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I have removed the JavaScript code which kicks you out to if I detect you surfing here with Microsoft©® Internet Explorer®. I stress that MsIE is a horrible web browser with buggy code, exploitable security flaws, and numerous “hidden” .dll and .bat files which record every URL you have ever landed on (whether you intended to visit there or not). Those files are extremely difficult to clean properly. Windows® will object when you attempt to do so.
Yes, there is a problem with Chrome. Google™ tracks your on-line movement, ostensibly to target which ads it will show you. But if ordered by a court, it would surely turn over all your World-Wide Web browsing history to the investigating agency.
Have you noticed that people have written “advice” columnists relating that he | she was snooping around on a companion's computer, and being shocked by what the browsing history supposedly showed? Besides that the snooper should be dumped immediately (He | She is looking for ammunition for a future break-up, and has just birthed it.); this is a very common incident which could lead to real-life problems for people who use MsIE. Cease using MsIE.
Firefox has a setting which will automatically clear your browsing history, download history, cache, and cookies when you close it.
Flash: I saw another “advice” columnist tell a letter writer she should be suspicious of her companion because the browser history had been cleaned! How do these dolts actually get their columns (& so-called “authority”)? (People who have trust issues this deep are begging to die alone and unloved.)


Ad Hoc I. P. Tools
This is a collection of TCP | I. P. [Internet Protocol] and Internet tools gathered from around the World-Wide Web for anyone interested in tracking down DNS, HTTP headers, traceroutes from various backbones, and more.
Investigate I. P. Addresses
This is the W-WW page extracted from above which will do a domain registration & host location on a registered domain name or I. P. Address. Its drawback is that you have a maximum of fifty addresses which you can search per your own I. P. Address. [If you need to get around this limit, configure a proxy in your browser. That shall get you another fifty.]
I. P. Whois lookups
Here is a Japanese W-WW site where you can lookup the domain record of an I. P. address without it counting against an external limit [such as Ad Hoc's lookup function]. But it also seems to be inaccurate for some of them.
Netcraft's I. P. Address lookup (uncounted)
This is not a left-clickable link. To use this, right-click on it; select "Copy Link Location"; paste that into the 'Location' line; and then type in the URL about which you want to inquire.
Smart Whois
Here is one site which can obtain the owner of an Internet domain name; & do a forward or reverse DNS lookup.
Online I. P. Tools
This is MSV.DK. The site is administered by Martin Svenningsen. It is an Internet networking utility page which measures your connection speed; and has available options to perform Whois, DNS lookups, and browser checks. It also has a rubric covering site security and privacy, & much more.
This is another World-Wide Web site where you can look up your own (or another) I. P. Address. Back parse to the virgule and learn more about its distributed intrusion detection system.
The List of Internet Service Providers
If you are looking for a different ISP, here's a superb place to start. I located my current ISP through this.
Broadband Reports
If you are considering upgrading to broadband Internet access, this is a very informative & comprehensive site which will let you know if your local telephone company's central office has _DSL wiring, and from which providers. It has an informative forum where subscribers with _DSL or cable modems relate their experiences. You need to accept cookies to use this site.
Public access newsservers #1
Here is a comprehensive site noting newsservers available to you. Some are inadvertantly open, and will soon close, but some are dedicated to this. predates Wikipedia. It is still a good W-WW site for exploring topics.
Public access newsservers #2
This is a cracking forum's page with free NNTP newsservers. You can search for a specific newsgroup on the twenty-two newsservers it currently has. Keep in mind that most of these newsservers will not carry all the newsgroups in which you could be interested.
Internet Country Codes
Here is a text file which identifies each country's geographic domain code.
Search IRC
Search IRC features the most complete, up to date and relevant IRC search on the web. Its IRC search engine monitors 5,968 IRC networks to bring you more live IRC channels, more active IRC users, and over 5,000 pages of information on IRC networks, their services, and their servers.
Band “a” & “b” prefices
If you reside in California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, or Wisconsin, and have a non-wireless prefix supplied by A.T. & T.; this W-WW page informs you of the prefices that it considers to be in your Band “a” & “b” (untimed calls) calling areas. Input your area code and prefix. Click through for a printable version. JavaScript|ActiveX® must be enabled.
The FreeSite
Here is a site which collates all types of freebies on the World-Wide Web.
Older browsers
This site is a repository of older versions of World-Wide Web browsers; including, but not limited to, Netscape & Microsoft©®. It is a world community for W-WW developers; promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills & experiences.
Tiny Apps
Tiny Apps is a depot of applications for Windows®-based computers. All of these applications (& programs) are scripted in tight, concise code. The webmaster also maintains a weblog, and offers a free E-Mail newsletter.
mIRC homepage
mIRC is the Internet Relay Channel program I recommend for all users with Windows®-based computers. The current version is v7.32. It has been downloaded over 170 million times. (Please send Khaled the registration fee.)
Still Listener's Corner
Here's an excellent site with links to many significant Internet programs. You can locate utilities about audio | video, compressors, newsreaders, and all kinds of editors, graphics, players, encoders, hard drives, proxies, safety, security, & more. I alert you: It automatically plays music when you land here.
Digital Digest
This is a site where you can learn about Internet & computer security; and what is inside your computer [cards, drivers, & settings]. It has a rubric orbiting around Linux. Registration is not required. It is now on the Yuku forum software.
Net Tools
This is a hub W-WW site with information about on-line applications and software programs to secure your computer. There is also a forum for which you may register.
PayPal™ Sucks.Com
This is a clearinghouse of information, including a message forum, which alleges that PayPal™ is a corporation that requires its users (in the U.S.A.) to waive their rights to credit card consumer protection laws, and that the user may not issue a chargeback for anything purchased using his | her credit card and PayPal™ account in order to use the service. Withdraw your money out of PayPal™ before it confiscates it. Making matters worse, eBay® now mandates that new users can only pay through it. I submit this is a good time to quit using eBay®.
Real Tech News
This is the weblog of Alice Hill, who, along with Bill O'Brien, for 12¾ years, had a monthly column in "Computer Shopper" magazine. Computer Shopper underwent remodelling, and their column (“The Hard Edge”) was kicked to the curb of the information superhighway after the October 2004 issue. Alice has revolved back to computer coverage with this W-WW site, which aims to bridge the gap between the informal and mostly amateur-run tech weblogs and the polished, but often slow and advertiser-supported, tech portals. This W-WW site had problems with PayPal™.
Shields Up!
Gibson Research Corp. offers this page for PC & Windows® users only. On this page is a service where you can securely test your computer's shields & probe your computer's ports. There are also other solid services for protecting your computer here.
Spybot Search & Destroy
Spybot Search & Destroy is a program which digs deeply into the workings of your computer to find (& eradicate) programs that are stealthily tracking your W-WW surfing behavior. It is available in 32 languages. This site has gone missing at times.
Anonymity megasite
This Dutch W-WW site has scores of links to anonymity resources, in several rubrics.
Anonymizing yourself
Here is an excellent site giving specific, detailed information (in two URLs) on how to make yourself less visible to World-Wide Web sites, Usenet newsgroups, and E-Mail address harvesters, while still browsing, lurking, & contributing. The digest version: Disable both Java and JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Stay Invisible
This site provides solid information and news about anonymity & privacy on the Internet. There is now also a message board for which you may opt to register. It requires a proxy with TLS capability.
How to bypass internet censorship
This is a Wikipedia-styled page which provides information about the different methods of blockings and ways to bypass them. The site is available in English, Polish, & German.
Free Network Project
Freenet is a peer-to-peer network designed to allow the distribution of information over the Internet in an efficient manner, without fear of censorship. Freenet is completely decentralized, which means that it cannot be attacked or blocked.
Cavency guide to anonymity
This is an old W-WW site with pages on how to surf safely and anonymously. It has not been updated since June 2007.
This is another comprehensive security W-WW site with information on how to secure your computer to withstand incursions of privacy, & repel spyware or malware. Note the "Anonymous surfing" box on the upper left.
Handling on-line vermin
This is the first entry in a series in a weblog by Amy Gahran. It is a superb series of articles about what you and I should do when we encounter someone who, inadvertantly or advertantly, disrupts our on-line experience. The short form is: Take a breather. But it also classifies the disrupters, so that we can understand what he | she ultimately wants.
VFEMail ™ [secure]
This is the W-WW-based free E-Mail service I recommend now for new accounts. I have an account here. It scans each complete email, including attachments, for virii and spam. If a virus is found, it is blocked at the gateway, and isn't even allowed onto its servers. It utilizes greylisting, public, and private blacklists, and the award-winning SpamAssassin to detect spam. If detected, it is then discarded and will only appear in your spam folder if it's potentially legitimate.
Opera Mail [secure]
This is a successor to FastMail.FM, which was recently re-purchased by its designers. Opera Software has had a change in direction. It has opted to depart the E-Mail provider business. Yet you can still sign up for an account here. My main E-Mail account will remain at FastMail.FM. I do not know what it will do insofar as providing free access.
If and when FastMail.FM restores a free membership level to its E-Mail service, I will restore it to this bookmark page.
Ananzi E-Mail
Ananzi is an E-Mail service which is hosted in South Africa. It has a good virus detector, and does not automatically open E-Mail attachments. It allows 10 MB of storage for non-subscribing accounts. Its hazard: It sends weekly sponsored HTML E-Mails. If you open an HTML E-Mail in any browser, you will be tracked, and, while Ananzi would not do such; this is a common trick (including forging the "From:" field to make it seem to be from someone you know) used by virus writers to try and infect your computer.
You need to select the ‘Old Ananzi’ version in order to surf here without turning on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
SpamGourmet E-Mail
SpamGourmet is a free E-Mail service which you can use to protect your real E-Mail address. The concept here is that when you encounter a situation where you need to provide an E-Mail address (a forum, an on-line travel price quote, someone who you do not know), you give it a disposable E-Mail address which will die after a limited number, specified by you, of E-Mails will be forwarded to your real E-Mail address, but the other party will not have your real E-Mail address. This works. I keenly recommend it.
Free E-Mail services
Do you need an E-Mail address to attach to a music or video clip which you are sharing (to comply with state law)? Or do you just want to avoid being spammed when you register for a forum? One method is to use a disposable E-Mail account. This site offers hundreds of companies which will allow you to not use your primary E-Mail account. View its forum.
Be a web hound
This site teaches you how to refine your searches to hone in on exactly the material which fulfills your quest. It will take some time initially, but you will know how to find information very swiftly thereafter.
StartPage™ [settings]
StartPage is a search engine which claims it is "the world's most private search engine". It does not record your I. P. Address, or surreptitiously place any cookies on your hard drive. So a law enforcement agency will have nothing to obtain from it (A typical subpoena demands identifying data of everybody who searched for terms including "tgp", or "wikileaks"!). It feels its search results are more comprehensive, and more accurate than other search engines. Its unique capabilities include an Advanced Search, a global search, and power refinement. StartPage goes via Google™. I send you to the page where you can specify technical searching parameters.
This is a search engine associated with StartPage™. It also does not record your I. P. Address, or surreptitiously place any cookies on your hard drive. IxQuick goes via Bing.
Google™ link search [advanced | secure]
Google™ is a search engine and portal which is especially keen on rejecting URLs which are nothing more than spam traps. This link sends you to the TLS version of the ‘Advanced Search’ page.
Yahoo!®'s advanced search
I moved Yahoo!® behind Google™ on purpose.
Getting spammed when searching for something is rough, but not as hazardous as submitting to a “hunting party” from a law enforcement agency which wants identification of everybody who sought on-line information about a certain topic (most of which have nothing to do with terrorism - WikiLeaks [c.v. - and which itself is now on the list of topics on each subpoena] revealed that "tgp" was one of the topics on the subpoena).
Snip URL
Frequently, as you surf the W-WW, you may encounter a URL which you would like to refer into a forum, weblog, E-Mail message, or Twitter, but which is so lengthy that cutting & pasting it will result in the URL being extended beyond one line, or you running out of characters in your text message. Snip URL is designed to correct that. It will snip the long URL into a much shorter URL which serves as a seamless “gateway” to it. If you register here (which requires cookies accepted), it will store your snipped URLs to illustrate how many surfers have clicked on them.
Its hazard: A URL shortener can be used for evil [i.e.: hiding affiliate codes, or standing in for malware domains] as well as good. I certify to you that I shall always only use them for good.
Tiny URL
Tiny URL is a redundancy for Snip URL; except that you cannot register here.
RingSurf offers easy access to thousands of member World-Wide Web sites organized by related interests into easy-to-travel rings. If you seek other persons who share your hobby, link here. RingSurf is completely free & does not require you to identify yourself in order to maintain a site thereupon.
Domeus is Europe's biggest free to use newsletter and mailing list community. It allows you to create, send and subscribe to thousands of interesting newsletters and mailing lists on a variety of topics.
World Birthday Web
Get personal. Here is where you can learn who is celebrating a birthday today. You can send them a private E-Mail message, or perhaps browse their World-Wide Web pages.
This is an add-on for Firefox browsers. Download it, and the pertinent dictionary. (I am using it for Japanese - English translations.) Restart Firefox and right-click to enable it. Then, when you mouse over a character in Japanese, a bubble will appear giving the definition of that character in your designated language.
I submit that all erotica enthusiasts will need to (at least) learn how to comprehend Japanese. Rikaichan will help.
On-line language translations [#1]
This is Google™'s on-line translator.
On-line language translations [#2]
Here is a site which provides translations of words, & URLs from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (and vice versa). It is powered by Systran.
Pig Latin translator
The World-Wide Web is truly universal, now that it has this phenomenal service. This page will translate your designated text into Pig Latin. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.

