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Pinball Machines in stock and READY FOR SALE:
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1972 Gottlieb - OUTER  SPACE pinball
1980 Williams - FIREPOWER pinballcam.gif
1983 Williams - FIREPOWER  II pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1982 Zaccaria - PINBALL  CHAMP '82 pinball cam.gif.
1988 Williams - CYCLONE  pinball cam.gif
2013 Stern - MARVEL, THE AVENGERS THE PIN pinball
1989 Bally - ELVIRA  AND  THE  PARTY  MONSTERS pinball cam.gif
1989 Williams - BLACK  KNIGHT  2000 pinball 
1993 Data East - ROCKY  AND  BULLWINKLE  pinball..
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More games available at: dsmpinball.comCentral Iowa Pinball  sales a
Note: For an additional $19.95 we will provide a receipt that matches what you told your spouse you paid.
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    All equipment is FOB Norwalk, IA
    Local delivery and set-up is available in the Des Moines metropolitian area.
    Shipping anywhere, coast to coast, can be arranged.


    Other coin-operated equipment in stock available for sale:

    1945 American Scale Mfg. Co.  - WATE  AND  FATE  Penny  Scalecam.gif
    2003 Sammy - Atomiswave SPORTS  SHOOTING  USA Video  Gamecam.gif
    2000 Wurlitzer - W-64 Coke  Machinecam.gif
    1995 Rowe-AMI - CD-RN  BUBBLER CD  Jukebox http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif

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Other machine(s) in stock, but NOT ready for sale:.
1978 Bally - MATA  HARI (SS) pinball
Always looking to buy - Contact us if you have any pinballs to sell.

Tooting our own horn:Two-Bit Pinballs In The News:Chris Des Moines Iowa pinballs machine game

Norwalk Living Magazine:February 2011
North Warren Town and County News - Business Review:27 January 2011
North Warren Town and County News - Business Review:9 November 2000
Des Moines Register - Business Section South:12 April 2000
Des Moines Register - Community News: 6 May 1998
North Warren Town and County News:27 November 1997
RePlay Magazine: April 1994,  Volume XIX, Number 7, Page 133
Play Meter Magazine: April 1994,  Volume 20, Number 5, Page ACME 80
KCCI channel 8 Des Moines:30 June 1993 evening news

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.Pinball machine repair in Des Moines metro area, Iowa
The ones that got away


19?? Sankyo - PACHINCO "pinball" 
19?? Kazenoyou-Jinbou - NASCAR  RACING  Slot Machine.
1920's Western Electric - TELEPHONE  BOOTH
1931 RCA - HOTEL  RADIO http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1931 Western Electric - TELEPHONE  BOOTHhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1935 American Scale Mfg. Co.  - WATE AND FATE  Penny  Scalecam.gif
1935 Buckley Mfg. Co. - CRISS CROSS  Dime  Slot  Machinecam.gif
1938 Columbia - BELL Double Jackpot slot machine http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1938 Mills - VEST POCKET slot machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1938 Mills - VEST POCKETslot machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1938 Mills - VEST POCKET slot machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1940's Western Electric - Telephone Booth http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1940 Chicago Coin - ALL  AMERICAN pinball cam.gif
1946 Jennings - Standard Chief slot machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1946 Jennings - Club Chief slot machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1946 Jennings - Tic Tac Toe Chief slot machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1947 Genco - BRONCHOPinball.
