The New Jerusalem Singers

 Photo's from many of our venues over the years

 Iron Hill Advent Christian Church                 November 2, 2013

 Blythe Baptist Church     Homecoming                  October 2013

  Belair Baptist Church,    5th Sunday Sing       September 29, 2013

 Pictures of our Bus                                   Miss Dorothy

 Norris Chapel                                       March 25, 2012

 Washington Commons                                    January 2012

Blythe Baptist Church                                 January 2012

Hephzibah Church of God Benefit                   November 5, 2011

Hephzibah Baptist Church                          November 6, 2011

Washington Commons                                    January 2011

Falling Creek Baptist Church, Elberton GA             January 2011

First Southern Methodist Church                     September 2010

Blythe Baptist Church                                 October 2009

Hephzibah Baptist Church - Missionary Fund Raiser     October 2009

Good Shepherd Church, Tennille, GA                    October 2006

Bath Presbyterian Church, Blythe, GA                September 2006

Glenn Hills Baptist Church, Augusta GA              September 2006
                 A Special Thanks to Tracy Palmer for filling our Tenor  Position this day, GREAT JOB

Marks Baptist Church, Augusta, GA                      August 2006

Faith Baptist Church,  Homecoming   Jackson,GA         August 2006

First Baptist Church, Gracewood   Augusta, GA             May 2006

Buckner's Restaurant and Music Hall, Jackson, GA          May 2006

Trinity Baptist Church, Locust Grove, GA                  May 2006

Romans Road Baptist Church, Jefferson, GA               April 2006

Miracle Baptist Church, Hephzibah, GA                   April 2006

Prince of Peace Worship Center, Gainesville, GA         March 2006

Purvis Community Center,  Thomson, GA                   March 2006

Piney Grove Baptist, McBean Area Senior Citizens     February 2006

Green Street Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA        February 2006

Calvery Baptist Church, Augusta, GA                   January 2006

CSRA-Southern Gospel Music Association Winter Sing    January 2006

First Church of the Nazarene, Augusta. GA  New Years December 2005

Christmas Program, WBPI TV-49,   N. Augusta, SC      December 2005

Lighthouse Tabernacle,  Bath, SC                     December 2005

Sweet Water Baptist Church,  Thomson, GA             December 2005

Church of God of Prophecy, West Pelzer, SC           November 2005

First Baptist Church, Pelzer, SC                     November 2005

Mount Beulah Baptist, Stapleton, GA                   October 2005

His Community Church,  Augusta, GA                    October 2005

Fleming Baptist Church, Augusta, GA                   October 2005

Purvis Community Center,  Thomson, GA                 October 2005

Piney Grove Baptist Church,  McBean, GA               October 2005

Westwood Baptist Church, Acworth, GA                September 2005

Miracle Baptist Gaither Style Sing, Hephzibah, GA      August 2005

Vineyard Baptist Church, Griffin, GA                   August 2005

Buckner's Restaurant and Music Hall, Jackson, GA       August 2005

Marks Baptist Church,  Augusta, GA                     August 2005

Christian Television, WBPI TV-49,  N. Augusta, SC      August 2005

True Gospel Independent Baptist Church, Gaffney, SC      July 2004

West Gantt Baptist Church, Greenville, SC                July 2004

Blythe Baptist Church Fund Raiser, Blythe, GA             May 2005

McBean Baptist Church, Waynesboro, GA                     May 2005

CSRA-Southern Gospel Music Association Sing               May 2005

Trinity Baptist Tabernacle, Piedmont, SC                  May 2005

Care Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC                      May 2005

Chesnee Gospel Music Center,  Chesnee SC                  May 2005

Friendship Baptist Church, Statesboro GA                  May 2005

Miracle Baptist Church,  Hephzibah, GA                  April 2005

VICA Awards Banquet, Marriott Hotel     Columbia, SC    April 2005

Whispering Pines Baptist Church, Hephzibah, GA          March 2005

Marks Baptist Church,  Augusta, GA                   February 2005

Piney Grove Baptist Church, Seniors McBean, GA       February 2005

Shiloh Baptist Church,  Aiken, SC                    February 2005

Villa Rica Christian Church,  Villa Rica, GA          January 2005

First Baptist Church of Clinton, Clinton, Alabama     January 2005

Liberty Grove Baptist Church,  Wrightsville, GA      December 2004

Sweet Water Baptist Church,  Thomson, GA             December 2004

West Pelzer Baptist Church,  Pelzer, SC              November 2004

Bargains Food Store Gospel Sings,  Pelzer, SC        November 2004

Pelzer Church of God of Prophecy,  Pelzer, SC        November 2004

First Baptist Church,  Gracewood, GA                  October 2004

West Acres Baptist Church,  Evans, GA                 October 2004

Village Market Open House,  Valley Alabama            October 2004

Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene,  Tennille, Ga   October 2004

Belair Baptist Church,  Augusta, GA                   October 2004

Central Baptist Church, Augusta, GA                   October 2004

Care Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC                  October 2004

Blythe Baptist Church, Homecoming 2004,  Blythe GA    October 2004

CSRA-Southern Gospel Music Association Sing              Sept 2004

Open Door Baptist Church, Augusta, GA                    Sept 2004

Buckner's Family Restaurant and Music Hall  Jackson, GA  Sept 2004

Whispering Pines Baptist Church, Hephzibah, GA           Sept 2004

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Vidalia, GA                 August 2004

Melton's Chapel United Methodist Church, Baxley, GA    August 2004

West Gantt Baptist Church, Greenville, SC              August 2004

East Side Baptist Church, Homecoming  Spartanburg, SC  August 2004

Trinity Baptist Church, Franklinton, LA                   May 2004

Bethel Baptist Church,  Franklinton, LA                   May 2004

Sunlight Baptist Church,  Franklinton, LA                 May 2004

Jackson City Festival,  Jackson, SC                       May 2004

Livelys Pond, Faith & Freedom Barbecue,  Waynesboro, GA   May 2004

St Jude Childrens Hospital Gospel Sing, Portal GA         May 2004

First Christian Church, Perry, GA                       April 2004

Blythe Baptist Church, Blythe, GA                       April 2004

Fleming Baptist Church, Revival Services - Augusta, GA  April 2004

East Side Baptist Church,  Spartanburg, SC              March 2004

Pelzer Church of God of Prophecy,  Pelzer, SC           March 2004

Spring Fling, Gospel Sing, Thomson, Ga                  March 2004

Care Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC                    March 2004

Faith Fellowship Ministries, Spartanburg, SC            March 2004

Picnic in the Park Gospel Sing, Harlem, Ga              March 2004

Whispering Pines Baptist Church, Hephzibah, Ga          March 2004

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Wrightsville, Ga         March 2004

Midland Gospel Music Center, Gilbert SC                 March 2004

Woodlawn Baptist Church,  Grovetown GA               February 2004

CSRA SGMA Quarterly Sing,  Augusta GA                 January 2004

Golden Strip Emergency Relief Sing, Fountain Inn, SC  October 2003

Trinity Baptist Tabernacle, Piedmont, SC              October 2003

Bessie Road Baptist Church, Pelzer, SC                October 2003

Christian Television, WBPI TV-49,  N. Augusta, SC     October 2003

Chesnee Gospel Music Center,  Chesnee SC              October 2003

Piedmont Church of God of Prophecy,   Piedmont SC    November 2003

Montmorenci First Baptist Church,   Montmorenci SC   November 2003

Piney Bluff Fall Festival,  Baxley GA                November 2003

Christ Baptist Church, N. Augusta SC                 December 2003

Golden Corral Restaurant,  Augusta GA                December 2003