Proxy Judges & Proxies

Proxy judge #1
I have modified all of my links to proxy judges & environmental checkers with the [c.v.] link anonymizer referrer. This will allow you to click on these URLs and not be declassed in the result by the HTTP_REFERER {sic} variable.
All the proxy judges to which I link are version 2.35. AnonyLevel 1 is the most secure. What is most important is whether your actual Internet Protocol [I. P.] Address is displayed anywhere on the output screen. If you know of any more version 2.35 proxy judges, please E-Mail me.
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. These are particularly useful for detecting CoDeeN | PlanetLab proxies. Those proxies, while promising swift performance, filter out [i.e.: will not let you view the content thereupon] all sites with numeric I. P. Addresses & many sites orbiting around particular topics (including how to find non-CoDeeN | PlanetLab proxies). Its FAQ page also notes that it monitors all users and the World-Wide Web sites surfed using its proxies. If you view a list of anonymous proxies; all of the Port 3124, 3127, 8888, and many (but not all) 3128 proxies are CoDeeN | PlanetLab proxies.
I would never use a CoDeeN | PlanetLab proxy. I consider this the equivalent of entering your motel room and discovering there is a recording camera in the ceiling light fixture.
In all modern browsers, the HTTP_DNT [Do Not Track] variable, when implemented, lowers a Level 1 or Level 2 [“elite”] proxy into Level 3 or Level 4.
Test your proxy to see if it can handle TLS connections. If it cannot, you may elect to use a different one for TLS.
You need check your proxy against only one of these judges.
Due to the Tor Project [c.v.], browser-based anonymous proxies now stay active much longer than they did previously.
If you search for proxy judges via Google™, clicking on "Cached" on the result screen will show you the information about the bot(s) Google™ uses to spider the World-Wide Web. [black on white] [] []
Proxy judge #2
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. [black on white] [] [Japanese only]
Proxy judge #3
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. [black on white]
Proxy judge #4
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. [black on white] [] [] []
Proxy judge #5
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. [black on white] [] [Japanese only]
Proxy judge #6
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. An empty ad box may appear on this screen. [black on white] []
Proxy judge #7
This is a numeric I. P. Address judge. An empty ad box may appear on this screen. [black on white] []
Proxy judge #8
[white on pale blue]
Proxy judge #9
[black on white]
Proxy judge #10
[black on white] [Japanese only]
Proxy judge #11
The CGI code which was used to create these proxy judges was scribed by someone in Japan. Proxy judges consume a goodly amount of CPU time on a server. If a series of judge requests occur, it slows the response time for other W-WW pages hosted thereupon. This is another reason webhosts prohibit them. [black on white]
Proxy judge #12
Some proxies will not technically reveal your actual I. P. Address; yet will show its octets in reverse order. I prefer to discard a proxy like that and test the next one on my list. [white on black]
Proxy judge #13
I do not link to the proxy judges which were inaccurate. (I tested all of these proxy judges with a Level 4 anonymous proxy. Some proxy judges did not check enough variables, and rated it a Level 3 or 2 proxy.) [compact display] [black on white]
Proxy judge #14
Ads will appear if you surf here with JavaScript|ActiveX® on. [black on white]
Proxy judge #15
[black on white]
Proxy judge #16
An empty ad box may appear on this screen. [white on black]
Proxy judge #17
[white on black]
Proxy judge #18
[white on pale blue] [Japanese only]
Environmental checker #1
I have added environmental checkers here. All are version 1.04, and black on white. The presumption is that they are just as accurate as determining whether you are anonymous as a cgi-bin proxy judge, but are not as intensive a use of CPU time on a host server. This is a resolved numeric I. P. address environmental checker.
Environmental checker #2
This is a resolved numeric I. P. address environmental checker.
Environmental checker #3
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #4
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #5
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #6
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #7
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #8
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #9
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #10
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #11
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #12
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #13
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #14
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #15
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #16
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #17
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #18
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #19
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #20
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #21
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #22
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Environmental checker #23
This URL did not resolve numerically.
Link referrer anonymizer is an interstitial screen which is useful when you want to visit, or send traffic to, a World-Wide Web site which you do not want the site to know from where it was linked. It can be used dynamically by prefacing the "http://" in the destination URL [& you must include the destination URL's "http://" in your text] with "".
Anonymous proxies #1
I have resorted the order of the W-WW sites which offer lists of anonymous proxies. I found this W-WW proxy site while checking Environmental checkers. You can search for proxies via three characteristics. A WHOIS link for each proxy is also included.
Why should you configure an anonymous proxy in your W-WW browser?
A vocal minority always claims that you must be doing something “illegal” if you prefer to remain anonymous. There will always be those who abuse certain privileges or liberties, but those few cannot be allowed to ruin an entitlement for the overwhelming percentage of people who do not abuse it.
There are many factors why privacy is important. First: There are repressive governments that forbid access to certain sites, censor the World-Wide Web, and then monitor users who show interest in particular topics. Second: There are people who want to tell the truth without fear of repercussion, such as corporate whistle-blowers and bloggers. Third: There are intelligence needs, in both corporate and government sectors. Fourth: An on-line stalker could pinpoint the precise community where his | her prey resides by deciphering that user's I. P. Address. (Many internet service providers in the U.S.A., in particular cable television corporations, put their host server's city & state in the REMOTE_HOST variable. Many broadband internet users never change their I. P. Address, usually because they do not know how.)
Finally: We live in an age where our personal & private data, including names, identity characteristics, telephone numbers, dates of birth, credit reports, buying habits, demographics, and surfing tendencies are traded like commodities.
When I want to let a W-WW site know who & from where I am, I disengage the anonymous proxy. Otherwise, it is not entitled to that information.
Anonymous proxies #2
I found this W-WW proxy site through It is sorted by latency, and has a dynamic function which you can use to refine your proxy selection. A column identifies if the proxy supports TLS. It is available in English or Russian.
Our webmaster is still trying to get you to purchase a private proxy list from him. But he is being more low-key about it.
First of all: It is wrong to try and charge for something which is available elsewhere for free. Secondly: It is difficult to remain anonymous when purchasing something on-line. If you actually used Paypal™ to pay for a list of proxies, when a governmental agency, or private organization subpoenas Paypal™, it will demand the credit card numbers of those people. Paypal™ will provide that to it. Credit card numbers lead directly to your front door. So much for “anonymity”.
Anonymous proxies #3
I found this site through It underwent an upgrade. It displays proxies being tested in real time. You may filter the output in a selected manner. Its biggest problem is many of the proxies it displays as "Anonymous" actually spill your I. P. Address. It also has a forum, and an IRC channel.
Anonymous proxies #4
This is Proxy Forest, a multi-faceted W-WW site, available in English or Japanese. The columns on the page which you should note are "Anonymous", "Time" (lower is better), & "Rank" (“A+” is best - but beware that some of these might be a CoDeeN | PlanetLab proxy). Its script has a problem which results in some proxies being duplicated. There is also a Japanese-language (only) BBS here.
It is one matter to have a proxy from a specific country. However, if the proxy in that country is registered to (for example) an elementary or middle school; or the R.I.A.A. or M.P.A.A. [these are referred to as "honeypot" proxies]; you will still be filtered from some W-WW sites, and probably monitored wherever you surf. I would discard that proxy and test the next one on my list.
Anonymous proxies #5
Here is a forum, administered by Lorissa, where members post exclusive lists of proxies they have detected. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® and register in order to view the proxies.
Anonymous proxies #6
This is It has been restored in this lower spot because its webmaster finally elected to no longer hold proxies hostage. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® to view the port numbers of the proxies.
Anonymous proxies #7
This is the first page of the NewNet Time Group's HTTP proxies. It is affiliated with They are in order of the most recently checked. A reasonable guess is made of its country of location (which is not always accurate). You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Tor Project
The Tor Project is free software, and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, amongst other things. It is free & open source. It works only with the Firefox W-WW browser because other browsers are not open source, and thus, could hide some monitoring code within.
I recommend downloading the Tor Browser Bundle module. I also keenly suggest that you use a separate version of Firefox for Tor surfing than when you are not Tor surfing.
The situation with WikiLeaks [c.v.] shows that the genuine “censors” on the World-Wide Web are not merely governments, but corporations (server hosts and payment processing services). Tor will increase its influence due to their throttling actions.
CGI proxies
This site has transformed. It now is a collator of CGI proxies.
CGI | Tor Proxy
I have begun investigating PHP & CGI proxies. This is a proxy server page which lets you specify which browser variables you want to pass on to the specific website. It bypasses most W-WW filters which attempt to keep you from accessing any number of websites which somebody deems "non-essential". This is a CGI proxy which offers a way to access ".onion" W-WW sites and other services available via Tor.
You may also try changing a URL ending in ".onion" with "".