1948 Chicago Coin - HOLIDAY pinball
1948 Genco - FLOATING POWER pinballcam.gif
1948 Gottlieb - LADY  ROBINHOOD pinball cam.gif
1948 United - WISCONSIN pinball cam.gif
1948 Wurlitzer - Model 1100 jukeboxcam.gif
1949 Chicago Coin - PIN-BOWLER pinball cam.gif
1949 Williams - ALL  AMERICAN  QUARTERBACK pinball cam.gif
1949 Williams - ST.  LOUIS pinball cam.gif
1950 F. E. Ericson Co. - ASK  SWAMI penny  fortune  teller/napkin  holder cam.gif
1950 F. E. Ericson Co. - ASK  SWAMI penny fortune  teller/napkin  holder cam.gif
1950 F. E. Ericson Co. - ASK  SWAMI penny  fortune t eller/napkin  holder cam.gif
1950 Gottlieb - BUFFALO  BILL pinball cam.gif
1950 Gottlieb - KNOCKOUT pinballcam.gif
1950 Gottlieb - SEA  JOCKEYS pinballcam.gif
1950 Williams - BOWLETTE shuffle bowler http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1950 Williams - LUCKY  INNING pinball
1950 Wurlitzer - Model 1250 "Golden Opportunity" jukebox 
1951 Chicago Coin - PLAY BALL pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1952 Gottlieb - CHINATOWN pinballcam.gif
1952 Gottlieb - HIT  'N'  RUN pinballcam.gif
1952 Gottlieb - SKILL-POOL pinballcam.gif
1952 Williams - 8 BALL pinballcam.gif
1952 Williams - FOUR  CORNERS pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1952 Williams - SPORTSMAN pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1953 Bally - PALM  SPRINGS  bingo http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1953 Gottlieb - ARABIAN  KNIGHTS pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1953 Gottlieb - GRAND  SLAM pinballcam.gif
1953 Gottlieb - GUYS  DOLLS pinball cam.gif
1953 Gottlieb - PINWHEEL pinballcam.gif
1953 Seeburg - 100 WALL-O-MATIC wall  boxcam.gif
1953 Williams - TIMES  SQUARE pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1954 Bally - HI  FI bingo cam.gif
1954 Chicago Coin - HOME  RUN pitch  and  bat  baseballcam.gif
1954 Gottlieb - LADY  LUCK pinballcam.gif
1955 Gottlieb - GYPSY QUEEN pinballcam.gif
1956 Automatic Electric Co. - PAY  TELEPHONEhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1956 Gottlieb - AUTO  RACE pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1956 Gottlieb - CLASSY  BOWLER pinballcam.gif
1956 Williams - 4  BAGGER  DELUXE pitch  and  bat  baseball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1956 Williams - PERKY pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1956 Williams - PICCADILLY pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1956 Williams - TIM-BUC-TU pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1957 Ford - PENNY GUMBALL gumball  machinecam.gif
1957 Gottlieb - ACE  HIGH pinballcam.gif
1957 Gottlieb - FALSTAFF pinball cam.gif
1957 Gottlieb - ROYAL  FLUSH pinballcam.gif
1957 Gottlieb - WHIRL  WIND pinballcam.gif
1957 Gottlieb - WORLD  CHAMP pinball cam.gif
1957 Williams - DELUXE  BASEBALL 1957 pitch  and  bat  baseballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1957 Williams - RENO pinballcam.gif
1957 Williams - SHOO  SHOO pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1958 Ford  - FORD GUMBALL gumball  machine http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1958 Gottlieb - CRISS  CROSS pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1958 Gottlieb - DOUBLE  ACTION pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1958 Gottlieb - ROCKET  SHIP pinball cam.gif
1958 Gottlieb - SITTIN'  PRETTY pinballcam.gif
1958 Williams - 3 D pinball
1958 Williams - GUSHER pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1958 Williams - SHORT  STOP pitch  and  bat  baseballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1958 Williams - TURF  CHAMP pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1959 Ford - FORD GUMBALL gumball  machine http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1959 Gottlieb - ATLAS pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1959 Gottlieb - HI  DIVER  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1959 Gottlieb - MISS  ANNABELLE pinball cam.gif
1959 Gottlieb - QUEEN  OF  DIAMONDS pinballcam.gif
1959 Select-O-Vend - CANDY/GUM VENDORcam.gif
1959 Vendo - Model 44 coke machinehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1959 Williams - CROSSWORD pinball 
1959 Williams - FIESTA pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1959 Williams - NAGS pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1960's Western Electric - Telephone Boothhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1960 Gottlieb - CAPTAIN KIDD pinballcam.gif
1960 Gottlieb - LITE-A-CARDpinball cam.gif
1960 Gottlieb - MELODY LANE pinball cam.gif
1960 Gottlieb - SPOT-A-CARD pinball
1960 Gottlieb - WORLD BEAUTIES pinball 
1960 Seeburg -  AQ-100 Select-O-Matic jukeboxhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1960 Seeburg -  AQ-100 Select-O-Matic jukeboxhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1961 Gottlieb - BIG  CASINO pinball cam.gif
1961 Gottleib - EGG  HEAD  pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1961 Gottlieb - OKLAHOMA pinballcam.gif
1961 Williams - HOLLYWOOD pinball cam.gif
1962 Ford - FORD GUMBALL gumball  machine http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1962 Gottlieb - FLIPPER  CLOWN pinball 
1962 Gottlieb - FLIPPER  COWBOY pinballcam.gif
1962 Gottlieb - OLYMPICS  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1962 Gottlieb - RACK-A-BALL  pinball cam.gif
1962 Rock-Ola - MODEL 1496 EMPRESS 45 RPM jukeboxcam.gif
1962 Williams - 3 COINS pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1962 Williams - VAGABOND pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1963 Bally - HOOTENANNY pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1963 Gottlieb - SLICK  CHICK   pinballcam.gif
1963 Gottlieb - SWEET  HEARTS pinballcam.gif
1963 Williams - 1963 MAJOR LEAGUE pitch  and  bat  baseball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1964 Bally - 2 IN 1 pinball
1964 Bally - BIG DAY pinball
1964 Bally - CHAMP pinball 
1964 Gottlieb - BIG  TOP pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1964 Gottlieb - WORLD  FAIR  pinball 
1964 Gottlieb - NORTH  STAR pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1964 Williams - HEAT WAVE pinball
1964 Williams - OH  BOY  pinball cam.gif
1964 Williams - PALOOKA   pinball cam.gif
1964 Williams - SOCCER   pinball cam.gif
1964 Williams - ZIG  ZAG  pinballcam.gif
1965 Bally - EL  TORO pinball 
1965 Bally - TRIO pinball 
1965 Gottlieb - BUCKAROO pinball cam.gif
1965 Gottlieb - DODGE  CITY pinballcam.gif
1965 Gottlieb - FLIPPER  POOL pinball cam.gif
1965 Gottlieb - KINGS & QUEENS pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1965 Gottlieb - SKYLINE pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1965 Midway - PLAY  BALL  pitch  and  bat  basebal http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1965 Williams - BOWL A STRIKE pinball 
1966 Automatic Electric Co. - PAY  TELEPHONEhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1966 Chicago Coin - KICKER pinball
