Who are we?


 Hi..Im Liane I was born in Gainesville, Florida and was raised in the waves off New Smyrna Beach, Florida.   When I was 14 I had promise of being another Julie Andrews, sang my way through junior and senior high, and attended Florida State University, where I spent my time training as a vocal education major.   I also played the tympani in the concert band and tenor drums in the marching band, thus being able to see all the football games from a good vantage point.   After graduation I decided to seek out exciting places in the world, so I spent three years in Taiwan where I learned I did not enjoy teaching (and quickly learned shorthand and typing), and two and ½ years in Greenland.  During my tour in Greenland I became one of the worlds coldest radio DJs, but I was also fortunate to be able to travel throughout Europe.
I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1974.  I began participating with the WWII living history group in 1994, where I met Martyn.  I moved to Denver in 1995, and Martyn and I were married in November, 1996.  I have continued in the field of executive/legal assistant for over 20 years.  At the time of writing I am wishing I were retired from the secretarial field and spending my time growing vegetables, playing with my dogs, and riding my horses.

I was born and raised in Bristol, England.  Attended Bristol Grammar School (founded in 1532 by a Charter from King Henry VIII).  From there went to Bristol Tech College for five years, qualifying in Building Construction and Management.  In 1988 decided to move to live in the USA.  On arrival in the USA, toured the whole of the western half, traveling from Seattle to San Diego, then north-east to eventually lose steam in Denver, Colorado.   I fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and all things about Colorado and at the time of writing have been here for just over 10 years, living in the City of Aurora which is part of the Greater Denver Metro Area.  In November 1998 we moved east of Denver to Bennett, Colorado, where we now have 5 acres and have our horses with us at last!  Having become disillusioned with Construction I decided to use my computer knowledge and switched careers in 1989, joining the Oil & Gas Industry.  I have now been with the same company (Duke Energy Field Services) for about 13 years.  At Thanksgiving in 1996 I married the lovely Liane in a ceremony at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO (you may know this as the setting for Stephen King's "The Shining".  We visited England and Scotland in 1996 - a wonderful trip with Liane's first visit to Scotland, the home of her ancestors. We visited Britain again in September 1999, June 2001 and Christmas 2002 - checkout the "See Us" link below for a selection of pictures we took!

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