Internet Archive
This is the most amazing resource you shall ever find on the World-Wide Web! The Internet Archive is a U.S.A.-based 501(c)(3) public nonprofit that was founded to build an Internet library, with the purpose of offering free and permanent access to historical digital collections for researchers, historians, and scholars. I found my “lost” Chicago POWER results & statistics pages archived here, and there are a lot of Grateful Dead concerts as well.
You have probably heard about this. Wikipedia is the free on-line encyclopedia which any registered user can edit. This is the main page of the English-language section.
I have known about this Wiki-styled webpage since 2008. But now you have probably heard about this thanks to the release of documents and cables collated by the U.S.A. This is a very important resource for whistle-blowers and investigative reporters, amongst others.
I have to emphasize this: DDoS attacks are bad. They should not be undertaken by anybody against any W-WW site.
Developers of internet surveillance packages like to sell their software suites as the “solution” to DDoS attacks. They are not - but that claim increases their profits and puts more W-WW sites on the wrong side of the privacy & anonymity border.
The proponents of legislation or regulation aimed at "rogue foreign websites" may drape their argument with the cloak of protecting “intellectual property”, but you should realize that WikiLeaks would be one of the first W-WW sites which would be attempted to be delisted and removed from DNS registers!
WikiLeaks' mirrors
It is one thing to go after multi-national banks. It is another thing to go after republic nations. Going after both will result in a massive cyberattack on both the legal and “illegal” fronts.
Twitter censored the term "#wikileaks" from trending!
The same “kiddie scripts” which were originally created only for use against “reprehensible” World-Wide Web sites hosting content like "ch!|d pr0n" (Whose definition?), "neo-Nazism", or "anti-Islamic blasphemy" were used to DDoS WikiLeaks. Real, constructive progress will never result from a DDoS attack.
The best quote I have viewed about WikiLeaks: "When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals."
Twitter is a method by which to communicate rapidly with other persons on its network. I am registered as "pudgym29". All my interests are on display here.
Its hazard is you need to check who has decided to follow you every time you logon. Spammers should be reported. People whose interests may be diametrically opposed to yours [prevalently termed “haters”], may also try to follow you for their own nefarious purposes. Unless you lock | protect your Tweets, they will be able to read them. Law enforcement agencies are also now observing Tweets, and according to some reports, maintaining 30% of the accounts on here. Therefore, never admit to having committed, or desiring to commit, an “illegal” act on Twitter! (It is also never an intelligent idea to Tweet about travelling and diseases, lest you lose your job.)
Foursquare [mobile]
This is an application used mostly in mobile situations in which a registered person can “check-in” at a venue. In many instances, it is merely to denote where that person is at that moment. In some cases though, if that person is following a certain purveyor or service, a special offer will be contemporaneously offered. This is a very precise tracking service which can be used by stalkers or other miscreants (A burglar could learn that you are not at your home then, and try to break-in there.). With that warning, I will relate that this is a fun application, enabling one to be promiscuous checking-in in the course of the day. Badges are awarded for accomplishing certain objectives, including a few of which you may not be proud. I send you directly to the TLS page where you logon.
American Memory
A comprehensive site from the Library of Congress. It has documents of America's past, including sound recordings.
American Civil Liberties Union
This is the W-WW site of the U.S.A.'s most important voice on behalf of individuals. You do not have to agree with all the positions it supports in order to understand its importance. I deduce traffic to this site is being monitored by the F.B.I., C.I.A., and | or N.S.A.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
The EFF, one of whose founders is John Perry Barlow, is an organization promoting freedom of expression in digital media. It is the leading civil liberties group defending your rights in the digital world.
Free Speech Internet TV
Free Speech Internet TV is the first audio | video hub on the World-Wide Web created and defined by the people who use it. Free Speech Internet TV's commitment is to offer services. It is available on Dish Network® direct broadcast satellite (channel 9415).
U. S. Government information
Fedworld is the entry point to a vast number of U. S. Governmental World-Wide Web sites. It is a program of the U. S. Department of Commerce.
National Address ZIP + 4 server [secure]
This site will yield the ZIP + 4 ZIP Code for virtually any address serviced by the United States Postal Service. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Currency converter
Here is a good interactive site which will provide the exchange rate between your home country & the recipient country. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® to use this site.
Share maps & places on Twitter
GeoTweeter is a widget which enables you to provide a link displaying a point on a map within the 140-character message limitation on Twitter. It is a service of Schmap.
Fight Spam on the Internet!
Even a luddite knows what is the technological definition of "spam". This is a valuable W-WW site which is a clearinghouse of information on how to combat spam, from your own E-Mail inbox, all the way back to the reprehensible & loathesome cretin who sent it.
On-line hoaxes & urban myths
This is Snopes. Since 1995, it has been a W-WW site which debunks the mentioned topics.
Before you forward that E-Mail, or recirculate the URL which purports to disclose a life-changing message, please check here.
Cease receiving “pre-approved” credit solicitations
Are you tired of getting mailings from banks offering you another credit card, mortgage, or line-of-credit offer? This TLS W-WW site, maintained by the U.S.A.'s “big four” credit reporting bureaux, is where you can terminate receiving those offers in the mail. This may not be 100% effective; because there are some financial institutions which do not use the big four's services; but it should significantly curtail the onslaught.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Across the U.S.A., some houses of religion are dabbling into something expressly prohibited to them by the U. S. Constitution: Partisan politics. This organization exposes which ones are, and offers actions which can be taken to cease this.
Who's A Rat?
The World-Wide Web has many sites on which miscreants are annotated. Here's a site which identifies the miscreants whose “day jobs” are being paid snitches for entrapping other individuals (who may not be contemplating any “illegal” activity). It strives to be the largest online database of informants and agents. There is also a forum for which you may register.
Reference sources
This W-WW site is a combination spelling, thesaurus, and rhyming dictionary.
Community Savings Bank [Chicago, IL.]
This is the W-WW site of the financial institution in which the majority of my funds are deposited. It has been on the corner of Belmont Ave. & Cicero Ave. since 1944. It is FDIC insured. It is a bank I can highly recommend to everyone in metropolitan Chicago, especially those not wanting to entrust their money to a multi-national corporation. It offers many banking services for free; and has consultants who speak English, Spanish, or Polish.
It now offers a Visa® credit card with quite reasonable terms. If you're looking to dump a national bank credit card, inquire here.
Boing Boing
Boing Boing is an aggregator of both blog postings and W-WW v2 websites across a vast spectrum of topics. It has been consistently rated amongst the "Top 10" W-WW sites.
VideoHelp forum
This is a comprehensive forum with many dedicated members which should help you (& I) discern how to accomplish a particular quandary. (I am using this to try and learn how to transfer SLP-speed VHS videocassettes to either my computer or a DVD recorder.) You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies to post or respond here.
PriceSCAN is the unbiased guide to the lowest prices on books, computers, electronics, movies, video games, & more. Link here before you buy.
mySimon is a service of CNet® Media. It is a World-Wide Web site which turns its shopping bots loose on the Internet to find prices of items for which you are seeking. For something eminating from a W-WW behemoth, it is extremely good.
got apex?
This is a W-WW site which collates deals, coupons, rebates, & special on-line offers. It concentrates on computers and electronic gear. It strives to be your portal to the hottest deals.
Reseller Ratings
This W-WW site allows you to compare product prices across a spectrum of on-line purveyors. It also has a keen forum where you can learn about the sites surveyed herein, as well as technical aspects of computing and the Internet.
Amazing Bargains
Here is another W-WW site which compounds discount and free offers on the Internet. The moderators of the Bidding For Travel forum [c.v.] used to urge everybody to use this site's link to Priceline® to submit their bids.
This site also collates “coupon deals” on-line. Savings-Center has nineteen categories, with over 1,300 stores, which are searchable on several variables.
Consumer Now
ConsumerNow was created as a public service for on-line consumers and shoppers. I send you directly to the page with the on-line coupons. If you are a newbie to on-line shopping, back parse and then select the links labelled "5 Easy Steps to Online Shopping", & "10 Commandments of Online Shopping".
Google™ product search
This was formerly Froogle™. It is a search engine which spiders on-line catalogs. It supposedly accepts no funds to artificially elevate a particular purveyor's placement in the results. I send you to the advanced_product_search page, where you can change the result order to ‘Sort by price: low to high’.
Groupon [Chicago, IL.]
Groupon began as a side project of a progressive political organization along the lines of But its ability to negotiate pricing deals with local restaurants, & stores, swiftly overtook the original intent. You have to sign up with an E-Mail address in order to access the site [It will send you a daily E-Mail.]. It may still be losing money, but it continues to attract venture capitalists. As for the deals it has been able to purvey; I think they're very good. It helps if you know someone with whom you can enjoy the deal. Most are overwhelming for one person alone. I send you to the Chicago page.
This is an intermediary between restaurants which shows all of them that deliver to you. It has a network of over 13,000 delivery restaurants. You may alternately search by cuisine. You may order on-line, or by telephone. It is currently available in 28 U.S.A. cities. I recommend registering for this service (Requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, & cookies accepted.).
Seamless web
Seamless is another restaurant intermediary collator. It serves sixteen cities in the U.S.A. I recommend comparing and contrasting both of them.
You may have heard that GrubHub & Seamless have agreed to merge.
Craig's List [Chicago, IL.]
Craig's List began as a cooperative forum in San Francisco, CA. It matured into an on-line campus compounding social and business spheres, for communities across the U.S.A., and around the world. The communities are on the right side of the screen. Despite the negative coverage it has attracted from “mainstream” media, there are solid deals and valuable services available here. I found somebody to de-weed the back yard here at the domicile via Craig's List. Craig's List prefers you browse with Firefox.
Little Three Happiness forum
This is Chicago's most astute forum discussing food, both domestically, and commercially. I am registered here. I can recommend doing so also. (Requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, & cookies accepted.)
Mashup Mom money savings blog
This is a W-WW weblog run by a former librarian. A ‘mashup’ is when information is taken from two different places and combined to create something new. It orbits around the metropolitan Chicago area, but includes data from national coupon inserts, and on-line purveyors (e.g.: and If you are in Chicago, I recommend visiting here (& the next weblog beneath) weekly to discern which local grocery stores have the best deals, and which can be further improved by the use of coupons, both physical and on-line.
South suburban savings
This is a compatriot of Mashup Mom [c.v.]. She runs a weblog similar to that of hers. The reason she is on here separately is because she shops at grocers in the southern suburbs of Chicago which Mashup Mom does not usually get to. For those grocers, Mashup Mom usually passes off to her.
Yelp [Chicago, IL.]
This is along the lines of Craig's List, but featuring registered users relating experiences in a spectrum of products and services, and local flavor. Should you wish to register (which is required to post), you need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®. My reviews begin at
The bloom of Yelp's rose is gone. It has reached critical mass, which unfortunately also means it has attracted a solid percentage of users whose reviews are tainted, and should not be relied upon.
There are also credible reports, and a lawsuit was filed (but was dismissed on technical grounds), alleging that Yelp skews the display of a venue's reviews to put a “negative” one atop the list, and shadowing all the “positive” reviews. Then, it would supposedly solicit the venue to become a Yelp sponsor. In other words, this is an on-line version of the old syndicate “protection” [| extortion] racket. {"Nice little place you got here. It would be horrible if something bad was to happen. We can help you minimize that, for a very small fee."}
People are definitely trying to game it. I was a mainframe computer programmer. I know how simple it would be to compose an algorithm which would do what some service owners and providers allege is happening. [Two variables. Yelp sponsor: 0 = non-sponsor, 1 = sponsor. Review sort order: 0 = ascending, 1 = descending.]
My reviews are real. I tend to give venues the benefit of the doubt. But if a venue is a poor value for the money, I mention that.
I am seldom ever logged on here. I am not Yelp's target audience. I send you directly to the TLS page where you logon.
M o b o g
Mobog began as a W-WW site where people could submit a photograph they had taken with their mobile telephone. It has modified to a photograph sharing community. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies to register here.
Edward R. Hamilton, bookseller
I have ordered books from Edward R. Hamilton, of Falls Village, CT., for over twenty-five years. It started out as a remaindered-only, mail order company. It keeps its prices low by not accepting credit cards or doing any billing. The ultimate payoff is at the conclusion. It charges only $3.50 for postage & handling, regardless of the number of books which you order.
Dial-around telephone rates
If you are perplexed by the panoply of "10-10" long-distance dialing services, here is a valuable W-WW site which has information on many of them. Intrastate, interstate, & international rates are annotated.
In North America, the telephone number you dial to learn who is your default long distance carrier for that line is 1-700-555-4141.
Long distance telephone plans
Here is a more thorough W-WW site presenting inexpensive long distance (& intraLATA | “local toll”) telephone companies and plans.
The Amazing Cat Collection
This is a World-Wide Web site featuring the funniest, cutest, & some very amazing cat pictures. If you opt to register, you may also rate the pictures.
I Love Cats
Here's a good W-WW site with lots of information and resources for cat lovers. You can even obtain a semi-anonymous E-Mail account ending in "".
Cat Proud
This is a W-WW site with categorized images of cats & kittens. If you register for it, you can rate the images. If you Tweet the images including the hashtag "#neko_jiman", it will probably be retweeted. (I am not registered here. I am considering it.)
Here is the trove site for chocolate lovers. There are delicious links available. It is a very good resource. I like milk chocolate with crisped rice.