1966 Gottlieb - CENTRAL  PARK pinball 
1966 Gottlieb - CROSS  TOWN pinball 
1966 Williams - A  GO  GO pinball 
1966 Williams - FULL  HOUSE pinballcam.gif
1966 Williams - HOT  LINE pinballcam.gif
1966 Williams - PITCH  &  BAT pitch  and  bat  baseballcam.gif
1967 Bally - DIXIELAND pinball
1967 Chicago Coin - BEATNICKS pinball 
1967 Chicago Coin - BULLSEYE  BASEBALL pitch  and  bat  baseball
1967 Gottlieb - SUPER  SCORE pinball 
1967 Rock-Ola - MODEL 434 CONCERTO  45 RPM jukeboxcam.gif
1967 Williams - BASE  HIT pitch and bat baseballcam.gif
1967 Williams - BEAT  TIME pinballcam.gif
1967 Williams - DERBY  DAY pinball 
1967 Williams - MAGIC  CITY pinball cam.gif
1967 Williams - MAGIC  TOWN pinball cam.gif
1967 Williams - SHANGRI-LA pinball 
1967 Williams - TOUCHDOWN pinballcam.gif
1968 Bally - DOGIES pinball
1968 Bally - ROCK MAKERS pinballcam.gif
1968 Bally - SAFARI pinball cam.gif
1968 Gottlieb - DOMINO pinballcam.gif
1968 Gottlieb - FUN  LAND pinball 
1968 Williams - BALL  PARK pitch  and  bat  baseball 
1968 Williams - CABARET pinball
1968 Williams - DING DONG pinball 
1968 Williams - DOOZIE pinballcam.gif
1968 Williams - JOLLY  ROGER pinball
1968 Williams - LADY  LUCK pinball cam.gif
1968 Williams - STUDENT  PRINCE  pinballcam.gif
1969 Bally - BALLY  HOO pinball 
1969 Gottlieb - AIRPORT pinball 
1969 Gottlieb - COLLEGE  QUEENS pinballcam.gif
1969 Gottlieb - MIBS pinball
1969 Gottlieb - SPIN-A-CARD pinballcam.gif
1969 Gottlieb - WILD WILD WEST pinball cam.gif
1969 Williams - EXPO pinball .
1969 Williams - FAST  BALL pitch  and  bat  baseball
1969 Williams - PADDOCK pinball cam.gif.
1968 Williams - STUDENT  PRINCE  pinballcam.gif
1970 Bally - BOWL-O pinball 
1970 Bally - CAMELOT pinball
1970 Bally - TRAIL  DRIVE pinball 
1970 Chicago Coin - COWBOY pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1970 Gottlieb - BASEBALL  pinballcam.gif
1970 Gottlieb - CARD  TRIX  pinball cam.gif
1970 Gottlieb - CRESCENDO pinball
1970 Gottlieb - MINI  CYCLE  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1970 Gottlieb - SNOW QUEENpinball
1970 Williams - ROCK  'N  ROLL pinball
1970 Williams - STRAIGHT  FLUSH pinball
1970 Williams - STRIKE  ZONE pinball
1971 Bally - DOUBLE-UP pinball 
1971 Bally - EXPRESSWAY pinball
1971 Bally - FOUR  MILLION  B. C.  pinball
1971 Bally - VAMPIRE pinball
1971 Gottlieb - 2001 pinball 
1971 Gottlieb - 4  SQUARE pinball cam.gif
1971 Gottlieb - DIMENSION pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1971 Gottlieb - DROP  A  CARD  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1971 Gottlieb - ORBIT pinball
1971 Gottlieb - PLAY BALL pinball 
1971 Williams - ACTION  BASEBALL  pitch  and  bat  baseball 
1971 Williams - GOLD  RUSH pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1971 Williams - SOLIDS  N  STRIPES pinball 
1972 Bally - TWIN  JOKER bingo
