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Have you noticed that people have written “advice” columnists relating that he | she was snooping around on a companion's computer, and being shocked by what the browsing history supposedly showed? Besides that the snooper should be dumped immediately (He | She is looking for ammunition for a future break-up, and has just birthed it.); this is a very common incident which could lead to real-life problems for people who use MsIE. Cease using MsIE.
Firefox has a setting which will automatically clear your browsing history, download history, cache, and cookies when you close it.
Flash: I saw another “advice” columnist tell a letter writer she should be suspicious of her companion because the browser history had been cleaned! How do these dolts actually get their columns (& so-called “authority”)? (People who have trust issues this deep deserve to die alone and unloved.)

Sexuality Resources

rec.arts.movies.erotica [r.a.m.e]
Here is the World-Wide Web home page for rec.arts.movies.erotica; "The home of civilized smut"; a moderated Usenet newsgroup to which I used to post (when I had Usenet access).
Internet Adult Film Database
Here is another embarrassing omission by me. Why was not this on here before? I just did not get around to linking to it. The IAFD is the premier W-WW resource for information about the U.S.A. porn community. It is maintained by a volunteer staff of editors. You may also follow it on Twitter as "iafdcom".
Society for Human Sexuality
Acknowledging your own intimate sexuality has been one of the most difficult experiences of living in the U.S.A. (& much of the Western Hemisphere) This valuable site, which is considered off-limits by most World-Wide Web blocking programs (to their discredit), is a superb site to help anyone to bring their erotic drive to the high plateau it should occupy.
Scarleteen is a sex education W-WW site for the real world. It orbits around honest, fresh, and fun sex education and information for young adults. It provides articles, advice, accurate information and interactive media for teens to explore and understand their sexuality. It is part of the Sex Ed Web Circle. Heather Corinna is the webmaster. You may also follow it on Twitter.
Savage Love
Savage Love is a weekly syndicated column by Dan Savage, a gay guy with a companion. His columns may orbit around gay & bi-sexual persons and their relationship snags, but there is much solid advice for people of all sexualities.
Temple of the Red Lotus [Atlanta, GA.]
This is an organization which celebrates love and sacred sexuality. It is devoted to recognizing and promoting the sanctity of sex, the body, love, relationships and other connections. It teaches that enlightenment and bliss can be achieved through embracing the body and all its sensual pleasures. Inara de Luna, a Qadishtu priestess, is the founder. There is also a forum for which you may register.
FetLife is "A network by kinksters for kinksters". It is a social networking W-WW site intended for sex-positive people. I am registered here as "pudgym29". I am not a supporting member because, due to FetLife being hosted in the U.S.A., there are certain sexually-oriented topics which it insists its members do not discuss, lest it loses its credit card processor. (How did credit card processors become the Internet's ‘moral guardians’? More importantly, how do we replace them with more tolerant types?) I believe FetLife should move its server host to another country.
This is the adult community for sexually adventurous people. Its members are into a wide variety of fun, including parties, dining, dancing, writing, travel, exhibitionism, swinging, BDSM, bisexuality, fetishes, and more. But most of all, they are all about making friends, and living an uninhibited lifestyle with no pressures & no hassles.
Leather Archives & Museum
Here is another link I should have had on here a while ago. The LA&M, located on Chicago's far north side, is committed to the compilation, preservation and maintenance of the leather lifestyle and related lifestyles [including, but not limited to the Gay & Lesbian communities], history, archives and memorabilia for historical, educational, and research purposes.
The SINS Center
It is, in its own words, "The midwest's destination for fetish exploration"; A social & educational Center, with a fetish art gallery, and a play space. It is in a collar (oops) suburb of Chicago. It is open on Friday & Saturday from 21:00 - 26:00 hours [CT].
I have yet to visit here, but people whom I respect have told me it is a solid, conducive sex-positive space. It also produces the bi-annual Kinky Kollege exposition, which is linked from here.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Here is another W-WW site I should have had on here a long time ago. The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal, and social environment in the U.S.A. that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.
Age of consent [#1]
This is AVERT, a non-prurient World-Wide Web site dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV, & other sexually transmitted diseases, world-wide. This is its page with a table which denotes the minimum age when a person could engage in male-female; male-male; & female-female sex, in a specific state of the U.S.A., and in another country.
Age of consent [#2: Wikipedia]
This was prompted when Live Journal altered its Terms of Service to include content which, despite its claim to be violative of U. S. laws, was and is legal; and as such, revealed that Live Journal was intent upon censoring controversial viewpoints to appease advertisers (& vigilanté gangs).
An anti-censorship essay
This is a phenomenal essay scribed by Chris ------ {I can't find his surname.}, who is the proprietor of Atomic Cinema [on the regular bookmark page]. It was supposed to appear on a framed screen, but he messed up a few paragraphs trying to design where an image would appear depending on the size of the frame {This is another reason I break out of frames for you whenever I can.}, and text was erroneously duplicated.
But those typographical errors cannot stand in the path of this perceptive soliliquy on how erotica is attacked, ghettoized, and somehow subsidized by governmental agencies. (!)
He suggests governmental agencies popularize the "dreadful" smut so as to marginalize against better explicit erotica which would find a larger audience.
Nudes And Prudes
This is an astounding essay, by Bertram Brooker, originally published in Canada in 1931, in which the expounding debated back then is (sadly) still poignant, especially insofar the Internet and the World-Wide Web.
Here is an intriguing site. Artvamp (Kristie Alshaibi) is a multimedia artist. She has de-emphasized the erotic elements of this site, probably due to the impetus of the significance of her husband, Usama Alshaibi's, documentary movie, "Nice Bombs".