Beer Me!
Beer Me! is a W-WW beer site maintained by Richard Stueven, who is a brewmaster at the Gottberg Brew Pub in Columbus, Nebraska. This site is the most complete source of brewery and beer information available on the Internet.
The Real Beer® Page!
The concept behind this W-WW site is that beer can be so much more distinctive than the industrial megabrews excessively advertised on television. Taste these. Your perception will be altered (for the better).
American Breweriana Association
If you collect beer coasters, labels, crowns, neon signs, glasses or steins, bottles, or cans (the Brewery Collectables Community of America is a more concentrated organization if you primarily have those), join the A.B.A. I am member #1727.
ABA Annual Meeting XXXIII will be 10 - 14 June at the Holiday Inn @ 450 Main St. in Dubuque, IA.
Craft Beer
This was formerly the Brewers' Association [link]. The BA has become big enough that it now needs multiple W-WW sites for each wing. This is the wing aimed at people who are not necessarily homebrewers, but enjoy savoring craft beers, either on- or off-premise. I continue to encourage you to join the American Homebrewers Association to take advantage of the "A.H.A. Member Deals" program.
Brewing News
Brewing News is a panoply of beer newspapers covering much of the U.S.A., and portions of Canada. It has core articles common to all the regions, and customized columns for each of the states [or portions of a state] in each regional newspaper. It also offers an E-Mail list which you may opt to join.
Ale Street News
Ale Street News, published bi-monthly by Tony Forder & Jack Babin, has been around since 1992. It is the most widely circulated beer publication in the U.S.A. It is centered upon the northeast and the east coast, but includes coverage of beerworthy events worldwide. There is also a forum for which you may register.
(Rick) Lyke2Drink
This is the weblog of Rick Lyke. Rick has scribed articles which appeared in a spectrum of brewspapers; and now he brings his perspective to the on-line universe.
(The North American Guild of Beer Writers has been reconstituted. I have been invited to join, but shall decline until I am published somewhere.)
Craft Beer in Chicago
This is a weblog of Mark McDermott. It orbits around the above-named topic. You may also follow him on Twitter as "heymcdermott".
Molecular expressions
I love close-ups. Here are some close-ups you would not expect to view. This site features photographs taken through an optical microscope of some of the world's most famous beers.
Beer Mapping forum
This is a Web v2.0 forum, and repository of beer-worthy venues reported by its forum members. I have broken out the Chicago Beer Map separately [c.v.]. The webmaster is Jonathan Surratt. You must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
With the advancement of mobile W-WW programs & applications, the Beer Mapping forum is dwindling in traffic & popularity. But it has reached a plateau which renders it useful for people seeking beer-worthy venues in a certain city. (Jonathan now devotes most of his on-line time to "Draft" magazine.)
I am impressed by Untappd. But until it releases an application for mobile computers | netbooks, I will not add it here. I have registered for it, and you may friend me there.
Beer Advocate
This is the World-Wide Web gateway to Jason & Todd Alström's network which strives to give beer consumers a voice; provide beer education; empower consumers to learn, share, and advocate; rally to support the beer industry; & put the respect back into beer. It also publishes a print magazine. There is a forum here in which you may be interested (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® should you want to register & post).
Seek A Brew
This is a useful World-Wide Web page which attempts to collate to which U.S. states a craft brewery ships its beer. It can be searched either via a particular state, or by the specific brewery. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Beer WebRing
Some of the World-Wide Web sites on this WebRing are in need of revision (& some are gone), but this has good information on the sites which are current.
Homebrew Digest
This is the World-Wide Web site of the legendary Homebrew Digest E-Mail list. It is a U.S.A.-based 501(c)(3) educational charity maintained by Karl Lutzen & Pat Babcock. If you prowl its archives, you can find here one of my first ever E-Mail messages, sent to here back in June 1994. (When I was using a Commodore 64 on an Amiga BBS.) I break out of the frame for you.
Edinburgh single malt whisky tour
This site will lead you upon a tour of all of Scotland's malt whisky distilleries.
Beer in the Evening
This is a W-WW site which aims to help you find an interesting pub in the U.K. It has reviews from both staff and its registered users; encompassing 40,000 venues. It is the U.K.'s biggest and busiest pub, bar, & club guide. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Happy Hour
Here is a W-WW site which informs you which taverns (in those states where it is permitted by law) offer discounts on beverages, et cetera; and when they do so. It has thirteen cities.
Beer Menus [Chicago, IL.]
This is a dynamic W-WW page which currently attempts to denote which beers are available at both on-premise & off-premise venues in twenty-three U.S.A. cities, including: New York, NY.; Philadelphia, PA.; Chicago, IL.; San Antonio, TX.; Denver, CO.; Portland, OR.; Seattle, WA.; San Francisco, CA.; Los Angeles, CA; & Toronto, ONT., Canada. Alcohol by Volume levels and prices for each are annotated. Beers and breweries may be searched for. I send you directly to the Chicago main page. If you register, which I recommend [requires JavaScript|ActiveX® enabled, & cookies accepted], it allows you to make tasting notes for each beer you have. There is also a forum here. You may follow it on Twitter as "beermenus".
Chicago Reader® bar guide
This is a revamped rubric in the Chicago Reader® aegis. It provides information on a spectrum of bars in Chicago. The Reader is now affiliated with the Chicago Sun-Times®.
Drinktown [Chicago, IL.]
This is another comprehensive W-WW site striving to collate beer and food specials for taverns in five metropolitan areas: Chicago, IL.; Milwaukee, WI.; Bloomington, IN.; Baltimore, MD.; & Washington, DC. Use its ‘search and crawl’ functions for a more thorough hunt. You must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®. This site has four frames.
Centerstage Chicago
There are many aggregators compiling this data, including Drinktown, but this W-WW site seems to have the most frequently updated database of bar & food deals at venues in Chicago. I send you directly to the "Bar" specials rubric. (It is affiliated with the Chicago Sun-Times®.)
The Chicago Beer Map
This is a spectacular customized Google™ map which plots practically all of Chicago's beerworthy venues [Brewpubs, taverns, breweries, package stores, & homebrew supply stores] over the street grid. Additional information about each venue may be discerned by clicking on the dot, or the text link on the right side of the screen. The map will take a long time to load completely. You must turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Chicago Beer Society
The Chicago Beer Society has been around for thirty-five years. In this span, the universe of beer has greatly transformed (and it may be transforming again); and much of that transformation can be traced directly to its members. It is an organization for both homebrewers and beer enthusiasts, with events occurring every month in the metropolitan Chicago area. I recommend joining it.
A Chicago beer wiki
Here is the first draft of a wiki-styled page which will purportedly collate all the frequently asked questions sent to the Chicago Beer Society [c.v.] E-Mail listserv; so that the same query does not have to be made again.
Girls Like Beer Too
It was about time somebody stated this. This is a weblog of Jessica. She is determined to shatter the huge misconception out there that females do not care for beer. She is not affiliated with any brewery, beer company, or distributor. She intends to offer unbiased, refreshing reviews & accounts of her beer adventures. There will also be sporadic interviews of the purveyors of breweries and beers available in metropolitan Chicago. You may also follow her on Twitter as "grlslikebeertoo".
Chicago Beer Geeks
This organization was founded in December 2010. Its mission is to inform craft beer geeks about the events and locations around the city & surrounding suburbs. You may also follow it on Twitter as "chibeergeeks".
Quenchers Saloon
Quenchers Saloon has been Chicago's premier beer bar since 1979. It is located in one of the most vital neighborhoods of Chicago, at the northeast corner of Western Ave. & Fullerton St. [2400 W. & 2400 N.] There's no telling what beers it will have. Its prices are less expensive than other taverns (because it only accepts cash). It has live music regularly. Its proprietor is Earle Johnson.
Delilah's, at Lincoln, Diversey, & Racine on Chicago's north side, is the tavern which is as loony and eclectic as me. It scores on multiple levels (beer | music | movies). Mike Miller is the proprietor. I hope, but I doubt, that the metropolitan area where you live has a tavern as enthralling as Delilah's, which has now been around for 20½ years.
Empty Bottle Tavern
Another great music & beer venue in Chicago. This one has two things which push it beyond the normal: Cheap beer, and an eclectic booking policy which traverses all musical genrés. I send you to the non-Flash® version. You may also follow it on Twitter as "theemptybottle".
Hideout Tavern
This tavern, shoehorned into an old manufacturing district of Chicago [at 1354 W. Wabansia], features good beers and enthralling live music acts. It is a 2½-block walk north-northwest from the Throop bus stop on North Ave., east of Elston Ave.
Exit Chicago [bar]
At the same bus stop as the Hideout, but on North Ave. proper [1315 W.], is this eclectic bar, open until 4:00 am every night (5:00 am on Saturday), with nightly events orbiting around beer, spirits, punk & hard rock music & videos, “nu-wave” burlesque, fetish BDSM, & erotica.
The Beer Bistro [1]
This is a craft beer bar on W. Madison St. at Aberdeen St., 2½ blocks west of Halsted. It is a sporadic venue for tap takeovers by a brewery, either local or distant. Its wi-fi network's SSID (when working) is "virus_downloads". You may also follow it on Twitter as "thebeerbistro" {doh}.
There is now a second Beer Bistro, which was formerly SmallBar Fullerton, at 1415 W. Fullerton Ave. on the north side. Its Twitter nickname is "thebeerbistro2".
F i z z
The intersection of Lincoln | Belmont | Ashland has become a Chicago craft beer destination. Fizz, at 3220 N. Lincoln Ave. is the venue with the longest history of offering these beers. Its prices are below average.
The Northdown Café & Taproom
This is another venue near Lincoln | Belmont | Ashland [@ 3244 N. Lincoln Ave.] It has artisanal food, including vegetarian options, and a good selection of beers, both on draft, and packaged. It is larger than it seems; move towards the rear of the venue, and you'll see another section with tables. You may also follow it on Twitter as "thenorthdown" {doh}.
Kuma's Corner
Here is another venue which should have been on here a while ago. It is at 2900 W. Belmont Ave (@ Francisco). I think the reason I left it off was because it didn't need me to tell you about it. Even before it was depicted on a television show, it was a tavern with an ‘attitude’. Somehow, despite its kitchen being only 16' × 6', it began creating artisan hamburgers, and naming them after heavy metal rock bands. It is a venue for the digital era - you will either love it or loathe it - no in-between.
The time when it seemingly has the shortest line out its door is weekdays between 2:00 - 6:00 pm.
There is now a second Kuma's @ 666 W. Diversey Pkwy. (I think it doesn't open up in the neighborhood unless it got that address.)
A line from its beer menu distinctively reads:
Death to Miller and Budweiser...
they are over-produced and inferior products that prevent passionate craftsmen from sharing their gifts with all of us.
Small Bar Division
This is a pioneering venue, part of a national chain which includes at least one ex-U.S.A. Men's National Soccer Team player investor, orbiting around craftbeer, gastropub cuisine, and soccer {doh} (domestic & international) (It is an official U.S. Soccer [c.v.] Bar). It is one block west of the intersection of Division St. & Damen Ave. Its hazard: The Damen bus route ceases running at 22:30, and Division just after 24:00, so you could face a five block walk to the closest Blue Line “L” station. You may also follow it on Twitter as "smallbardst".
It also opened and operated a venue on west Fullerton Ave., but sold it to the Beer Bistro [c.v.].
Owen & Engine
This is a solid venue modelled after British-inspired pubs. It purveys comfort food of animals humanely raised and without growth hormones, or antibiotics. Its haddock is flown in daily from Georges Bank in the North Atlantic Ocean. I know of no other bar anywhere in metropolitan Chicago with four handpump offerings. If the first floor is crowded, go upstairs. You may also follow it on Twitter as "owenandengine".
H o p l e a f
If you are on a tight layover, and can visit only one craft beer bar in Chicago, I recommend Hopleaf. It is on the far north side of Chicago on Clark St., near Ashland Ave. & Foster Ave. There are three bars. The ones on the first floor have more draft selections than the one on the second floor. Belgian-inspired foodstuffs are also available. The proprietors are Michael Roper & Louise Molnar.
Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar
Here is an intriguing bar on Chicago's south side. The address (960 W. 31st St.) had been a package liquor store for the past quarter-century. A few years ago, Mike & Ed Marszewski rehabbed the rear portion to include a seating bar. All the brews on tap are solid craftbeers. Prices are below average. I would visit here more often if the CTA route #8 Halsted bus had owl service.
Map Room Tavern
This is a solid beer bar on Hoyne Ave. (@ Armitage Ave.) If you have heard about a new, or obscure, beer which may be available in the U.S.A., this would be one of the venues which would have it. The selections are superb, & the waitstaff are devoted. (Some have earned the CicerOne certification.)
In 2010, I had a falling-out with Laura Blasingame concerning promotion of my shows then at the Risqué Café [R.I.P.]. I believe that I did not step on anybody's toes. I always asked bar staff if I could post a small handbill for what I was presenting that upcoming Monday. Bar staff gave me the thumbtack to use for one of its bulletin boards.
I struggle to comprehend why liberal | progressive | tolerant people have a problem dealing with erotica. I know what is the usual response. But it presumes that no sane person could consentingly choose to have an occupation in its field. If anything, I think people, especially teenagers, are more exploited when they go to work at KFC, Taco Bell, or {gasp!} Starbucks. If the Map Room could have a handbill indicating there was going to be a march | demonstration in Chicago on the day the California supreme court handed down its decision about allowing LGBT persons to ‘marry’; a terse, "G"-rated language handbill advertising a free showing of an estimable erotic movie should have cleared its bar. But it did not. I got an acerbic E-Mail from Laura which got personal. My response was bounced by her E-Mail program. She wanted the last word. She got it. But I quit going and spending my money there. Maybe it is time I reconciled. But maybe the ball is in the Map Room's court. (More significantly, maybe it doesn't need my money, my endorsement, or anything, in order to be a profitable and popular craft beer bar.)
FitzGerald's is the Chicago area's most eccentric indoor concert venue. It is in Berwyn, a west border suburb, at 6615 W. Roosevelt Rd. From “fat” music; to rhythm & blues; to big band jazz; to touring national acts: All of them play here.
It needs a night time bus route connecting it with the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line “L”.
Metropolitan Brwg.
This Chicago production brewery is the undertaking of Tracy & Doug Hurst. They are dedicated to brewing lagers, and to a lesser extent, other Germanic styles, which have been under-represented in the craft beer movement. (Ales can be brewed and released quicker, which can be more important to the finances of the craft brewery.) I love their Dynamo Copper Lager.
The brewery is currently in the Ravenswood neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, but they are actively seeking a larger facility within the city of Chicago.
They also maintain a weblog at
They are one of the very few breweries willing to comment publicly when they seemingly lose a tap handle at a venue to a beer from a more-well-financed brewery or distributor, something which is “illegal” in Illinois.
More breweries are opening up in Chicago as I scribe this. When and if each establishes a World-Wide Web site, it may appear here.
Pipeworks Brwg.
Here is a brewery with an amazing story. Its proprietors, Beejay Oslon & Gerrit Lewis, met while working at a Chicago package liquor store. They went to Belgium and worked at the De Struise Brewery. When they returned to Chicago, U.S.A., they formulated a business plan. But it ultimately hinged on a Kickstarter project. It raised its goal. It is now brewing at a medium-sized facility on north Western Ave. Most of its output is in 22-ounce bottles. It posts frequently on the Beer Advocate forum [c.v.], and you can follow it on Twitter as "pipeworksbrewin" {sic ~ Twitter doesn't allow a longer nickname}.
Argus Brewery
Nearly everybody in Chicago missed this one. This brewery began having its beers appear in a select number of beer bars in the collar suburbs of Chicago in December 2009. It is located on Chicago's far south side in what a century ago was a Schlitz® distribution stable. It is the undertaking of Robert & Patrick Jensen.
Revolution Brwg.
This is the brewpub at which everybody in Chicago was gawking awaiting its opening. It is located at 2323 N. Milwaukee Ave.; within a two-block walk from the Blue Line “L”'s California station.
Its production brewery, on N. Kedzie Ave, whose brewmaster is Jim Cebak, is now operative. So you now also find Revolution beers at other Chicago venues.
Half Acre Beer
This brewery finally got a regular World-Wide Web page. (I am not on Facebook, and you could not give me money to make me sign up for Facebook.) The brewery, and its adjacent tap room, is on N. Lincoln Ave., between Irving Park Rd. & Montrose Ave. It offers its main beers in 16-oz. cans. My favorite beer from it is Over Ale.
Haymarket Pub & Brwy.
Pete Crowley is the brewmaster here. It is on the southeast corner of Randolph & Halsted Sts. near Greektown in central Chicago. It is the home for Chicago's Drinking & Writing Theater. You may also follow it on Twitter as "haymarketpub".
Finch's Beer Co. LLC
This brewery is on N. Elston Ave. on the northwest side of Chicago, close to where I worked [at Bankers Life & Casualty Co.] 34 years ago. It is still a production brewery only, kegging, and packaging in 16-ounce cans. Its beers include Golden Wing Blonde Ale, Cut Throat Pale Ale, and Threadless IPA.
Its beers travel pretty far out here. Threadless IPA was detected on tap at a bar in downtown Harrisburg, PA.
Minhas Craft Brwy.
Here is the W-WW site of one of my favorite regional breweries. This is the second-oldest brewery still operating in the U.S.A. It is now owned by a Canadian corporation which has introduced some intriguing 'bridge' beers to its house brands [Huber Bock, Rhinelander]. Many of its beers can be found at Trader Joe markets.
Lakefront Brewery
My favorite Milwaukee brewery is Russ & Jim Klisch's Lakefront Brwy. I especially like Eastside Dark. It is located on Commerce St., northeast of downtown. After a lapse, it is again sending draft product to Chicago. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Goose Island Brewpub & Brewery
Goose Island Beer Company brews & bottles several ales & lagers from two locations both serendipitously numbered 1800. For now, it also operates the former Weeghman Park Brewpub at 3535 N. Clark St.
August Schell Brwg. Co.
The August Schell Brewing Company has been operating in New Ulm, MN. since 1860. It brews some of the finest beers in the entire U.S.A. It is the prime example why small, regional breweries which also devote part of their production capacities to "contract beers" must not be allowed to go out of business. I will do everything I can to ensure that this does not happen.
But it no longer distributes to Illinois.
St. Louis Brwy. & Tap Room
This is the long name of the Schlafly Brewpub, St. Louis' largest American-owned brewery. When I visit St. Louis, I wind up spending some time at one of its two locations (The brewpub near downtown, or the Bottleworks in Maplewood.). I love its beers; I agree with most of the viewpoints expressed by Tom Schlafly; and this World-Wide Web site regularly makes me smile and chuckle.
St. Louis' foreign-owned brewery seems to prefer that the Schlafly beers are unavailable where its beers are offered, as there is an occasional report of Schlafly losing a tap handle, or being precluded from being purveyed at a public festival, which, by law, the festival organizers should not be able to do. (Read the small print at the bottom of the “home” page.)
Falling Rock Tap House
This is an astounding beer bar in downtown Denver, CO. whose motto is, "No crap on tap." Denver is so beerworthy; it is difficult to suggest just one venue you should visit. If you are here during the Great American Beer Festival™, this is where you will find the special beers of which brewers could not dedicate enough kegs to be able to serve them there.
This has nothing to do with a classic automobile. The Toronado is a diminutive tavern in San Francisco, CA. (in the Haight - on Haight St.) Latitude: -122.43014 N; Longitude: 37.77215 W. It is most famous for its annual Barleywine festival (in February).
It has a second location in San Diego, CA., in which I have also been (in 2011).
This was formerly N T N. It is the live interactive game played primarily in taverns (although it is now available on Dish Network® dbs for a monthly fee). This is why I have it under this rubric.
One Sunday night in June 2002 in Irving, TX., at a Humperdinks, I scored 14,229 [out of 15,000] in one game of Wipeout. You may also follow it on Twitter as "buzztimetrivia".

