of old, we confess the Biblical gospel that God saves rebellious, Christ-rejecting sinners—He doesn't wait until they trust in Christ of their own accord, for men are too rebellious to ever willingly submit themselves to God.  Instead, God does for men that which they never would nor could do for themselves:  He chooses certain ones to be saved, although no one, of himself, would ever have freely chosen to leave his sin and humbly submit himself to God's authority.  He purchases their forgiveness by giving up the life of His dearly-loved, only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, in payment for their sins, even though no one could ever have purchased his own forgiveness.  He quickens them by His Holy Spirit, changing their hearts, bringing forth genuine faith and lasting repentance, even though no one could ever have made such a change in his own heart—indeed, no one would even bother to try!  And God completes this work which He began, even though no one would ever be persistent enough by his own will to persevere very long in faith and repentance, even if he could savingly believe or repent. 

A "21st Century Puritanism", then, is the always-reforming spirit of 17th-century Puritanism applied to the challenges of the 21st century church.  In place of an Arminian "free-will" gospel that exalts human worth and ability, the 21st Century Puritan calls us back to the Biblical gospel that exalts the power and sovereignty of Almighty God.  In place of the "seeker-sensitive", man-pleasing paradigm for worship, the 21st Century Puritan points us back to the Biblical, God-ordained pattern of worship revealed in Scripture—emphasizing a Godward focus—preaching His glories, rejoicing in His mercy to hell-deserving sinners, falling at His feet in humble supplication, singing from joyful, forgiven, God-saturated hearts psalms and hymns that exalt His majesty and honor. 

It is my prayer that this website will help you gain a greater appreciation for the glory and splendor of our sovereign Creator, Provider and Redeemer. 

Soli Deo Gloria!  .. To God Alone be the glory!

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