1972 Chicago Coin - CASINO pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1972 Chicago Coin - HOME  RUN pitch  and  bat  baseballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1972 Gottlieb - FLYING  CARPET pinball cam.gif
1972 Gottlieb - GRAND SLAM pinballcam.gif
1972 Gottlieb - OUTER  SPACE pinball
1972 Gottlieb - WILD  LIFE  pinballcam.gif
1972 Williams - GRANADA pinball 
1972 Williams - OLYMPIC  HOCKEY pinball 
1972 Williams - SUPERSTAR pinball 
1972 Williams - TRAVEL  TIME pinball
1972 Williams - WINNER pinball cam.gif
1973 Bally - HI-LO  ACE pinball
1973 Bally - NIP-IT pinball
1973 Gottlieb - BIG  BRAVE pinballcam.gif
1973 Chicago Coin - HEE  HAW pinball
1973 Gottlieb - BIG  SHOT pinballcam.gif
1973 Gottlieb - HOT  SHOT pinballcam.gif
1973 Gottlieb - JUMPING  JACK pinballcam.gif
1973 Gottlieb - JUNGLE  KING pinballcam.gif
1973 Gottlieb - KING  PIN pinballcam.gif
1973 Gottlieb - PRO  FOOTBALL pinball cam.gif
1973 Williams - AMBUSH Gun Gamecam.gif
1973 Williams - DARLING pinballcam.gif
1973 Williams - GULFSTREAM pinballcam.gif
1973 Williams - TRIPLE  ACTION pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1973 Williams - TROPIC  FUN pinball
1974 Bally - BOOMERANG pinball 
1974 Bally - SKY  KINGS pinballcam.gif
1974 Bally - TWIN  WIN pinballcam.gif
1974 Chicago Coin - GIN pinball cam.gif
1974 Gottlieb - BIG  BRAVE pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1974 Gottlieb - BIG  INDIAN pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1974 Gottlieb - BIG  SHOT pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1974 Gottlieb - CAPTAIN  CARD pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1974 Gottlieb - MAGNOTRON pinball cam.gif
1974 Gottlieb - OUT  OF  SIGHT pinball
1974 Gottlieb - SUPER  SOCCER pinball
1974 Gottlieb - TOP  CARD pinball 
1974 Williams - DEALER'S CHOICE pinball 
1974 Williams - LUCKY  ACE pinball 
1974 Williams - SKYLAB pinball
1974 Williams - SUPER-FLITE pinball
1974 Williams - TRIPLE  ACTION pinballcam.gif
1975 Bally - BOW  AND  ARROW pinball
1975 Bally - FLICKER pinball 
1975 Bally - HI DEAL pinball
1975 Bally - WIZARD pinball
1975 Chicago Coin - BLUE  MAXpinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1975 Chicago Coin - GOLD RECORD pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1975 Chicago Coin - OLYMPICS  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1975 Chicago Coin - RED BARON pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1975 Gottlieb - ATLANTIS pinball
1975 Gottlieb - FAST  DRAW  pinball 
1975 Gottlieb - OUT  OF  SIGHT pinball 
1975 Gottlieb - PIN-UP pinball 
1975 Gottlieb - TARGET  ALPHA pinball 
1975 Gottlieb - TOP  SCORE pinball
1975 Gottlieb - TOP  TEN pinball cam.gif
1975 Recel - MOON  FLIGHT pinballcam.gif
1975 Williams - AMBUSH  gun  gamehttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1975 Williams - LITTLE  CHIEF  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1975 Williams - SATIN  DOLL pinball 