Kristie's pay adult site, webmastered by her alter ego, ‘Echo Transgression’, was It had video clips and still pictures from the movies and videos with which she had something to do. It is no longer updated on a regular basis.
She once expressed remorse (in her original Live Journal) that she allowed any of her personae to accept money for doing such. She scribed, "It constructed walls where before there were none." Both Kristie & Usama are on Twitter. For some reason, neither of them follow me.
Sunny Megatron
She is a companion of Ken Melvoin-Berg. They are usually better known for operating the "Weird Chicago Sex Tour", which is one of the few sexpositive charters on the entire planet. Her W-WW site is along the lines of a blog, with numerous rubrics into associated topics.
Frank Moore mantains this “Web of All Possibilities”. When you enter (I must allow you to read the “warning”.), you will find a spectrum of arousing erotic links. You can spend days exploring all the good stuff here. Frank is also the publisher of the "The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary" zine.
Opening Up
This is a sexblog maintained by Tristan Taormino. It is a World-Wide Web site for people interested in open relationships of all kinds, including monogamy with benefits, nonmonogamy, partnered nonmonogamy, swinging, polyamory, polyfidelity, solo polyamory, mixed orientation marriages, and other relationships styles beyond monogamy.
Practical Polyamory™
This is a sexblog curated by Anita Wagner Illig, in which she strives to create the social and political climate where people can discover and practice the intimate relationship structure that best meets their emotional and human needs free of governmental, societal, or institutional coercion, or favoritism. She is committed to helping people who choose polyamory learn the relationship skills necessary to succeed. You may also follow her on Twitter as "anitawagner".
Chicago Den
Despite its name, this is a sexblog orbiting around kink & leather activities throughout the midwest, and occasionally further away. You may also follow it on Twitter as "chicagoden".
Tiny Nibbles
This is the W-WW site of Violet Blue. She is at the point of the infrequently-reported-about movement of females who enjoy erotica & porn. She reviews adult videos for a variety of outlets. This site, which looks good, has lots of thought-provoking essays, and salient links to other sites, in well-lubricated, tasty, bite-sized pages. You may also follow her on Twitter as "violetblue" {doh}. The "links" page is almost as comprehensive as this.
Gentle Nibbles
This is a sexblog by a married couple in their mid-thirties in Houston, TX. which they began to anonymously share the fantastic experiences they have had since entering the swinging lifestyle, as well as some of their thoughts and opinions. You may also follow them on Twitter as "gentlenibbles".
Polyamory forum
This is a forum intended to provide a rubric for people who are polyamorous or poly-curious. It welcomes poly folk of every orientation: Hetero, GLBTQ, pansexual, asexual, or anything else; and involved in every sort of poly tangle. The domain name is registered to somebody in Hong Kong, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
Safety for on-line kinksters
You probably already know how I caution you to maintain a semi-anonymous profile when traversing erotic W-WW sites, which includes BDSM, kink, & swingers sites. But should a day arrive when you want to intentionally take the additional step to transform an on-line episode into a genuine physical meeting, this W-WW site by ‘Ambrosia’ has solid advice intended to increase your safety should the person you agreed to meet turns out to be hazardous to you.
Imagination is intelligence with an erection
This is a sexblog by M. Christian. I asked for (& received) permission to tweak one of his articles which appeared in Richard Freeman's "Batteries Not Included" zine [R.I.P.] for a World-Wide Web forum on which I post pseudonymously. Then I was mollified on that forum and never scribed the revision. But he should be on here. He is an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 300 stories published in books, magazines, and on W-WW pages.
Clean Sheets
This W-WW site is not about soccer goalkeepers. Clean Sheets is an E-Zine, established in October 1998, with intelligent and sexy erotic fiction, poetry, & art, as well as information and commentary on sexuality and society. It is updated weekly (on Wednesday).
Darklady lives in Portland, OR., & writes for "Playtime" magazine. She provides a profound female vista about the erotic arts. The site, which is on both the "Authors of Literary Erotica" and "BDSM Biz" W-WW rings, spawns a frame if you proceed. You may also follow her on Twitter as "thedarklady".
Taliesin is a person who has accomplished quite a few things in the universe of adult-oriented entertainment. It includes performances, publications, crew work, screenplays, & more. This is one of many World-Wide Web sites which he maintains. His site's management company is in Elgin, IL.
Silly Naked
I had difficulty deciding where to put this link. It is a NSFW W-WW site curated by Billy Da Bunny, who I knew when he ran a zine distro in Chicago, IL. He is now in Albuquerque, NM. He made this W-WW site because he thinks the world is often too uptight about sex and nudity. He feels it is OK for people to also be silly at times. So he wants to operate a website that is sexpositive, pro-nudity, and pro-porn, but also being sort of dorky.
Luke is Back
Luke Ford was a muckraking on-line journalist digging through the heap of U.S.A.-produced porn circa 1999. He had admirers and detracters. After a while, he tired of this and withdrew from coverage of the industry.
This weblog (which is safe for work ~ but its banners may be close-to-the-edge) is now being moderated by Kelli Roberts. You may also follow her on Twitter as "lukeisback".
1960s porn purveyors
While searching for Ruben Sturman's quote about why he avoided paying Federal income tax ["I didn't believe in giving any of my money to a government which was using it to try and put me in prison."], I found this E-Zine. This specific URL sends you to Earl Kemp's chapters. Back-parse to learn more about the connection between science & erotica writers (& publishers).
Erotic film posters
Here is a huge consortium of theatrical one-sheets & posters.
There is another movie poster W-WW site on the regular bookmark page.
Internet Trash
Here is the largest place for tasteless, useless, trashy, politically incorrect, rude, silly, stupid, meaningless, obnoxious, extreme, waste of bandwidth homepages.
I had difficulty deciding where to place this link. Pornzilla is an add-on package of tools for surfing W-WW porn sites with the Firefox browser. These bookmarklets and extensions make it easier to find and view porn, letting you spend more time looking at the smut you like.
Cruising for sex
This is the World-Wide Web site where gay & bi-sexual men can locate public and | or semi-public locales to find like-minded partners.