HTML | JavaScript

Bare Bones Guide to HTML
You don't need a pricey HTML (HyperText Markup Language) editor to write HTML. This is where I learned HTML. All my pages are maintained using regular, old "WordPad®", and utilize the commands included here. The instructions are available in twenty-four languages.
Broken link checker
Enter the URL of the World-Wide Web page whose links you want to check into the query box and click 'Submit'. This site will save you a lot of time; however, I recommend clicking on the URLs it shows to be broken. Some sites do not want to be remotely spidered, so there is a possibility for false positives.
Web colors [Wikipedia]
Here is the Wikipedia page describing W-WW colors. It includes charts of X11 & “web-safe” colors.
VisaBone's Color Lab
These three URLs were found in moonsliver's Insane Journal [c.v.]. This is an interactive page (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on) which outputs the color value (a 216-color webmaster's palette) in both RGB and hexidecimal. There are four frames on this page.
Colour Lovers™
This is a weblog and forum where designers, both on-line and off, experiment and present color tableus & palettes. It strives to be a resource that monitors and influences color trends.
Color scheme designer
This W-WW site helps one compose a particular color scheme; with five base sets comparing and contrasting ‘warm’, and ‘cold’ colors. A drop-down box allows for schemes for infrequent human vision ailments [e.g.: protanopy].
HTML Color codes & names
If you do not need a nearly-infinite color selection, this URL illustrates the 390 non-dithering colors which adhere to HTML in their hexadecimal codes. A link to a more expansive color chart is also present here.
Media Gods' color picker (archive)
Here is a site where you move your mouse to a specific pixel on the screen which most closely represents the color you desire. Click thereupon, and the shade shall be broken out for you, along with its hexidecimal code.
This page has also gone off-line. I am pulling it off the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" [c.v.] from its final revision (15 April 2008).
Colour Scheme Machine
This site has three, well-thought-out frames. This allows you to interactively test out text, background, & link colors. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Pursuing page publishing
Here is where Justin Hall lets you in on the big World-Wide Web secret. (It's a secret because profiteers do not want you to know the truth!)
JavaScript applets
The first page for a compendium of JavaScript & DHTML applets. Don't re-invent the wheel. Obtain a duplicate here.

Zines | Diverse Culture

Quimby's Zine Store
Quimby's is Chicago's most comprehensive zine store. Many of the zines which I read are obtained here. It mails zines within the U.S.A. (International postage rates are now exorbitant.)
These are the “Berne Convention purveyors” to which I refer on my "Adult-Oriented" bookmark page. Here is an organization which manages to scarf up some obscure videos released beyond the U.S.A. Its prices are low. It also works the “B”-movie event circuit.
This site has not been updated since October 2011.
Exploitation Journal | Cinefear
Keith J. Crocker's "Exploitation Journal" is dedicated to the serious study of exploitation and drive-in cinema of the 1960s & 1970s. Keith J.'s video service is Cinefear.
Keith J.'s latest movie was "Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69".
Film Fanaddict
This was formerly "Shocking Images". It has shifted its focus from video, T-Shirt, and soundtrack sales toward this weblog. It is the official World-Wide Web site for [R.I.P] Rudy Ray Moore, Don Edmonds, & Jean Rollin.
If you noticed; DMCA actions have caused a clutch of these purveyors to cease business. But very few of the movies they offered were actually in a true release by the property rights holder. {These purveyors offered movies on demand. Now the majors want to offer movies on demand for the features on which they feel they would lose money putting out as a DVD or Blu-Ray. Guess who created the market for their movies on demand?}
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
This is the organization which defends illustrators of comic books, & the stores which sell them. Some judges and juries have convicted comic book store owners for selling a comic book intended for "adults only" to an adult. More recently, persons have been indicted for possessing illustrations (hand-drawn, or computer-generated) of an ‘underage’ person in a sexual situation.
If the idea is to prohibit objects which can be used to try to convince a real-life ‘underage’ person to commit a lewd act, it would seem you also need to restrict or criminalize chocolate, soda, bubble gum, & ice cream. ["Hey little girl, want some candy?"] But somehow, I can't envision Hershey, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, & Pepsi allowing their products to be so circumscribed. So is barring illustrations really effective?
Shock Cinema
Steven Puchalski's "Shock Cinema" website. "Shock Cinema" is a zine, published four times a year, which reviews some of the most bizarre, illusive films ever made. It is a superb read. I recommend subscribing to it ($20 for four issues).
Cashiers du Cinemart
"Cashiers du Cinemart" is a movie review zine published by Mike White. Mike has strident opinions on today's corporate movies. I recommend obtaining Mike's new book, "Impossibly Funky", which has tales of Mike's jobs orbiting around movies and movie theatres. This site has a frame.
AV Maniacs' forum
This is an informative forum orbiting around DVD releases of obscure movies of the past. All genrés are represented. Mentions of “Berne Convention purveyors” are allowed. I recommend signing on to its forum (requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, and cookies accepted). It directs you to register with a First and Last Name (or First Name and Last Initial). I am here under a pseudonym. The main site offers links to data and reviews of contemporary releases.
Sections thereof are not safe for work [NSFW] due to uptight adults who are okay with the raw carnage of "Rambo" movies, but can't handle an exposed female nipple.
Rock! Shock! Pop! forum
This is the forum of another entertainment World-Wide Web site. It was begun by persons who split off from AV Maniacs, in order to encompass television and music. I am here under a pseudonym. Sections thereof are not safe for work [NSFW].
McBeardo's Midnight Movies
McBeardo's Midnight Movie Mayhem is a resource for cult film news, reviews, & bloody boobs. (Sections hereof are not safe for work [NSFW].) Those films, and their tangential attachments (books, soundtracks, nudie-magazine layouts) are what it covers, ranging from the dawn of cinema, through the grindhouse era, to today's latest direct-to-video releases.
McBeardo is the defining moniker of the Brooklyn-born miscreant occasionally still known as Mike McPadden and Selwyn Harris. You may also follow him on Twitter as "mcbeardo".
Vice Magazine
This is the on-line component of the eclectic, entertaining, and informational print magazine "Vice". I should have had this on here before; but I think I was unsure if it should be here, or on an adult bookmark page. A rubric here is NSFW, but the majority of the material should place it on this page.
The page checks a browser variable to direct you to a specific language's version thereof.
Cinema Wasteland
This W-WW site has a dual orbit. It promotes a twice-annual movie & memorabilia exposition by Ken & Pam Kish, in Strongsville, OH. [a suburb of Cleveland]; of which I have attended a bunch, and always had an intriguing experience. The next exposition will be on 4 - 6 April 2014. Its other orbit is the sales of DVDs, posters, and trading cards of movies, at prices lower than other purveyors.
Kitley's Krypt
This is where Jon Kitley expounds on horror movies. He has gotten quite deep into this. He seeks to educate, expand, & entertain his browsers' knowledge of the horror genré. He lives in Aurora, IL. He also works the “B”-movie exposition circuit. This page has a frame.
Atomic Books
This store is in Baltimore, MD. It is the epicenter for alternative books, comics, & zines in the mid-Atlantic area.
Cypress Lawn Country Club
After a lengthy absence, this forum, administered by “RomanyX”, was finally restored to the World-Wide Web. It is another movie & entertainment-orbiting forum with a singular rubric. Should you wish to register here, it requires JavaScript|ActiveX® on, and cookies accepted.
Monty Python's Flying Circus
I should not have to explain too much about this troupe. So I won't. This World-Wide Web site is comprehensive, accurate, & includes the dead parrot loony.
Have I mentioned I am the chairperson of the local chapter of the "Society For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things"?
Bill Owens
This is "Buffalo" Bill Owens' weblog. It encompasses photography, publishing, beer, & distilling. I like Bill a lot.
Censored Cartoons
Many classic theatrical cartoons have been cut or edited in order to be shown on television (and even when re-released on videocassette or DVD). This site serves as a guide to those lost moments.
"The Simpsons" archive
This is an absolutely comprehensive clearinghouse of the animated television show "The Simpsons". This site has guides, news, and information. It is where to head if you have any queries.
"Gauntlet" is a zine which explores the limits of free expression in the U.S.A. It is published twice a year, in May & November. It is a valuable resource in the face of paranoia, hype, & the spin given against free expression by those who seek to censor it.
A guy with a ‘"V"-in-a-crown’ logo
This guy (Stuart Helm) is a freelance artist & illustrator, now residing in Asheville, NC. He has a weblog now as well. He used to have a registered trademark before the corporate bullies at Kraft® Foods decided they didn't like some of his illustrations. They sued. The CBLDF [c.v.] tried to negotiate. They managed a settlement which confiscated his trademark [Why did Kraft® not object when he was applying for it?], but he did not have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and he is allowed to parody the name of Kraft® in the future. {There may be an anti-Kraft®-parody on this page now.}
View the documentary about this litigation by Brigid Maher, titled "The King, The Lawyers, & The Cheese".
I make a conscious effort to not buy anything manufactured by Kraft® Foods. Kraft® Foods deserve all the bad karma they receive, on both the corporate and individual levels.
This site is the World-Wide Web site of Jake Austen's & Jacqueline Stewart's "Roctober" zine. Roctober [n.b.: There is no "k" in its name.] covers many topics, including music, comics, monkeys, masked performers, skateboarders, & Sammy Davis, Jr. View the "Chic-A-Go-Go!" wing.
The Roctober book, "Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll", is out here, and I can recommend its purchase.
S c r a m
Since 1992, Hollywood's "Scram" magazine has been chronicling “unpopular culture”. The editrix is Kim Cooper. The print zine went on hiatus after issue #22. This site, and her weblog (linked from here) shall continue.
Giant Robot
"Giant Robot" is a zine self-described as "Asian Pop Culture and beyond." It deals with Asian & Asian-American pursuits. This W-WW site has a frame, and parts of it require Flash®. It also has retail stores in Los Angeles, & in San Francisco; as well as a restaurant ("GR-Eats") in western L. A. I like "Giant Robot" enough to donate to its foundation.
What happens to punk rockers when they get older? It has been attributed that they read "Razorcake" magazine. It is a bi-monthly publication, published by a certified non-profit organization in southern California, which still has a strong spot for hard-driving music (& politics) which has a resist message embedded therein. I recommend subscribing to this. A six-issue subscription costs $17.00 [bulk rate] | [$23.00 = first class {U.S.A.}]. Ask for freebies. I like "Razorcake" enough to donate to its foundation.
Gray Areas®
Here's a zine which looks at the contemporary world in which we live and provides insight on the edges and wrinkles that make up our id. Some sections of this site are recommended only for those at least 18 years of age.
Mother Jones
A W-WW site espousing progressive ideas for dealing with today's world. Subscribing to this magazine may result in you being refused a U.S. Governmental security clearance.
Music Box Theatre
The Music Box Theatre on Chicago's north side is one which is not afraid to show films which have bypassed the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system. With the increasing concentration of ownership of movie theatres by large corporate entities, theatres like the Music Box are very important.
Troma Entertainment
Mr. Lloyd Kaufman, the President of Troma, has been involved in filmmaking-on-the-cheap, for over 37 years. Check this W-WW site regularly for new releases and specials.
Net Neutrality is again an issue for the Internet; but the battle has also encountered a threat from mega-entertainment media conglomerates like Sony, Disney, & Universal to enact legislation in the U.S.A. [This is the CISPA bill in the U.S. Congress.], and enact secret treaties in other countries, which would effectively lock down creative endeavors in the arts solely to the output from these mega-entertainment media conglomerates. {There would be prior ‘cease and desist’ and Internet takedown orders if one of the megas felt an independent media project infringed on its copyright. The independent media project would have to spend more of its funds on defending itself in a courtroom than in actually making the media. So the independent media would not be made, and the megas would retain their 99% share of the market, which is their main intent.}
One Sheet Index
This is a superb W-WW site which was personally recommended to me one Saturday evening. It is a repository of posters and lobby cards for a vast spectrum of motion pictures. It has special sections for selected movies & performers. JavaScript|ActiveX® is needed if you wish to use the 'Search' function. Because of all the graphics, sections of this site will take a while to completely load.
Record Research
Do you need an answer about a certain record? You would do well to reference one of Joel Whitburn's tomes. He acquired "Billboard" magazine's permission to publish works based on its charts' data. This W-WW site has a frame.
Insane Journal
Live Journal was dumped for capitulating to a gang of vigilantés; effectively turning a cold shoulder to free expression on the World-Wide Web. The underlying reason: The “bean-counters” hoping for a buyout of the corporation figured whomever took over would not be able to place advertisements on Live Journal pages where a weblogger expressed controversial viewpoints. It “solved” the problem by "permanently suspending" the webloggers expressing those controversial viewpoints. (Having a Paid or Permanent Account did not save them. If anything; since Live Journal knows it will never get another dollar from a Permanent Account holder, it has every incentive to find an excuse to get rid of that account.)
This is Insane Journal, another weblog service utilizing the Xanga interactive free source software. "Squeaky", the major domo behind Insane Journal, has gone on record that he will only remove content from a person's weblog if he is presented with a genuine order from a legal entity. Insane Journal has potential, but I am really uninterested in long-form blogging now.
I strive to be tolerant and egalitarian. Maybe you actually do like Spam®, despite the harsh name it has somehow acquired on the Internet.
Mr. Double's link list
Mr. Double has links which are very comprehensive & annotated.
Free software downloads
This is a W-WW site which links to a spectrum of sites from where free versions of computer software programs can be located.
Cu-SeeMe frequently asked questions
This has good technical information on setting up your computer (regardless of operating system) to use the software. The links along the left side of the screen contain additional information.
World-Wide Hash House Harriers home page
Hash House Harriers are people who compete in a foot rally, and whom afterward consume lots of beer and comeraderie. They are "The drinking club with a running problem." Registration is requested to view some parts of this W-WW site.