1975 Williams - TRIPLE  STRIKE pinball cam.gif
1976 Bally - ALADDIN'S  CASTLE pinballcam.gif
1976 Bally - CAPTAIN  FANTASTIC  pinballcam.gif
1976 Bally - HANG  GLIDER pinball
1976 Bally - OLD  CHICAGO pinball 
1976 Chicago Coin - CINEMA pinball 
1976 Chicago Coin - HOLLYWOOD pinball.
1976 Chicago Coin - JUKEBOX pinball
1976 Chicago Coin - SOUND  STAGE pinball 
1976 Gottlieb - PIONEER pinballcam.gif
1976 Gottlieb - ROYAL  FLUSH pinballcam.gif
1976 Gottlieb - SHIP  AHOY pinball
1976 Gottlieb - SOLAR  CITY pinball
1976 Gottlieb - SPIRIT  OF  '76 pinballcam.gif
1976 Gottlieb - SURE  SHOT pinball 
1976 Gottlieb - SURF  CHAMP pinball 
1976 Gottlieb - TARGET  ALPHA pinball
1976 Gottlieb - VOLLEYpinballcam.gif
1976 Williams - AZTEC pinball
1976 Williams - BLUE  CHIP pinball 
1976 Williams - GRAND  PRIX pinball
1976 Williams - SPACE  MISSION pinballcam.gif
1976 Williams - SPACE  ODYSSEY  pinball.
1976 Williams - STAR  POOL pinball 
1976 Williams - TOLEDO pinballcam.gif
1977 Bally - EIGHT  BALL  pinballcam.gif
1977 Bally - EVEL  KNIEVEL (EM) pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Bally - EVEL  KNIEVEL (SS) pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Bally - FREEDOM (EM) pinball 
1977 Bally - FREEDOM (SS) pinball 
1977 Bally - MATA  HARI (EM) pinball 
1977 Bally - NIGHT  RIDER (EM) pinball 
1977 Bally - NIGHT  RIDER (SS) pinball 
1977 Bally - POWER  PLAY (BOBBY ORR) pinball
1977 Fascination Ltd. - ROY CLARK, THE ENTERTAINER pinballcam.gif
1977 Gottlieb - BRONCO pinball
1977 Gottlieb - CENTIGRADE 37 pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Gottlieb - DRAGON pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Gottlieb - JACKS OPEN pinballcam.gif
1977 Gottlieb - JOKER  POKERpinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Gottlieb - MUSTANG pinball
1977 Segasa - MONACO   pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Sonic - MARS-TREK pinballcam.gif
1977 Stern - DISCOpinball cam.gif
1977 Stern - PINBALL (EM) pinballcam.gif
1977 Stern - STAMPEDE pinballcam.gif
1977 Stern - RAWHIDE pinball
1977 Williams - ARGOSY pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Williams - AZTEC  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Williams - BIG  DEAL  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Williams - LIBERTY BELL pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Williams - LUCKY  SEVEN (EM) pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Williams - LUCKY  SEVEN (SS) pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Williams - WILD  CARD pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1977 Zaccaria - CIRCUS pinball 
1977 Zaccaria - COMBAT pinball 
1978 Bally - FIREBALL pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Bally - LOST  WORLD pinball cam.gif
1978 Bally - MATA  HARI (SS) pinball
1978 Bally - PLAYBOY  pinball
1978 Gottlieb - CLOSE  ENCOUNTERS (EM) pinball
1978 Gottlieb - DRAGON pinball 
1978 Gottlieb - GRIDIRONpinball cam.gif
1978 Gottlieb - JOKER  POKER pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Gottlieb - NEPTUNE pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Gottlieb - SINBAD (EM) pinball
1978 Gottlieb - SINBAD (SS) pinball
1978 Stern - LECTRONAMO pinballcam.gif.
1978 Stern - STARS pinballcam.gif
1978 Stern - TED  NUGENT pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Stern - WILD  FYRE pinballcam.gif
1979 Williams - GORGAR pinballcam.gif
1978 Williams - PHOENIX pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Williams - TRI  ZONE pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Williams - WORLD  CUP pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1978 Zaccaria - HOUSE  OF  DIAMONDS pinball cam.gif.
