BALLS Performer Links
Minnesota Fringe Festival Welcoming theater from around the world
Leslie Ball  
Clitic & Calque The world's only etymological performance artists now run a semi-weekly email column on word origins
Alex Goldfarb  
Martin Grider juggling pics, poetry, links & contact info
Dan Grider  
Melissa Birch  
Ari Hoptman  
Marty Winkler  
The Blackbirds Celtic Music
Rick Risch Disrectagular
Mad Monkey Construction Agency We build good stuff & we build stuff good.
Mike Merz & the Can o' Worms Neo-psychedelic, high-vocabulary post-skiffle
Cosmic Slop  
Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater
Ochen K. my "stereotypical" home page
Christopher Shillock  
Maria Bamford  
Dan Kase  
George Little  
Bet Williams  
Thomas Krause  
Ajuna Greist  
Alfred James Band  
Dextre Tripp  
The Theater Gallery A Physical Theater Company with an Interdisciplinary Ensemble
Madeleine Hart Visit the cyber-site of this award-winning sagacious songsmith
Gunnar Madsen founded and was a driving creative force behind the internationally acclaimed acapella group The Bobs
anton and dan Human-based improvisational music.
Stephanie Zvan  
Gabe Heller Gabe's images, projects, and humorous musings, both real and fake.
Pamela Z  
Jess Curtis  
Eric Ferguson  
Dylan Wahl  
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