MapQuest provides driving directions, maps, & live traffic reports. It includes much searching criteria. It is affiliated with America on-Line.
Maps On Us
Maps On Us is a free route map planner. If you register (free), it gives you additional options. It is a service of
MapBlast shorn most of its intrusive ad banners which rendered attempting to print out your map an absurd challenge. It is affiliated with Microsoft©®.
Speed Trap Exchange
If you're out on the highway, you see them everyday. Traffic is moving safely and expeditiously, but not legally according to the posted speed limit. Link here to learn where are the speed traps out on the highways of the U.S.A. It is sponsored by the National Motorists Association.
Aircraft flight tracking
Is your flight delayed? Are you at the airport right now wondering if the airline's gate agent is telling you the complete truth? Link here for the real answer. This site collects data from air traffic control across the U.S.A. Select by specific flight, airport, or aircraft type.
O r b i t z
This is the once-controversial W-WW site founded by five then-major U.S.A. airlines. I have found some solid travel bargains here. It has suspended its service fee for airline tickets bought via it.
All these travel reservation sites work swifter if you use a direct connection to the Internet, turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies.
This is the W-WW travel site which was one of the first to aggregate data from airlines, hotels, & rental car agencies. The reason it was not on this page previously was residue from its partial ownership by Microsoft©®, but that is no longer a good-enough reason to leave it off.
Priceline® is an aggregator of airline tickets, & hotel rooms. Practically all of its business now is in hotel rooms. [For hotel rooms, you specify the star-level you desire. Here are the minimum bids per star-level: 1-star = $15; 2-star = $17; 2½-star = $19; 3-star = $25; 4-star = $40; 4½-star = $45; 5-star = $55]
Registration is required in order to use this service. The concept is that you name the price you are willing to pay for a hotel room, or a rental car, in a specified area.
I do not use Priceline (or Hotwire) for rental cars due to the possibility of my low bid being accepted by Budget Rent-A-Car, which attempted to scam me for triple the cost of my last rental from it (in Detroit, MI.) by claiming I did not return its car with a full tank of gas. I had the gas station receipt when I returned its car, but its counter was disinterested in receiving it. Weeks later, it sent me a letter announcing its charge. I got the attempted rip-off removed from my account by mailing my credit card bank a copy of the gas station receipt.
This is the on-line travel agency associated with American Airlines. It has the "FareWatch" program.
One Travel
One Travel is a W-WW site consolidating airline, hotel, & auto rental companies' "Internet only" specials.
K a y a k
This is a comprehensive travel planning W-WW site offering the facility to check airfares and hotels worldwide. In a few instances, it may not find the lowest rate, but it will put you far enough along the path for you to obtain the lowest rate: i.e. An air flight will almost always be less costly to book at that airline's own W-WW site.
Bidding For Travel
This is a BBS where you learn how users of Priceline® bid for travel, including the prices which were accepted. This is a valuable BBS which has reached critical mass: i.e. There have been enough accepted bids to have a reasonable idea of how low you can offer. I have used it to obtain hotel rooms in cities. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies. Bidding For Travel was mentioned in "Consumer Reports". It is a member of the Yuku network of fora.
Better Bidding
This is another BBS dealing with the same topics as Bidding For Travel. I would not call it a rivalry, but there are a clutch of registered users at each BBS which feel that that specific BBS is ‘better’ than the other. So I will present both of them. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies.
FlyerTalk Forums
Bidding For Travel links to Trip Advisor (which I have now learned censors and bans people who post ‘controversial’ reports); but this is the travel forum which I found most educational when researching my trips to Tokyo, Japan. This forum has over 515,747 members around the globe. It began as a resource for airlines' frequent flyer program members to provide key data. It has expanded to include specific recommendations within popular destinations. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, & accept cookies.
Hotwire® is a site which searches other travel W-WW sites searching for low fares from the cities & on the days you indicate on its form. You must register in advance with it.
Johnny Jet
This is a site with stories, tips, destination information, & hundreds of links to travel W-WW sites. The most poignant one is likely that to "Auction Advice".
Airfare Watchdog®
This is a W-WW site, in the format of a weblog, which believes it is the only airfare alert and comparison site that includes fares on all airlines, including Southwest, Skybus, Allegiant, & JetBlue.
Y a p t a
This is a W-WW site which monitors airfares on designated routes. If you sign up for it, which I can recommend, you tell it the routes, and it will send you an E-Mail when there is significant price movement on any of those routes.
V a y a m a
This is a specialized on-line travel agency which has negotiated discounted airfares from a clutch of airlines for international travel. It offers a selection, including many never previously available on-line, so as to find the lowest prices, and best schedule options. The corporation was founded by travel experts with decades of experience. It heralds, "Simply put - if you buy your international travel from Vayama, you will save money and find more flight options."
I used Vayama to book my trip from ORD to NRT in March - April 2010, and it saved me $141.39.
Fare Compare
Fare Compare is an airline ticket comparison shopping World-Wide Website. It is an independent airfare shopping site with the all the tools necessary to help consumers find the best deals available quickly, easily, and first. Its webmaster is Rick Seaney. Ticket prices often change dramatically from hour-to-hour, day-to-day and week-to-week. Fare Compare believes that no one site has the cheapest price, nor the best deal, at any given moment. Less than 10% of passengers on each flight pay the cheapest price for the same seat. Online travel agencies and metasearch sites want to sell you a ticket. Fare Compare wants to help you find a cheap flight deal. The cheapest flights will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Saturday.
Google™ flights [secure]
You may have forgotten that back in 2011, Google™ bought ITA, a travel industry software developer. This semi-obscure W-WW site [How can anything affiliated with Google be obscure?] utilizes that technology to create an easier way for users to find better flight information online. It makes it facile to search for flights, compare flight options, prices, and get to a W-WW site swiftly to buy the ticket. I found the lowest airfare for my flight to Tokyo in April via here.
Southwest Airlines
This is my favorite airline. Other air carriers may match its airfare prices, but then they will snipe you with any number of nearly unavoidable fees. Sign up for Rapid Rewards®. The program has been revamped, so I can't swiftly tell you how to earn a free flight. It now requires a certain amount of points. However, you will be able to book and find a seat when you attempt to claim your award flight.
Hotel Coupons
This was formerly "Roomsaver". It is a collator of hotel & motel coupons. This site also allows you to print out coupons from its guides on-line. This corporation publishes the “green guide”.
Travel Channel
I seldom watch much television. But I have been watching selected shows on this channel over the past months. Specifically, "No Reservations", "Bizarre Foods", & "Man v. Food" (and other spin-offs involving Adam Richman). This page includes much multimedia, and as such, could take a long time to completely load depending on your connection rate.
This is a World-Wide Web site where Chicago is the midwest hub for some amazingly low motor coach fares to other cities in the midwest. It also has a northeast hub out of New York City, and a southwestern hub in Texas. If you reserve sufficiently in advance, it could cost only one dollar (depending on the day of the week) [+ a 50¢ processing fee]. Watch out for promotional codes which could award you a free trip. It also has a wing for the U.K. You may register if you wish it to save some of your data.
Gas Buddy gas prices
Here is another URL I should have had on here a while ago. A long time ago, I was active in the local Chicago chapter of this national resource. But it lost me when it “upgraded” to functions compelling use of a broadband connection. However, this is no reason to not include it here. Gas Buddy has a sufficient number of reliable gasoline price posters throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. Use it to deduce where to refuel as you motor. You can search via state, city, or zip code.
I-95 exit guide
Interstate 95 [I-95] is the main highway on the east coast of the U.S.A. Portions of it are a toll road. If you do drive I-95, here is a World-Wide Web site which lets you know about food, lodging, gasoline prices, shopping, & more along its route.
Motel 6®
Motel 6 is the U.S.A.'s lowest-priced national motel chain. I began staying at Motel 6 in 1987. On-line reservations are available. You may register if you wish it to save some of your data. Seek the "Click 6" Internet specials.
Hostelling International
When you travel, staying at a hostel puts you in touch with people who are very interested in sharing their journeys with you. It is also one of the least expensive ways to sleep. This is the central site of HI-AYH. It is available in four languages. You don't have to be under 30 years of age to stay here, either. Bring a towel.
Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago is one of the easiest cities (in the U.S.A.) to traverse without an automobile. Unlike some cities, its system does not shut down completely at midnight. Link here for routes, maps, & schedules.
The Authority has implemented a new fare payment system called Ventra [linked from here], which is also valid on Pace suburban buses. It is similar to eastern Japan's PASMO card in that it can be used as a debit card to purchase objects from non-transit purveyors. But I do not recommend using it in such a manner because its fees are above average.
A 24-hour pass costs $10.00; a 3-day pass costs $20.00; & a 7-day pass (for CTA only) is $28.00. The lowest fare, if you do not utilize a Ventra card, is $2.25. (With a Ventra card, originating on a bus costs $2.00.) Paying in this manner gives you no transfer capability. (Each route you ride will cost $2.25.) The one exception is if you start at the O'Hare “L” station; the fare is $5.00. I am disappointed by this; however, many other cities [e.g.: St. Louis, MO.] also hit travellers with an airport transit surcharge.
There is now a Flickr® account in which it posts photographs from its library. You may also follow it on Twitter as "cta" {doh}.
CTA Bus Tracker map
Here is the CTA Bus Tracker Map broken out so you can display it in a tab in your W-WW browser (rather than a separate pop-up window). Because of all the data, it will take a while to completely load. I also recommend zooming in one level closer than the default map. Google™ maps take a while to completely load.
CTA Bus Tracker - Bus Stops
This is the page with the arrival times at a specific stop. I again break it out so you can view it in a browser tab. This will load much swifter than the map.
CTA Train Tracker
Here is the CTA W-WW site which attempts to communicate when a train shall arrive at a specified station. Where it is sometimes slightly off is at a station close to where a train originates its run. [e.g.: @ Morse awaiting a southbound Red Line “L” train]
CTA discover tracker
This is a new tracking CTA W-WW site [in beta] which can display the next times of arrival of multiple bus routes and “L” lines at a specific address. It can be configured to run automatically if you enable location tracking on your mobile device. Otherwise, you may manually input a street address, or landmark name.
A Google™ map with the Chicago “L” system overlaid
This is an impressive user-generated W-WW page which depicts each Chicago rapid transit station over the street grid. For further information, click on the station dot, or the text link on the right side. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®. [Google™ maps take a while to completely load.]
Chicago “L” history
This is the World-Wide Web's largest resource for information on Chicago's rapid transit system. It encompasses transit history; advocacy; and technical data. It is a member of the "Chicago & Northern Illinois History Ring".
Central Electric Railfans' Association
I have been a member of C.E.R.A. since 1978. It is the longest-lasting conglomeration which has not yet dissolved, or extruded me from its membership rolls. C.E.R.A. has been around since 1938. It is a railfan organization orbiting around the metropolitan Chicago area. Since Chicago was a railway, and an electric railway hub, it includes any number of "inspection trips" of other electric railway properties of the midwest & eastern U.S.A.; and even portions of Ontario, Canada. Monthly meetings of the organization are held at the University Center at 525 S. State St. in central Chicago on the fourth Friday of each month [at 19:00 hours]. If you are not a C.E.R.A. member, it costs $5.00.
C.E.R.A. weblog
This is the official C.E.R.A. weblog maintained by David Sadowski. It is for, by, and about its members and activities. Many of the weblog entries have photographs; subsequently, certain pages may take a while to fully load.
Illinois Railway Museum
The "Hicks Car Works" name commemorates a Chicago Heights train car manufacturer (1897-1911). It constructed Chicago, Aurora, & Elgin car #309 in 1907. (CA&E #309 continued in service on the CA&E until the railroad's abrupt end of service on 3 July 1957.) It is still operated at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL. (McHenry County - northwest of Chicago). This weblog orbits around the preservation activity @ I.R.M. It has four regular contributors.
Chicago Bus forum
This is an unofficial W-WW site maintained by an individual who is a fan of motor coaches; especially those used by the Chicago Transit Authority [c.v.]. It encompasses both text and images.
I send you directly to its forum. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, and accept cookies.
San Francisco underground travel
It's a lot different being shown around by a friend in San Francisco than navigating the foggy maze on your own. This is the best independent guide to what is worth seeing, and what is just a tourist trap. This site has three frames.
Market Street Railway
It is overshadowed by the city's cable cars, but San Francisco also has a fleet of electric streetcars running along Market Street seven days a week. Here you can learn more about San Francisco's transit history, the postwar P. C. C. (Presidents' Conference Committee) streetcars used to provide service, and how to become a member of the organization.
A Radiused Corner
I had difficulty deciding where to place this link. I found this weblog from Keizo Shimamoto [c.v.]. I can surmise that Dennis knew him from when Keizo was in southern California. Dennis lives in San Diego, CA. He writes on several food-orbiting topics. The venues are all in southern California. I send you to his entries labelled "Ramen". You may back-parse to see his more recent posts, or select another keyword from the post.