Adult W-WW Site Reviews

Jane's net sex guide
Jane is a real person who takes the time and effort to explore what occurs with adult World-Wide Web sites. She interviews people behind the sites. She rates many of them, with a predilection for Bondage | Domination | Sadism | Masochism [BDSM] sites. If you are looking for worthwhile adult W-WW sites, here is a good starting point. You may also follow her on Twitter as "janesguide".

Free Erotic W-WW Sites

Thumbnail Group Preview [TGP] Sites

The Goat List
Here is a categorization W-WW site. It has a vast number of keywords. Select either movies or pictures.
Dr. Bizzaro
Dr. Bizzaro (watch that spelling) is a link site to 100% free adult World-Wide Web sites. There are no pop-up consoles [entering or egressing], no blind links, and no pull-throughs to a pay site.
The Stile Project
You may have heard about this W-WW site. It now encompasses its former movie side project. I believe all the content here is now Flash®-based. It will attempt to open a new browser window for each link. This site will take some time to load completely.
This is a site which has been revamped to providing Flash®-based high-definition videos from a spectrum of categories. Look at each video page's Source Code [Ctrl + U] to find the URL which you can download.
Pornstar galleries
Here is a swift-loading (textual) pornstar link page. You can search its archives for additional galleries of a specific performer. It is registered to someone in the Netherlands, but is hosted in the U.S.A.
Spicy Video Clips
Here is another URL with a clutch of links to videos of pornstars. There are other classifications as well, and none of them redirect you.
O V Guide
This is Online Video Guide's first page of links to other W-WW sites providing free erotic content. Many of its links are to sites running Flash®, but there are enough offering downloadable clips that I can add it here. You may back-parse for non-erotic video content, and you may register to rate and comment on any W-WW site mentioned here.
This is an aggregator W-WW site with downloadable erotic clips, and other content, including some which you could find extremely shocking (auto accidents, criminal executions).


