BALLS Performer Registry

January '01


Margaret Dickinson poetry
Jackie Kashian comedy
Patrick Scully dance
John Killacky reading
Leslie Ball music "One Foot in Front of the Other"
Patrick Tierney music
Brooke Murphy all chaos
Emily Nelson music
Brian Motiaytis quiz The answer is not January 3, 1955


Brian Motiaytis quiz Ochen's B-day
John Rauser reading
Brooke/Marshall?Ben Murphy/Bolin/?? all Senior II
Margaret Dickinson poetry
Dan/Greg W./H. music
Bob Amaden prose I'll probably read something I made "Guiltless"
Buddy Berch music
Robert Thompson poetry
Brian Calderon poetry
Andy Ritchy comedy


Gabe Heller music
Brian Motiaytis quiz
Venus music
Lynette Grandel poetry
Buddy B music
Russ C spoken words Wonderful World of Computers
Brian Calderon poetry
Hiedi Arneson skit Snake Lady
Jimmy Jahoda skit bus stop guy w/Chelsea
Chris Jurek comedy


Chris Shillock poetry
Rich Isaacson poetry
Brian Motiaytis quiz
Dean Hatton dance
Karen Haselmann story shadow puppets
Jay Gilligan juggling & story
Chad Guerrero music
Jay/John/Ochen Gilligan/Rauser/K. juggling
Brian Alexander magic tricks
Jayoe music


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