Sam's Army | Mark Wheeler
The site of Sam's Army (a U.S.A. soccer booster club) and Mark Wheeler's links to North American Soccer World-Wide Web sites. There are links to just about every soccer link site out here.
American Outlaws
This has seemingly become a more popular U.S.A. national teams booster club than Sam's Army. The concept remains the same. A year's membership is $24. Membership provides perks like discounts on apparel, and airfares. I have joined this, & I can recommend joining this organization.
Travelers' Guide to U. S. Soccer
This is a significant and important World-Wide Web site with information which is intended to provide soccer boosters interested in soccer in the U.S.A. information on the top soccer spots throughout the country.
U. S. Soccer history archives
Dave Litterer's excellent compendium of soccer leagues' champions.
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
F.I.F.A. is the most significant organization on the planet. It is the administrator overseeing all the efforts of its member associations which operate in soccer [football]. Its mission is to reach out and touch the world, using football as a symbol of hope and integration. This W-WW site is available in English, French, Spanish, & German.
Confederation Of North American, Caribbean, & Central American Football
CONCACAF is the confederation, similar to UEFA [Europe], overseeing its member nations in this hemisphere. This includes the U.S.A. Its prestige event is the CONCACAF Gold Cup™, held every two years in the odd-numbered years. It also presents annually the CONCACAF Champions' League®, whose winner qualify for the F.I.F.A. Club World Cup in December. A Spanish-language version of this W-WW site is available.
United States Soccer Federation
Here is the official site of the United States Soccer Federation. The U.S.S.F. affiliated itself with F.I.F.A. in 1913. Besides all the National Team programs, its marquee event is the annual Lamar Hunt U. S. Open Cup Tournament.
The (U. S.) Open Cup
This is an independent World-Wide Web site featuring reportage of the Lamar Hunt U. S. Open Cup Tournament.
OurSports Central
This was the swiftest I have ever added a bookmark to this page. It has lots of articles about the sports which do not command a plethora of media attention: i.e.; the “minor leagues”.
North American Soccer League [II]
The N.A.S.L. is a Division II soccer league operating in the U.S.A. & Canada. It was constituted in 2010, but was not sanctioned by the U.S.S.F. [c.v.] until the following year. Its 2014 season, which will be split between a Spring season and a Fall season, has 11 teams. The champions of each season will meet for the league's overall title at the home of the Spring season champion.
Of interest to Chicago soccer fans; Peter Wilt is the General Manager of the Indy ELEVEN (Indianapolis, IN.), which, along with Minnesota UNITED, could become a core for a midwest division in the league. {Milwaukee, WI., St. Louis, MO., & Des Moines, IA. are other cities which have potential to join this league.}
Major Indoor Soccer League [III]
This is the official W-WW page for the M. I. S. L., which is now under the operation of the United Soccer Leagues. Its teams are in Baltimore, MD.; St. Louis, MO.; Milwaukee, WI.; Independence, MO. (Kansas City); Reading, PA.; Syracuse, NY.; & Rochester, NY.
The Chicago SOUL FC have ceased operations, although good luck trying to find a media release stating that [making matters worse, it seems players were not paid for the last month of the season]. The SOUL were reportedly ( drawing about 500 people per home game. [That would be lower than even my attendances for POWER home games in Chicago.]
U. S. Soccer Hall of Fame
Did you know that the U.S.A. has a National Soccer Hall of Fame? Its physical location was in Oneonta, New York. But due to the downturn of the economy causing fewer customers to visit the hall, it closed down in August 2009. Everything is in storage. A new venue is the probable outcome. Here is its W-WW site. The site has lots of data about its inductees.
Chicagoland Soccer News
Here is a good W-WW soccer site orbiting around metropolitan Chicago's soccer scene.
The Offside
This is a soccer blog spanning the globe, with pertinent and informative posts from scores of columnists worldwide.
United States National Team Players Association
This somewhat obscure site orbits around the players on the U.S.A. Men's and Women's National Teams. It has a good array of articles, games, puzzles, playing tips, coaching tips, and other support functions for soccer boosters in the U.S.A. There is also a message forum for which you may register.
Soccer on videocassettes
This is the W-WW site of Dave Brett. Dave has recorded and | or traded for an impressive number of soccer games on VHS videocassettes. If you are searching for a specific game, visit here.


The editor of "Psychotronic Video®" [R.I.P.] magazine, Michael J. Weldon, raved about this freeform FM station in Jersey City, NJ. [U.S.A.]
To what do I listen now? The Dish Network® dbs system which we have here at the domicile gives us the Sirius-XM® commercial-free music channels.
KUSF is the free form radio station associated with the University of San Francisco. It no longer has a terrestrial station: i.e. It is now Internet only; but it can be found on iTunes® under "College/University".
America's Jazz Station
KKJZ-FM 88.1 (Long Beach, CA., U.S.A.) describes itself as “Where jazz and blues live”. Its former call letters were KLON. You can listen to the station in your browser by linking here. The C-Band {big ugly dish} audio feed is at Telstar 7 (129° W); transponder #15 (H); subcarriers 5.58 & 5.76. It is a broadcast service of California State Univ. - Long Beach (CSULB).
Steely Dan
Walter Becker & Donald Fagen are musical genii. There is no musical approach they cannot succinctly assuage. They finally earned both the acknowledgment of their peers in 2000 by being elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and winning four Grammy® Awards for "Two Against Nature". Donald also has a new solo release titled "Sunken Condos".
“Hoops'” Steely Dan fan site
This is Jim McKay's original Steely Dan fan internet resource. It was founded in 1993. A popular venue for Steely Dan fans to chat is in here, linked from the ‘bluebook’ rubric. It is a member of the Steely Dan Webring.
Umbrella Music
This is an organization founded by musicians Mike Reed and Josh Berman. It is dedicated to nurturing creativity, experimentation and artistic growth among Chicago's jazz and improvisational musicians. It presents three concerts each week: Sunday @ the Hungry Brain, Wednesday @ the Hideout, & Thursday @ Elastic. It also occasionally has a show @ Constellation on N. Western Ave.
Grateful Dead Net Central
I was not waiting for Jim Egan to get an Internet account before adding this link. (As far as I know; he still has access only at the university.) This site was conceived as where those who dig the Grateful Dead could gather to discuss the concerns of our common interest group. Registration is recommended to post or respond in the forum. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® to fully utilize this site.
Grateful Dead lyrics
This World-Wide Web site, by David Dodd, annotates Grateful Dead lyrics (their originals only). The site provides links for words or phrases which might benefit from some elucidation, without attempting to give definitive “interpretations”. There are also links to other thematic essays. The site has been frozen in place since late June 2007.
OnLine Jerry (Garcia)
Here is the World-Wide Web portal to the artistic efforts of Jerry Garcia, both with the Grateful Dead, and in side projects. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX® to fully utilize this site.
Art Laboe
If you have ever spent any time listening to the radio in Southern California, you have probably tuned in to a nightly show hosted by Art Laboe. Art was a savvy businessman as well; as he never sold the masters of the records which he released in the 1950s & 1960s on his record labels. You can now hear his show by visiting this W-WW site.
Yes! It's the official Motörhead World-Wide Web site. This is a great site, with links to both official, and fan-hosted W-WW sites. "If it's too loud, you're too old!"
Ugly Things magazine
I should have had this on here before. "Ugly Things" is a huge, thick magazine, published by Mike Stax, which does not merely orbit; but digs into the ground to comprehensively explore the music by underappreciated artists. It was founded to dispense information about England's "Pretty Things" group, which began in the 1960s (and are still performing today). Since 1983, it has bloomed into a magazine to bring “wild sounds from past dimensions”. It consistently presents passionate, informed, insightful, in-depth coverage of overlooked music.
It is generally published twice a year. Visit here for back issues and other artifacts.
The Big Takeover
"The Big Takeover" is the pinnacle zine covering the independent pop music scene. Its writers care about music, and support the bands & musicians who pioneer, rather than rest on their laurels, or are thrust at the public through brainwashing marketing techniques. There is now a forum here for which you may opt to register. Jack Rabid is the editor. Four issue subscriptions are available for $20.
Home Grown Music Network
This site's mission is to seek out the best music being made today & spread it across the universe. Visit here to learn about the people, organizations, independent bands, venues, stores, representatives and others all working together.
Art of the Mix
If you have a record collection, I suspect you have either duplicated some of the songs thereupon to another medium, or have considered doing so. Here is a W-WW site which is dedicated to notating mixed tapes, CDs, DVD-Rs, iPod® playlists, et cetera. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®, and accept cookies in order to post or respond here. My mixes are under "PudgyM".
Dr. Demento
If you are a fan of loony tunes and crazy comedy, you probably already know about Dr. Demento. The core is a two-hour program, now only posted on-line here (the broadcast was losing money).
Classic Arts Showcase
This is a non-commercial, free, public service channel available to terrestrial, cable, and satellite services. On Dish Network® dbs, it is channel 9406. It is on C-band satellite Galaxy 17; transponder #18. It features performance, orchestral, and visual arts. It is funded by The Lloyd E. Rigler - Lawrence E. Deutsch Foundation.
Link TV
Link TV is an international & interactive channel that brings the world's events, issues, and cultures to audiences in the U.S.A. It is under this rubric because of its music programs. It is available on both DirecTV®, and Dish Network® dbs systems.
R F D - TV
RFD - TV ["Rural America's most important network"] is a satellite channel dedicated to serving the needs and interests of rural America. It is under this rubric because of its diverse music programming (It has the broadcast rights to videotapes of old syndicated country music programs, which it obtained from Willie Nelson's personal library.). It also has regular series about railroads, both real and model. It is available on both Dish Network®, & DirecTV® dbs systems.
8-Track Heaven
Have any 8-Track tapes? Don't be queasy; visit this site and learn much more about this misunderstood music medium.


Pin Game Journal
This is the zine which has original articles, and keeps tabs on the other on-line and print publications covering pinball. There are now only two companies in the entire world manufacturing mechanical action pinball machines.
Stern Pinball
Here is the W-WW site of one company (out of two in the entire world) manufacturing mechanical action pinball machines. If you have an older W-WW browser, click on the 'site map' link in the lower right corner of this page.