1978 Zaccaria - WINTER  SPORTS pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1979 Atari - SUPERMAN pinball 
1979 Bally - DOLLY  PARTON pinball 
1979 Bally - FUTURE  SPA  pinball 
1979 Bally - HARLEM  GLOBETROTTERS pinball 
1979 Bally - KISS pinballcam.gif
1979 Bally - PARAGON pinball 
1979 Bally - STAR TREK pinballcam.gif
1979 Gottlieb - COUNT  DOWN pinball 
1979 Gottlieb - GENIE pinball 
1979 Gottlieb - TOTEM pinball 
1979 Stern - HOT  HAND pinball
1979 Stern - METEOR pinball
1979 Williams - DISCO  FEVER pinballcam.gif
1979 Williams - FLASH pinballcam.gif
1979 Williams - GORGAR pinballcam.gif
1979 Williams - LASER  BALL pinballcam.gif
1979 Williams - SCORPION   pinballcam.gif
1979 Williams - STELLAR  WARS  pinball 
1979 Williams - TIME  WARP  pinball cam.gif
1980 Bally - HOT  DOGGIN' pinball
1980 Bally - MYSTIC   pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1980 Bally - NITRO  GROUNDSHAKER pinball
1980 Bally - ROLLING  STONES pinball cam.gif
1980 Bally - SILVERBALL  MANIA pinball cam.gif
1980 Bally - XENON pinballcam.gif
1980 Gottlieb - ASTEROID  ANNIE  AND  THE  ALIENS pinball cam.gif
1980 Gottlieb - STAR RACE pinball cam.gif
1980 Stern - GALAXY pinballcam.gif
1980 Stern - FLIGHT 2000 pinballcam.gif
1980 Stern - NINE  BALL  pinball 
1980 Williams - ALIEN  POKER pinball
1980 Williams - BLACK  KNIGHT pinball 
1980 Williams - BLACKOUT pinball
1980 Williams - FIREPOWER pinballcam.gif
1981 Bally - CENTAUR pinball
1981 Bally - EIGHT  BALL  DELUXE pinball
1981 Bally - ELEKTRA pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1981 Bally - FATHOM pinball
1981 Stern - CATACOMB pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1981 Stern - LIGHTNING pinball cam.gif
1981 Stern - SPLIT  SECOND pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1981 Williams - BARRACORA pinball
1981 Williams - JUNGLE  LORD pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1981 Williams - PHOENIX pinball 
1981 Williams - SOLAR  FIRE pinball
1982 Bally - SPEAK  EASY pinball 
1982 Bally - VECTOR  pinball
1982 Gottlieb - DEVIL'S  DARE  pinball 
1982 Williams - HYPERBALL  gun gamecam.gif
1982 Williams - TIME  FANTASY pinball
1982 Zaccaria - PINBALL  CHAMP '82 pinball cam.gif.
1982 Zaccaria - SOCCER  KINGS  pinball
1983 Bally - BMX pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1983 Bally - CENTAUR  II pinball
1983 Bally - GRAND SLAM pinball 
1983 Gottlieb - READY  AIM  FIRE pinball 
1983 Rock-Ola - Model 1000 45 RPM jukeboxhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1983 Williams - FIREPOWER  II pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1983 Williams - TIME  FANTASY pinball 
1983 Zaccaria - DEVIL  RIDERS pinball
1983 Zaccaria - FARFALLA pinballcam.gif
1983 Zaccaria - PINBALL  CHAMP  pinball cam.gif
1983 Zaccaria - TIME  MACHINE pinball 
1984 Bally - BLACK  PYRAMID pinball
1984 Bally - EIGHT BALL  DELUXE pinball 
1984 Bally - KINGS  OF  STEEL pinball 
1984 Bally - X's & O's pinball 
1984 Gottlieb - ELDORADO  CITY  OF  GOLD pinballcam.gif
1984 Gottlieb - JACKS  TO  OPEN pinball cam.gif
1984 Gottlieb - TOUCHDOWN pinballcam.gif
1984 Williams - PENNANT FEVER pitch  and  bat  baseballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1984 Williams - SPACE  SHUTTLE pinball 
1984 Williams - STAR  LIGHT pinball
1985 Bally - CYBERNAUT pinball
1985 Bally - FIREBALL  CLASSIC pinball 
1985 Gottlieb - BOUNTY  HUNTER pinball .
1985 Gottlieb - ICE  FEVER pinball
1955 Western Electric Co. - PAY  TELEPHONEhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1985 Williams - COMET pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1985 Williams - SORCERERpinball 