Asian Thumbs
Here is a link site with pictures of Asians.
For all the W-WW sites whose primary language is Japanese, try one of these translators:
Google™ =
Excite!® =
It shall make a reasonable effort to translate. It will probably be good enough for you to understand what is being offered.
This is a massive TGP link site orbiting around Asians (including hentai anime). It has both text & thumbnail links. Because of the high amount of the latter, this site will take a while to completely load. It is registered to someone in Australia, but is hosted in the U.S.A. [in Washington, DC.]
Japanese Beauties
This is a comprehensive site focusing on Japanese females. It has links to free AV, AN4Y (AsiaNude 4 You), idol, softcore, hardcore, costume play, and hentai anime pages. Due to all the thumbnails, this site will take a while to completely load.
Moromie Girl
This is a link site with scores of galleries of Asian (particularly Japanese) females. For modem users, there are sections where the movie files have their weights listed. There are links to PIXY, PGF, AV females', and even some urabon photosets. Due to all the thumbnails, this site will take a while to completely load.
Here is a renovated Asian TGP W-WW site with much content seemingly being submitted solely to it. The links are not from any “extreme”, or keenly fetishistic purveyors. You may also follow it on Twitter as "asianzilla".
Asian Post
This is a BBS with member-posted links to movies & pictures featuring Asian females.
I mention that nearly all of the content being referred into these fora is intended for broadband users only, and is on file locker “services” like RyuShare, & FilesMonster. I remain opposed to using them due to a number of aspects: They are extremely vulnerable to DMCA takedown notices, and are sometimes used for jaw-droppingly-titled content, such as a law enforcement agency's “sting” file. On my international bookmark page you will see links to semi-anonymous Japanese uploader W-WW sites, which is what I use when needing to upload a large file.
I do not recommend anybody using uploaders or downloaders which require JavaScript|ActiveX® being enabled (because you can be traced); and I most certainly contend with W-WW sites which attempt to compel you to sign on and pay for a “premium” account. When it gets sued by a content provider, forget about getting your money back, and hope the content provider doesn't decide to come after you. (The litigation will demand the identity of everybody who paid. The subpoenaed site would have access to your name and address from the credit card you used to pay for the “premium” account.)
AV Stars' hardcore
This W-WW site has scores of links to image galleries of Japanese female AV (Adult Video) stars in hardcore activity. Most of the images are uncensored. If you click through, depending on your browser's security settings, the pages hosted on may not display the thumbnails, but the images which the thumbnails would illustrate are extant.
Bob X's Asian Scans
Here is a massive W-WW site. Bob X has high resolution scans of scores of Japanese gravure and AV idols. You can search its contents on a spectrum of variables. Because of all the thumbnails on this site, it will take a while to completely load. This site has three frames.
X-Movie JAV streaming clips
A page linking to free Flash®-based trailers of JAVs. Rikaichan [on the regular bookmark page] will be of import should you wish to explore this W-WW site. You may also follow it on Twitter as "x_move".
Magura Kagura's Tumblr® archive
Images of gravure, & JAV Idols. Because of the resolution of each photo, this page will take a while to completely load.
Tokyo Kinky
This is a sexblog which I discovered while browsing a collator of English-translationed articles from Japanese tabloid newspapers. It has a sex-positive attitude about the content it covers, which includes gravure and JAV idols. You may also follow it on Twitter as "tokyokinky". It is hosted in Houston, TX.
Scanlover forum
JAV Talk had a catastrophic server failure in early March 2009. It lost everything. This is where its most frequently-posting members wound up. It has over 113,600 members. You must register, turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies in order to view images, post, or respond here.
E - L o l i n k
This is a reborn World-Wide Web site with links to over 1,750 other W-WW sites, or files, featuring juvenile, & teen-aged erotica, mostly produced in Japan. It requests a lot of tolerance from you. I repeat my advice to configure an anonymous proxy, or use Tor, before you click on a link here. Due to all the thumbnails, this site will take a while to completely load. There are three additional pages maintained by our webmaster directly linked from here [at the foot]. He also maintains a blog at
This link page went off-line at, but it is still hosted in the U.S.A.
Crazy Idol
I had difficulty determining where to place this URL. Crazy Idol has an extensive amount of galleries of Japanese idols, from across the spectrum (including JAV Idols). Click the banner underneath "Japanese Sexy Girls Gallery 2010" for those. But, as this URL otherwise shows, it is also an on-line store where you can obtain DVDs of them (most are $6). If you wish to do so, you must register an account here (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, & cookies accepted). I send you to the North American version of this W-WW site. It is also available in Thai language if you back-parse. The domain is registered to somebody in Thailand, but it is hosted in the U.S.A. [in Dallas, TX.] You may also follow him on Twitter as "junioridol".
There is an additional Japanese idol blog URL on the international page.
Finding Japanese AV cover scans
This is a sedate W-WW page with tips for finding AV cover scans. View its links to production companies and selected translating search engines.
Sankaku Complex
I had difficulty determining where to place this URL. Sankaku Complex offers substantial coverage of anime, manga, games, doujinshi, cosplay, seiyuu, and idols, along with galleries, videos, and image sharing. Because of all the images, it will take a while to completely load. You must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® & accept cookies in order to post or respond here. Its host server is in Chicago.

Urabon | Urahon

Urabon Navigator
Do not let the barren [& misconfigured] appearance of this W-WW page fool you into thinking it is a dead end. Those six items at the top are the path to much information and history about Japanese urabon photobooks, extending back to 1981. I have read however, that these began trafficing in the underground in 1975.
It also appears that some U.S.A. pornstars [e.g. Shauna Grant; Mai Lin] had a urabon book of their chromes released in Japan. There is also a forum for which I can recommend you register (You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® & accept cookies.).
There were few urabon photobooks published in 2006, only one in 2007, and none since.
Japanese Girl Friends
This collection collates 1993 to 2005. I send you to the first page; which has links to urabon, PGF, amateur, schoolgirl, and AV stars' pages. There are also links to thirty TGP listing sites orbiting around Asians. The site is dimensioned for 1024 × 768 displays.
World Adult Images
This is a primarily Japanese-language link site, hosted in the U.S.A., with links to urabon (1992 - 2006), and the Photo Group Frontier (PGF) images. I have moved this W-WW site to this rubric because the outbound links to other Japanese content have gone offline.