Japanese <-> English dictionary [#1]
Did you link to a page which seemed to have the information for which you were looking, but it had those unfamiliar Japanese kana characters on it? Here is a World-Wide Web page which can come to your assistance.
Japanese <-> English dictionary [#2]
This is Jisho, another Japanese to English dictionary. This page is where you can enter an English word, tick the box that reads ‘Kana as romaji’, and view the output in both kana and a pronouncible English word. There are additional translations options at the top of this page. Jisho is maintained by Denshi Jisho.
Japanese Yen - U.S. Dollar exchange rate {Yahoo!®}
A dynamic table illustrating what the trading range is for these two currencies. This shows the current month. You need to turn on JavaScript|ActiveX®.
Daikokuya exchange shop
This is an English-language translation of a small chain of shops in metropolitan Tokyo & Yokohama which offer a higher purchase rate for a U.S. Dollar (& subsequent conversion to a Japanese Yen).
PhotoGuide Japan
You will find much informative data here. I point out to you the Japan Photos section. As you proceed, you may opt for a framed or non-framed presentation. It has been online since March 1996.
Tokyo Pinball Organization
This is the English-language home page for the above named organization. There are more pages in Japanese which refer to the general history of pinball.
Tokyo Brews News
This is an English-language W-WW page, in which beerworthy pubs, restaurants, and shops in metropolitan Tokyo are reviewed. There is also coverage of beer festivals and craft breweries in other areas of Japan.
Beer Club Popeye
This is Tokyo's (and probably Japan's) number 1 beer bar. It has seventy beers on tap, including real ales. It is off the beaten path in Ryögoku, an east-central area [Sumida-ku] of Tokyo. The closest train station to it is the JR Sobu Line's "Ryögoku" stop [west exit]. (If you catch it at Akihabara or Ochanomizu, it will cost ¥130.) It is also within four blocks of the #33 Toei bus route [¥200], which operates northbound nightly until 22:54 hours, and which runs directly to | from the Khaosan hostels in Asakusa [c.v.]. If you order designated beers (indicated on the menu with a crown) during “Happy Hour” (17:00 - 20:00 hours daily), you will receive a free pub snack. (Try the pizza.) Click through from here to the "CUPON" {sic}; print it out, and present it. You will be automatically enrolled in Popeye's frequent guest program, which earns you discounts on your tab. I break out of the frame for you.
Thrash Zone
This is a bar in a neighborhood just north of downtown Yokohama, which has two things going for it: Very low prices on “extreme” craft beer, all of which are on draft and; recorded music, and music videos, of hard rock and metal bands playing in the background. Koichi-san is the proprietor. Beer is now being brewed for the bar by Thomas Reiff.
It is within staggering distance from Guest House Kanalian [c.v.].
Japan Beer Times
A forum in both Japanese & English with information about craft beer, its brewers, and the venues which serve it. Unfortunately, it has been hit pretty hard by spammers. Until it cleans it up, I cannot recommend signing up for it, which needs JavaScript|ActiveX® on, and cookies accepted.
Japanese craft beer bars I recommend
I nearly had an article printed in the Lumpen organization's "Mash Tun" magazine which was put out during Chicago Craft Beer Week 2012. Sadly, my article was cut. This is a Google™ map which displays where are the bars about which I wrote.
Tokyo Cheapo
This is a weblog, powered by Disqus, in which our four regular bloggers (and the sporadic guest blogger) pontificate on how to enjoy Tokyo while spending as little money as possible.
Don Quijote [English]
I should have had this on here a long time ago. Donki (as it is commonly called) is a chain of department stores in Japan. Its prices are extremely low. It also purveys "shopping entertainment" in each store. I have bought lots of items from its stores in Tokyo & Yokohama. The next time I visit Japan, I'll go here again too. It accepts a credit card. If you spend at least ¥10,000 in one visit, present your passport, so it can deduct the excise tax from your purchase.
Shibuya 2-4-6
This is a general-topic English-language Japanese weblog covering a spectrum of activities in the metropolitan Tokyo area. Most of the blog posts are photographic. Because of all the images on this W-WW site, it will take a while to completely load. You may also follow him on Twitter as "shibuya246".
La Carmina's blog
This is the weblog of a young female who usually is in Tokyo, but travels around the globe. She has appeared on satellite TV channels such as the Travel Channel [c.v.] & CNN in the U.S.A.; and NHK, & Canal+ in Japan, & France. She orbits around gothic style, alternative culture, and ‘cute’ elements of Japan. Because of all the images on this blog page, it will take a while to completely load. You may also follow her on Twitter as "lacarmina".
You can also follow her cat, Basil Farrow's blog at
Japan's soccer blogs {FC Tokyo}
Japanese English-language J-League Soccer Blogs and Fan Sites. Read reviews of the best J-League blogs and fan sites on the Internet.
This blog has not been updated in a long time, because its author contributes more often to another on-line soccer weblog. I leave it on here because its extant links are still valid.
Supleks Japanese ramen search [translated]
A Google™-translation of Japan's largest ramen restaurant review W-WW site. All the reviews are from registered customers.
Ikemen's ramen blog [translated]
Here is another translated blog by an individual. I like his posts because he has a habit of photographing the ticket machine and annotating what is each button. So you can attempt to learn Japanese in this method. You may also follow him, in Japanese, on Twitter as "ikemen3".
Go Ramen
These four World-Wide Web sites are weblogs for English-speaking people who are planning to visit Tokyo, love ramen, and do not read enough Japanese to be able to understand Japanese ramen W-WW sites.
Here is a weblog which continues to have incredible twists. Keizo Shimamoto originally reported on ramen shops in southern California. He reviewed a solid number of them. When he began travelling to Japan and eating at ramen shops there, he caught the ‘bug’ and wanted to make ramen for a living. He moved to Tokyo, and was the oyaji at Bassanova, in Setagaya ward. He is the protagonist of the short feature "Ramen Dreams" [2012]. I have been to Bassanova. His ramen is fascinating (but I won't again order the Green Curry ramen). I have not had enough bowls of ramen to cohesively judge his.
He moved to New York City, initially to oversee the expansion of Bassanova there. That changed when he hit upon the idea of creating a Ramen Burger™: A 75-25% blend patty, with shoyu sauce, peppery arugula, and a scattering of scallions. The griddled noodles stand in for the bun. It has become very popular despite having only been introduced in August 2013, and being termed a “fad” by Andrew Zimmern (of the Travel Channel [c.v.]). You may also follow him on Twitter as "goramen".
Ramen Adventures
Here is another blog rating ramen shops in Tokyo. It is maintained by Brian MacDunston. He gives a more specific location of each shop.
Brian had a motorcycle accident which left him temporarily disabled for a span, so his reviews have been less frequent.
No reason!!
Keizo [c.v.] links to many other blogs. Most of them have not had an entry in years; so I did not pay much attention to them. But this one had a reasonably recent post. On clicking through, I found more images of ramen in Japan (mostly in Tokyo & Yokohama). Hiroshi-san says nothing about his visits; however, it is a pragmatic proposition he would not post about the shack if he did not enjoy the bowl. Because of all the images on this W-WW site, it will take a while to completely load.
Unfortunately, as far as interacting with him; he embeds the reply function in his blog. This effectively throttles anybody's ability to respond to what he displays, especially if you set your browser to block pop-up windows. {Test it yourself. Compose and save your reply off-line. Then paste it in as a reply. No matter what you select as a profile, when you click on either button beneath, your text will disappear without ever being sent to the server.}
Enjoy Ramen
Here is a relatively new Tokyo ramen blogger. Chris moved to Tokyo from Australia some years ago. He began this blog in February 2011.
Japan Today
This is an English-language collator of news articles orbiting around Japan. It encompasses twenty-one topics. The articles are interesting. However, I cannot recommend registering, or even reading the comments left by a plurality of its registered respondents.
the qUirKY jaPan HomEPage
Here's a great site pointing out all the non-touristy things in Japan, and especially Tokyo. Note the links for "Budget Travel", & "Really cool places no one ever visits". The page's author sporadically has a column in "Japanzine", a free monthly English-language Japanese magazine. Kanagawa Prefecture atlas [Japanese]
This is the pocket-sized atlas I obtained at a bookstore in Yokohama. It should be translated into English. But for now, it is only available in Japanese. Kanagawa Prefecture is where you will find Kawasaki, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Misaki, Sagamihara, Hakone, & Odawara - all of which frequently attract English-speakers visiting cosmopolitan Tokyo.
Tokyo Damage Report
This is a fascinating site maintained by Steve Schultz, an English-speaking person who was deported from Japan, but managed to return. The link herein which has the data which caused me to add this here is the one to the dictionary of the words used to describe Japanese pornographic books and videos. This will help you if you land on a Japanese W-WW site where the only use of English characters is in the linking URLs. The bulk of this site orbits around music.
A Google™ map of Tokyo Damage Report's venues
Somebody from Europe went and placed all the venues that S. Schultz mentioned in his Tokyo Trip Report [linked from above] on a Google™ map. Here it is.
Guest House Kanalian
This is a hostel in central Yokohama, within walking distance of the main trains station. Lee-san is the proprietor here. It is a superb venue, period, with enough home touches to make you return here again & again. Its guest rooms are small. Each has an open compartment beneath the bunk beds, and a combination lock locker inside the door. Even if your night time destinations are in Tokyo, I recommend you stay here. (There are now a number of good beer bars in Yokohama [c.v.], should you not want to travel far away.) In a difference from other accomodations of this type, you do not need to bring a towel. But you do need to bring night clothes | pajamas. Its rates are as low as ¥13,000 | seven nights.
Khaosan Tokyo hostel group
This is the W-WW site of the hostel group in whose properties I have stayed when I have visited Tokyo. Its rates are very low. It provides free Internet access for its guests. Its Asakusa properties are a short walking distance from a Tokyo subway station on the route which serves Narita Airport. Two of them are east of the Sumida River, technically in Sumida-Ku. It has another property in a nook of Chüö-ku near the Asakusa-bashi bridge. Khaosan's keenest aspect is that it has surveyed the neighborhood to denote the shops, clubs, & restaurants which provide similar values for the money.
It also operates hostels in Fukuoka and Beppu.
Sakura hostel Asakusa
This is the English-language W-WW site of another hostel in Asakusa. It is in Asakusa; i.e.: west of the Sumida River in Taitö-Ku. If you can't book all the nights you want to stay in Tokyo at Khaosan, this slightly more expensive (but still cheap) hostel is a suitable backup. It is a long walk from the ASAKUSA(TOBU/SUBWAY) train station. Without heavy baggage, the hostel estimates it will take eleven minutes. You may also follow it on Twitter (It posts more frequently in English than Japanese.) as "asakusa_hostel".
Tokyo Railway Labyrinth
This is an English-language weblog by Yasushi Hamada. He is a petroleum geologist working in Shinjuku ward. He travels on many train and subway lines in cosmopolitan Tokyo, not just JR. He posts photographs of them in each weblog entry. He does only two per entry, so this W-WW site will load a little quicker than other sites in the genré.
All About Japan Trains
This is a World-Wide Web site by Mike Nakada, a railfan who splits his time between Tokyo & San Francisco. He has web articles on CNN Travel. This orbits around the above-named topic. There are rubrics for JR, the private railways in cosmopolitan Tokyo, and Tokyo Metro & Toei subways. You can click through for data about the manufacture of each train car. Because of all the images, sections of this site will take a while to completely load.
Japanese Railways Society
This is a railfans' association, similar to C.E.R.A. [c.v.], headquartered in England, which focuses on activity of the indicated topic. JR, municipal, and private railway lines are covered. I have joined this society. If you are interested in the topic, I recommend doing also. It costs $36.00 | year. There is a U.S.A. representative of the society (in Iowa). If you contact me, I will pass along his address.
Japan train route & fare calculator [Hitachi]
Here is [| are] the World-Wide Web site[s] which will decipher the ‘hidden code’ known by residents thereof, but not by overseas visitors there. Hyperdia is Hitachi's foray, which I submit is better than Jorudan's [c.v.]. It is now available in Japanese, English, & Chinese.
What is the mystery?
The Japanese Railways (JR) line is not the only train operator serving densely-populated areas. JR likes to present itself as such, and it makes an effort to attract English-speaking riders. The other private train lines seem to consider non-Japanese-speaking customers as secondary.
You begin by inputting the station names which you want to transit in Japan. It notes what you are typing and suggests the station(s) beginning with those letters. If you are staying at a hostel in Asakusa, the station name you want is "ASAKUSA(TOBU/SUBWAY)". Indicate whether the time you enter is your desired departure or arrival time. Click on the "SearchDetails" link for more key options; including where you may optionally include a station or stations through which you wish to pass en route. This is where you specify the types of conveyances you want included ("Walk" is an option.), such as extra-cost trains like the "Shinkansen", "Airline", or "Limited Express"; the number of routing options [up to ten] you would like; and now having an option which will include, or exclude, JR trains. The output may be sorted by cost, transfers, or time elapsed.
Hyperdia will let you click through [new browser windows] to investigate the train's run, the service schedule for a specific station, and even a Google™ map of the area of the station. The results will let you know how much it will cost; how many times you need to transfer (& where); and how much time will be consumed. This is one of those very rare W-WW sites whose facility makes it fun to play with, even though some of its alternate routings are exasperating. I give this service my keenest recommendation.
Japan train route & fare calculator [Jorudan]
While doing background search on Hyperdia; I found this other interactive W-WW site maintained by Jorudan. The concept is the same. Its output is lengthier and less interactive than Hyperdia, but its results should be the same. A Japanese-language version is available. I break out of the frame for you. Compare and contrast the two of them.
Here is a quote from Bob Radlowski of Chicago, submitted to Josh Noel of the Chicago Tribune, which describes the area:
I have been on some of the biggest public transportation systems - London, Paris, New York - but I have never seen a transit system like Tokyo's. Your initial impression when looking at the transit map is that it's a plate of spaghetti, but spend a little time with it, and you'll realize what a thing of beauty it is. Clean, fast, and efficient, you can get anywhere in a metropolitan area of 30-plus million people in less than half an hour. It's a reason in itself to visit Tokyo.

Can you fit it in?

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