1986 Bally - MOTORDOME pinball .
1986 Gottlieb - GENESIS pinball
1986 Gottlieb - GOLD  WINGS pinball.
1986 Gottlieb - HOLLYWOOD  HEAT pinball
1986 Gottlieb - RAVEN pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1986 Williams  - GRAND  LIZARD pinball
1986 Williams  - PINBOT pinball 
1986 Williams  - ROAD  KINGS pinball 
1986 Zacarria  - BLACK  BELT pinball 
1987 Bally - DUNGEONS & DRAGONS pinball 
1987 Bally - PARTY ANIMAL pinball 
1987 Gottlieb - MONTE  CARLO pinball
1987 Williams - BIG  GUNS pinball
1987 Williams - F-14  TOMCAT pinballcam.gif
1987 Williams - FIREpinball
1987 Williams - FIRE  CHAMPAGNE  EDITION pinball 
1986 Williams  - HIGH  SPEED pinballcam.gif
1987 Williams - MILLIONAIRE pinball.
1987 Williams - SPACE  STATION pinball cam.gif
1988 Bally - BLACKWATER 100 pinball.
1988 Bally - TRUCK  STOP pinball .
1988 Data East - SECRET  SERVICE pinball
1988 Data East - TIME  MACHINE pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1988 Gottlieb - EXCALIBURpinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1988 Williams - BANZAI  RUNpinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1988 Williams - CYCLONE  pinball cam.gif
1988 Williams - JOKEREZ pinballcam.gif
1988 Williams - SWORDS  OF  FURY pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1988 Williams - TAXI pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1989 Antique Apparatus - BUBBLER 45 RPM jukebox http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1989 Bally - ATLANTIS  pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1989 Bally - ELVIRA  AND  THE  PARTY  MONSTERS pinball cam.gif
1989 Bally - MOUSIN'  AROUND pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1989 Data East - ABC  MONDAY  NIGHT  FOOTBALL pinball.
1989 Data East - PLAYBOY  35TH  ANNIVERSARY pinball 
1989 Gottlieb - BONE  BUSTERS pinball.
1989 Gottlieb - LIGHTS  CAMERA  ACTION pinball.
1989 Williams - BLACK  KNIGHT  2000 pinball.
1989 Williams - EARTHSHAKER pinball .
1989 Williams - POLICE  FORCE pinball .
1989 Wurlitzer - 1015 ONE MORE TIME 45 RPM  jukebox http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1990 Bally - DR.  DUDE pinball.
1990 Bally - GAME  SHOW pinball.
1990 Bally - POOL  SHARKS pinball .
1990 Bally - RADICAL pinball .
1990 Data East - BACK  TO  THE  FUTURE pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1990 Data East - SIMPSONS pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1990 Gottlieb - SILVER  SLUGGER pinball .
1990 Gottlieb - TITLE  FIGHT pinball .
1990 Gottlieb - VEGAS pinball .
1990 Williams - DINER pinball
1990 Williams - FUNHOUSE pinball.
1990 Williams - ROLLERGAMES pinball .
1990 Williams - WHIRLWIND pinball .
1991 Alvin G. & Co. - SOCCER-BALL pinball .
1991 Alvin G. & Co. - U. S. A.  FOOTBALL pinball .
1991 Bally - BUGS  BUNNY'S  BIRTHDAY  BALL pinball .
1991 Bally - HARLEY  DAVIDSON pinball cam.gif.
1991 Data East - CHECKPOINT pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1991 Williams - GILLIGAN'S  ISLAND pinballcam.gif