Text Links & Fora

Search Vids
This is a solid W-WW site which has a laundry list of keywords. You can select any of them, and it will go through its library (the sixty sites which it scrapes are listed at the foot of this page) and output each URL where that keyword was used in the description. The page's main banner advertiser checks your I. P. Address to mention a city in your proxy's country.
T i a v a
Here is an impressive & thorough erotic portal W-WW site with a female webmaster. It gets bonus points for the detailed explanations of how to avoid popups, dialers, virii, & hijackers. The main outline of the site is similar to Search Vids, with which it is affiliated. There is now a small assortment of galleries being directly & reciprocally linked to it (at the foot of the page). It now has a forum for which you may register (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on & cookies accepted).
This is a search engine modelled after AskJolene {on the international bookmark page}. You input a keyword, and it will search through its database of URLs with free content which have that keyword in its description. It outputs the results fifteen per page.
Here is another erotic search engine. This one shows thumbnails of the found on-topic content. It currently does not seem to scrape as many link sites as the others I have here. A text listing is also available. The domain name is registered to someone in Schaumburg, IL.
The 56K Friendly forum
Here, finally, is a forum which makes an effort to provide erotic content for those of you like myself, who are still on a modem connection. You will glimpse forum posts from other moderators on Phatforums which will be aimed at broadband W-WW surfers, but most of the content here is on-topic for its title.
Bigthangs' forum
This site began as a “creampie” picture and video forum. But it has amended to a forum where Bigthangs, and the moderators of other fora on Phatforums, share the galleries and movies each of them has uploaded to a free adult W-WW host.
Vintage Erotica Forum
Here is a forum orbiting around retrograde porn & smut (up to July 1995). I learned about it when someone referred my bookmark pages there. You must register, turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® & accept cookies in order to post or respond here. This site is now hosted in the U.S.A. [in Houston, TX.], which makes me worry. Some of the subject matter and imagery on this forum could be considered “illegal” in some communities. It would be legal in the Netherlands (where it was formerly hosted), but some anti-erotica zealots (or a vigilanté gang) may try to shut it down here.
More vintage erotica
Here is another vintage erotica forum found while browsing the directory of Phatforums. It would not surprise me if the same member was sharing the links of content he has uploaded to all of these fora.
There are additional "vintage" links available on the international bookmark page.
Euro Babe index
Here is a site with scores of links to females appearing mainly in European adult movies & videos. It includes a database of photoshoots for each model, including whether it was or was not hardcore. It now has permission to reproduce photoshoots of several pay sites.
Fleshbot is a frequently updated web magazine. It showcases all the porn that digital technology and distribution has made possible. This includes CGI and morphed images, amateur females, netcam guys, sex blogs, hentai and yaoi, accidental smut, vintage erotica, celebrity candids, and hardcore video. It is not safe for most workplaces [NSFW].
XXX Movie Mart
This is the top free downloadable movie link Bulletin Board System [BBS] on the World-Wide Web. It is administered by “Ben Dover”.
18 & 19 year-olds {?}
Here is a forum maintained by cashm. It is an auxiliary of an MGP site (back parse if you wish to view it | the keyword search function offshores you). Despite its domain name, the forum has varied rubrics, including mature females, fetish, and even gay & bisexual porn content.
Here is a forum orbiting around teen-oriented erotic imagery. If you want to register for it, you must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies. The domain name is registered to someone in Russia, but the site is hosted in the U.S.A.
Smut torrents
Since I am on a v.92 modem, I do not partake in bit torrent activity. If you have a broadband connection, this is a good site for locating erotic movie clips on bit torrent. This site is registered to somebody in Russia, but it is hosted in the U.S.A. [in San Francisco, CA.]
There is another smut torrent listing site on the international bookmark page.
[N.B.: Do not send any torrent W-WW site a tracable payment instrument, even if it pleads for financial help. LokiTorrent, another site which solicited funds, when threatened by the M.P.A.A. & the R.I.A.A., not only went off-line, but was compelled to release the identification of each and every person who had sent it money; setting them up for a potential indictment.]
(it used to be) Teka's BBS
Teka was a central headquarters for crackers. It now has a very obstreperous title. [Mouse over the link.] There are many informative rubrics here. I send you to the actual URL. The “gateway” is Registration is required in order to view, post, or respond. You must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies. It is now hosted in the U.S.A. [in Philadelphia, PA.]
‡ insatiable you ‡
Are you a complete and total smuthound? Can you just not get enough? Well then; I would love to meet you. Here's a W-WW site which seems to have every adult movie forum extant (& probably many which are not any more). Some of the forum administrators here ran into problems on another forum webhost.
This is another W-WW site with Flash®-based videos, most of which are erotic. A list of its most frequent search terms is on the right side of the screen. Look at each video page's Source Code [Ctrl + U] to find the URL which you can download.
Erotic Photography & Art Ring
This is a very good ring consisting of erotic photography, and links to similar W-WW sites.
Fine nude & sensual art ring
The WebRing, which has 44 sites, is for fine art nude photography and sensual art. Photographers, models, artists, & sensual art enthusiasts are welcome to join.
RingSurf's ‘Society’ rings
RingSurf is a webring provider not affiliated with Yahoo!® or Geocities®. Back-parse for links to more rubrics. Or try its ‘Arts’ rubric.
MilkMan Book
Here is a comprehensive text forum (with a clutch of image links). It has centuries of image galleries, scores of links to other free erotic link W-WW sites, links to every free netcam feed, and scads of streaming movies. This site, which is updated twice a week, will take some time to completely load.
Teen MPegs
This was formerly "Lolita MPegs". I guess it finally got tired of all the pressure from its affiliated link sites, inclusion in any number of W-WW censorware packages, and on blacklists of alleged "ch!|d p0rn" W-WW sites. Its content has not changed; only its title.
Contemplate this: Many links purporting to offer something “illegal” are traps which do not have the content with which they entice you. They will attempt to pop-up additional browser windows, pull you to a malformed W-WW page with a virus embedded thereupon, consume your computer's resources, until the browser and | or your operating system crashes. They might be harvesting I. P. Addresses (if you have JavaScript|ActiveX® on).
Even more shockingly, some of them are “sting” links being circulated by law enforcement agencies on hunting expeditions, which is why they are not taken offline when somebody reports them. [My advice is: Do not report them! If it is not a “sting” link, you could well get the criminal investigation. Law enforcement could decide, "We can't find who produced or uploaded the content. But we know who possessed and viewed it."]
Teenie Movies
While browsing some other TGPs, I was diverted over to here. This MGP has over 1,200 clean text links to free downloadable hardcore movies. The descriptions are terse.
This is a site which is affiliated with Boobdex {nee Fusker}; the advanced W-WW image extracting service. Where this site excels is locating galleries which can be harvested by an automatic downloading program. If you wish to register and submit extracts here, you need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies. This is registered to a German corporation, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
Greenguy Link O'Rama
Here is a link site which has seemingly been online forever. It was started by a marketing guy. His method of paying for his bandwidth is sending you to an interstitial page which loads some banners. (If somebody clicks on a banner, he collects a referrer fee.) From the interstitial; you receive the link to the real free site.'s ‘porn’ tag is a “social bookmarks” manager (affiliated with Yahoo!®). If you register here, you may add sites you like to your personal collection of links. Logging on here requires a proxy which can handle an TLS connection. Much of this site is off-topic for this page: i.e.: You can easily get sidetracked exploring another tag. The URL where I send you is not indicated on its "tag" page. From here, you will be able to find numerous other erotic keywords & tags.
See also Porn-a-licious on the international bookmark page, but this is a better execution of the concept, even though you must dig deeper to find the erotic links. An RSS-feed for this page is available.


