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                             Cassettes  $10.00       CD's   $15.00

                                                                                                                 Latest Project        
                                                                                                                 Available in Cassette and CD

                                                                                                                 Show Me The Cross
                                                                                                                 Wish You Were Here
                                                                                                                 Greatest Of All Miracles
                                                                                                                 I'm Glad I'm Serving A God
                                                                                                                 Meet Me At The Table
                                                                                                                 I'm Bound For The Land Of Cannan
                                                                                                                 My Soul Provider
                                                                                                                 Stand Up For What I Stand For

                           All The Songs Are Patriotic,
                              Available in Cassette and CD

           Statue Of Liberty, 
           America Gives Me Liberty
           We Want America Back,
           The Star Spangled Banner,
           Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning
           Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly
           Go Rest High On That Mountain
           God Bless The USA 
           Red White And Blue
           My Country Tis Of Thee




                                                                                                       Available in Cassette and CD     
                                                                                                            I Thirst,
                                                                                                            Hallelujah Morning
                                                                                                            Jesus Saves     
                                                                                                            He's Still Alive
                                                                                                            Go And Tell Somebody
                                                                                                            I've Read The Back Of The Book
                                                                                                            God Forgets
                                                                                                            Hold On Just A Little While Longer
                                                                                                            Lazarus Come Forth
                                                                                                            Climbing Higher And Higher


                                     Cassette Only

                 Jesus Is Coming Soon, Champion Of Love
                 Can He Could He,  Jesus Built A Bridge
                 Looking For The Lights Of That City
                 Touring That City,  Master Locksmith
                 Its Not So Hard To Praise Him
                 Its Not What's Over The Door
                 Step Into The Water

                                                                                                                            Cassette Only 

                                                                                                            Oh What A Savior
                                                                                                            Wedding Music  
                                                                                                            Canaanland Is Just In Site
                                                                                                            Wonderful Time
                                                                                                            When Dust Shall Sing
                                                                                                            What's That I Hear
                                                                                                            New Wine
                                                                                                            Higher Than I've Ever Been
                                                                                                            Prodigal Son
                                                                                                            Have You Been Beneath The Fountain


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