Actual Incest Forum
The Incest Taboo Forum was snared in the hysteria concerning ‘pedophilia’, & ‘ch!|d molestation’. Its U.S.A.-based webhost would not renew its hosting contract. A front page of it, with no content, is still extant, but it goes nowhere.
Here is its still-extant competitor. This orbits around the roleplaying fantasy of family members having sex with one another. This forum allows no other URLs of anything to be mentioned. (You will be banned.)
If an ‘incest’ W-WW site requests a donation, do not contribute! You would become a ripe plum waiting to be picked by a law enforcement agency which subpoenaes the list of donators, needing an arrest to maintain the continuance of its “cyberporn” headquarters' unit. ["Look! This guy lives here. Let's go bust him."] I mandate that you use an anonymous proxy when visiting here.
Patches' Place
This is a W-WW site orbiting around watersports. It celebrates the connection between sexuality and peeing, with lots of fun and humor. It has its own free content, and on-topic links.
Extreme Board
Here is a forum orbiting around forced sex fantasies, BDSM, incest, scat and pee | piss, & zoophilia. Registration is required in order to post or respond here.
PornBoss TGP
PornBoss is a link site to a spectrum of bizarre & kinky sexuality W-WW sites with free images. Its "keywords" meta tag is an entire page of zoophilia terms. {But it gives itself a rating of "General"!}
Be wary of TGPs (& MGPs) which use referrer data in their object URLs. The Pornzilla browser add-on for Firefox eases this task for you.
{For comparison, browse View its source code. Not only will you denote "/cgi-bin/cj/c.cgi?url=" to the leftmost of the target URL, note the "&p=60" on the end. This is a function which will mathematically reduce the probability of you arriving at the target URL. Here, only sixty percent of those clicking on the link will view the content. Forty percent will be redirected. I loathe tricks like this.} PornBoss is registered to someone in Denmark, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
XXX Power
A TGP site with at least one outrageous sub-category. None of the links, all of which are text, redirect you. The domain name is registered to someone in Panama, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
Hot Legs in Love
This is a fantasy site maintained by Kelli. She has two other girlfriends, Stephanie, & Pamela, who also enjoy scenarios like this. There are many sections here, both on-topic and off.
Real rape is a serious crime, of which the penalty is years in prison. But there are many people who are intrigued by this fantasy and who shall never attempt any non-consensual activity. To deny them this scenario due to the actions of those who do actually perpetrate the criminal act (and who may have never viewed this imagery) is astoundingly intolerant and absurd. This would be equivalent to saying that all media should cease producing entertainment where someone's death is the topic (including murder mystery novels). If you have an older browser, this site will appear kludgy.
BDSM Videos Network
Here is a TGP to sites with the above-mentioned content. There are both thumbnailed image links and text links. This site includes its referral data in the URL, so there is a possibility you may sporadically be redirected. The surefire way to avoid this is to use Pornzilla in Firefox.
Mistress Zafire
Mistress Zafire is a BDSM female dominant {FemDom}. This site concentrates on picture and movie galleries with FemDoms. You can find both males & females being dominated here.
Bizarre Fetish
Here is a fetish TGP with text descriptions, in a spectrum of categories. I found some old BDSM comic books [by Ward, & Stanton, et alia] linked from here. The results will appear in a framed screen. You may rate each screen.
Gay Porn Blog
This is a thorough & comprehensive sexblog webmastered by Mike Stabile & Jack Shamama. They are "obsessed" with gay porn. You will find loads of free content here [& not all of it is gay]. Then you can delve into the other gay porn sexblogs to which they link. This page will take a while to completely load.
Gay Japan | Gay World
Here is an English-language clearinghouse of information & links for east Asian men seeking fun, friendship, & maybe more. There is a forum for which you may register.
YAOI WebRing
"Yaoi Lover" is a ring orbiting around fan fiction involving young boys [Shounen Ai, Shota, & Yuri]. There are 89 sites herein. They include ‘slash’ stories, drawings, and possibly even hentai anime. You may have heard about lolicon | roricon, but I suspect you had no clue about the existance of shotacon (& bishonen).

Image BBS' | Image boards

Anime Fanservice BBS
All the imageboard link sites on have gone off-line. Go to the international bookmark page for a translated W-WW page with imageboards classified by sub-genré. This is a forum whose registered users have been “bringing bare breasts and butts to the online anime community” since 2001. They post images and videos of titillating scenes from Japanese anime videos, and eroge video games. Almost all of these brief vignettes involve panties, peeping, or nudity; but they are not from hentai videos or mangas. You need to turn on Java & JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Anonymous erotic image hosting W-WW sites
A page with semi-anonymous dynamic image [.gif, .jpg, .png] uploaders.
Upload yourself #4
This is FileFap. It is an uploading service which does not require you to register for an account. You may only upload one image at a time here. These sites are skewed at providing download referral URLs for those wishing to share an image file with a forum, BBS, or W-WW site. NSFW images are permitted to be uploaded. It now also has its own galleries of erotic videos and images. It is hosted in downtown Chicago.
Upload yourself #5
This is, an uploading service which explicitly announces it accepts erotic images. It now also has its own galleries of erotic videos and images. Select "Not safe for work" from the 'Image content:' drop-down box.
I. P. Addresses are noted. JavaScript|ActiveX® must be enabled. I mandate you only use hosts which allow you to have an anonymous account. The domain name is registered to somebody in Romania, but it is hosted in Arlington Heights, IL.
Upload yourself #6
This is a W-WW site which lets you upload up to thirty images at one time. I. P. Addresses are noted.
Upload yourself #7
This service accepts up to an 20 MB file.
There are more uploaders on the international bookmark page. I recommend using those, because they are less susceptible to being queried by an anti-erotica zealot who wants to know the real names and street address of the “amateur” couple appearing in an erotic image.

Video Feeds & Netcams

NetmeetingSex was hacked off the W-WW by someone from Turkey. (!)
The six networked German reflectors have also gone missing at times. (Those are | were,,,,, & The reflectors which seem to be still extant are,,,,,,, &
JMeeting was begun by people who were discontented by [c.v.]. There is substantial antipathy between the two sites. There is a forum here which frequently boils over with anti-AWC comments, which actually generates a response from someone from AWC.
JMeeting is free to join. It requires you download a Java VM component. You must turn on Java, JavaScript[|ActiveX®]; and accept cookies in order to browse here.
I am now running Windows® 7 Professional, which supports this version of Java, and this version of Java has been cleared by Firefox, so I am again exhibiting myself here. I am not on every day, but when I am, it is usually after 0200 hours. I tend to chat in the #M4M_... room, because JMeeting still does not have a lot of female exhibitionists. [How about joining us?] You may want to keep an eye peeled for a mention of my upcoming activity on Twitter; but again I remind you, I use a pseudonym on JMeeting which I will not reveal under my real identity.
WebCam Now
Here is a thorough site with links to individual netcams from around the world. You can choose “Friends and Family” or “Unmonitored” cameras. You can chat with other voyeurs and the people in front of the cameras. The free level has six frames per minute. You need to turn on Java, JavaScript[|ActiveX®]; and accept cookies in order to browse here.
I do not recommend you pay for this site, or any sexually-oriented site. If you live in a community anywhere in the world (or especially in the U.S.A.); there is a possibility that you could be positively identified [i.e. “outed”] as being a member of such a site. This could lead to a job termination, divorce, custody challenge, public scandal, or even your arrest.
You may notice that I do not link to any webmasters' fora. This is on purpose. Many sites' webmasters; of both professional pornstar, & “amateur” sites; inexplicably have a contemptuous attitude towards the people who surf their sites; viewing them as “cash cows” to be milked dry. If you read many of their posts, you would be astounded (& depressed) at how cutthroat and unscrupulous they are. Reading their posts should make you resolve to never pay for any erotic on-line content. Their concluding salvos in every thread (if not their user signature) are all along the lines of, “I am making thousands of dollars a month. Are you?”
[What was the most egregious text I viewed? A pay site boasts about its "privacy policy" - that it will never identify you as being a member of it. But should you decide you no longer want to subscribe to it; then it threatens to put your real name and city & state on a public page thereupon - because you are not a member anymore! If you did not want somebody to discover that you subscribed to that site, you would feel compelled to continue paying the monthly membership fee. If this is not the 21st Century definition of "hush money", I do not know what is.]
AnyWebCam is a centralized server where anyone connected to the World-Wide Web can send and receive live video images over the Internet. If you do not pay to become a member, you are restricted to thirty days of “free” membership. AWC wants your credit card and personal information. Obtain a disposable E-Mail address to register here. Do not give any accurate financial data about yourself to AWC.
AWC has terminated persons who paid for a “lifetime” gold membership to it, because they mentioned JMeeting. Its message forum is monitored & censored. Any member who posts a message deemed critical of AWC is subject to suspension.
You need to turn on Java; JavaScript|ActiveX®; and accept cookies in order to browse here. This site is high on drama, and low on people exhibiting themselves on netcam.
Why is AWC still on this page? Because you can join for free, and it still has some intriguing people there (who might be getting paid to remain).

Adult Videos & DVDs

Something Weird Video
SWV is "America's #1 Crackpot Video Company". It has scavenged over one thousand movies from the depths of obscurity. Its videocassettes & DVD-Rs are now only $10 each. Discounts are offered for quantity purchases. I have ordered from SWV. I recommend it. Mike Vraney [R.I.P.] talked about the history of SWV in an issue of "Ultra Violent" magazine [#6].
Lowest Movie Prices
This is actually an a|k|a (or d|b|a) for Excalibur Film Distributors of southern California. Google™ product search found a very low price on an adult multi-disc DVD release here. It also serves as a repository for box covers of released movies & videos going back to 1985, even if the movie or video is no longer available from it.
Adult DVD Marketplace
This is what it states. It is a collection of individuals, some incorporated, some not, who buy, trade, & sell erotic DVDs in a one-on-one manner. There are good bargains to be found here. I have obtained new DVDs from several of its participants. You can sort the output on a spectrum of variables. The domain name is registered to somebody in Nova Scotia, but it is hosted in the U.S.A.
A purveyor of items to help adults enjoy their sex lives, whatever their persuasion. It now also has a podcast, and is on Twitter.
Alpha Blue Archives
Alpha Blue Archives, in Oakland, CA. is a purveyor in the U.S.A. where explicit adult movies are offered. Its curator is David Naylor. I have ordered several movies in the past from Alpha Blue Archives. David is being much more low-key about the operation now. Some people, including a number of erotic movie directors, have resurfaced to express wrath that he is profiteering off their old work. [Don't start me on the subject of "abandonware". Hardly anyone was interested in their movies until they became available through ABA. The movies are not good enough to warrant remasters and reissuances, especially since those same complaining directors “stole” identifiable music for its soundtrack.] It has intriguing content, much of it uncut & uncensored, but I respectfully relate to you that I believe it charges too much money for it. But that is insufficient to delete it from here.
Video Age & BRS | Factory Direct
These two on-line (& mail order) purveyors of adult videocassettes {with some regular releases} have merged. The corporate name of Video Age DVD is now operating out of Morrisville, PA.
Also explore the W-WW sites of “Berne Convention purveyors” under the "Zines | Diverse Culture" rubric on the regular bookmark page.
AV9VCD "Underground" Japanese Adult Videos
Videos with controversial content are still produced and sold in Japan (by every studio, including Soft on Demand). To be offered in “mainstream” video and department stores, Japanese law specifies that genitalia must be “corrected” [i.e.: mosaiced] to obscure it. However, a cottage industry is present which produces and releases unmosaiced videos, ostensibly outside of Japan. (The production studios all reside in the U.S.A.) They are available for previewing and purchasing at this W-WW site, which is in Las Vegas, NV.
Prices seem quite good; but I have not yet ordered from him to confirm exactly what you receive. [Are they original DVDs, or replicated DVD-Rs?]
Search extreme
Here is an impressive World-Wide Web site in continual development. The people behind this site have had people watch numerous adult videos. They cataloged the performers and actions executed in each. This is the database. This site assists you to select a video which depicts what you like.
Rog's Reviews
Roger T. Pipe's adult video review site. Rog has been reviewing movies on the Internet since 1995. I met him in Orange County, California in 1998. Rog prefers contemporary adult videos. The site is now on its third iteration, and offers much content, including a sexblog, and a forum. You may also follow him on Twitter as "rogertpipe".
Bill Zebub
It was tough to determine on which bookmark page this should go. I finally decided to put it on the “adult-oriented” one. Bill is a director of erotic, bloody, and frequently blasphemous softcore (“Soft-X”) movies which are solidly based with hard rock | heavy metal music on the soundtrack. Bill manages to cast females in his movies who you would want to see nude, and they do. He wants " entertain cool people. People who are not cool generally get offended. That's OK, because they are not cool. Smart people don't get offended." He is almost always at Cinema Wasteland, and with a new movie to show.
I usually wind up trading some of my Japanese Adult Videos for his movies at Cinema Wasteland. I should be in one of his movies.
Mike South
Mike South is another adult producer | director | performer. He is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. [U.S.A.] He prefers to shoot scenes involving females who are not looking to make a career out of being in explicit videos. Mike has been more active “behind the scenes” lately; assisting content producers in getting their unlicensed videos off the Internet; and in cleaning out the morass involving testing the performers for sexually transmittable illnesses. You may also follow him on Twitter as "mikesouth1226".

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