1991 Data East - TEENAGE  MUTANT  NINJA  TURTLES pinball .
1991 Gottlieb - CAR HOP pinball .
1991 Gottlieb - HOOPS pinball .
1991 Gottlieb - SURF  'N  SAFARI pinball .
1991 Williams - HURRICANE pinball.
1991 Williams - SLUGFEST pitch  and  bat  baseball.
1991 Williams - TERMINATOR  2, JUDGEMENT  DAY pinball cam.gif
1992 Alvin G. - U.S.A.  FOOTBALL pinball.
1992 Bally - ADDAMS FAMILY pinball .
1992 Bally - DOCTOR  WHO pinball.
1992 Gottlieb - CUE  BALL  WIZARD  pinball cam.gif.
1992 Gottlieb - SUPER  MARIO  BROS.  MUSHROOM  WORLD pinball.
1992 Bally - CREATURE  FROM  THE  BLACK  LAGOON pinball cam.gif.
1992 Williams - THE  GETAWAY, HIGH  SPEED 2 pinball cam.gif.
1992 Williams - FISH  TALES pinball cam.gif
1993 Alvin G. - MYSTERY  CASTLE pinball.
1993 Alvin G. - PISTOL  POKER  pinball .
1993 Bally - JUDGE  DREDD pinballcam.gif.
1993 Bally - TWILIGHT  ZONE pinballcam.gif.
1993 Data East - HOOK pinball.
1993 Data East - JURASSIC  PARK pinball.
1993 Data East - ROCKY  AND  BULLWINKLE  pinball..
1993 Data East - TALES  FROM  THE  CRYPT pinball .
1993 Gottlieb - GLADIATORS pinball.
1993 Gottlieb - TEE'D  OFF pinball.
1993 Gottlieb - WIPEOUT pinball .
1993 Williams - BRAM  STOKER'S  DRACULA pinball cam.gif.
1993 Williams - INDIANA JONES pinball .
1993 Williams - NO FEAR - DANGEROUS SPORTS pinballcam.gif.
1993 Williams - STAR  TREK, THE  NEXT  GENERATION pinball cam.gif
1994 Bally - WORLD CUP SOCCER pinball
1994 Data East - MAVERICK pinball cam.gif.
1994 Data East - GUNS  N'  ROSES pinball cam.gif.
1994 Data East - THE  WHO'S  TOMMY pinball cam.gif.
1994 Data East - WWF  ROYAL  RUMBLE pinball.
1994 Gottlieb - CLASS  OF  1812 pinball .
1994 Gottlieb - FREDDY - NIGHTMARE  ON  ELM  STREET pinball.
1994 Gottlieb - WORLD  CHALLENGE  SOCCER pinball.
1994 Stern - MARY  SHELLEY'S  FRANKENSTEIN pinball .
1994 Williams - DEMOLITION  MAN pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1994 Williams - POPEYE  SAVES  THE  EARTH pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1994 Williams - ROADSHOW pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1995 Bally - ATTACK  FROM  MARS pinballcam.gif.
1995 Bally - INDIANAPOLIS 500 pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1995 Bally - THEATRE  OF  MAGIC pinball cam.gif.
1994 Bally - WORLD CUP  SOCCER pinballcam.gif.
1995 Capcom - PINBALL  MAGIC pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1995 Gottlieb - STARGATE pinball.
1995 Gottlieb - STRIKES  N'  SPARES ball bowler 
1995 Gottlieb - WATER  WORLD pinball.
1995 Rowe-AMI - CD-RN  BUBBLER CD jukeboxhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1995 Unknown - TWO-BIT PINBALL NEON neon  sign.
1995 Williams - CONGO pinball.
1995 Williams - DIRTY  HARRY pinball cam.gif.
1995 Williams - JACK-BOT pinballcam.gif.
1996 Bally - SAFECRACKER pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1996 Capcom - BREAKSHOT pinballcam.gif.
1996 Gottlieb - MARIO  ANDRETTI pinball.
1996 Sega - SPACE  JAM  pinball cam.gif
1996 Sega - TWISTER pinball cam.gif
1996 Stern- GOLDENEYE pinball 
1996 Stern- INDEPENDENCE DAY pinball .
1996 Williams- TALES  OF  THE  ARABIAN  NIGHTS pinball .
1997 Bally - CIRQUIS  VOLTAIRE pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1997 Bally - NBA  FASTBREAK pinballcam.gif.
1997 Sega - STARSHIP TROOPERS pinball cam.gif
1997 Sega - JURASSIC  PARK - THE  LOST  WORLD pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1997 Stern - X-FILES pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1998 Bally - CHAMPION  PUB pinballcam.gif
1998 Sega - LOST  IN  SPACE pinballcam.gif.
1998 Sega - VIPER - NIGHT  DRIVIN' pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
1999 Bally - CACTUS  CANYON pinball.
1999 Bally - REVENGE  FROM  MARS pinballcam.gif
1999 Sega - SOUTH  PARK pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
1999 Williams - STAR  WARS, EPISODE  ONE pinball cam.gif
2000 Wurlitzer - W-64 Coke Machinecam.gif
2000 Display Power - BALLY  PINBALL  neon  signcam.gif
2000 Stern - SHARKEY'S  SHOOTOUT  pinball cam.gif
2000 Stern - STRIKER XTREME pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
2001 Edina Technical Products - MOVIE BLASTER gumball pinball cam.gif
2001 Stern - AUSTIN  POWERS pinball cam.gif.
2001 Stern - HIGH ROLLER CASINO pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
2001 Stern - MONOPOLY pinball
2001 Stern - NFL  PHILADELPHIA  EAGLES pinballhttp://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif.
2002 Chicago Gaming - VACATION AMERICA pinball
2002 Neon Concepts - ROCK  N  ROLL neon  signcam.gif
2002 Stern - HARLEY DAVIDSON 2nd EDITION pinballcam.gif
2002 Stern - PLAYBOY pinballcam.gif
2003 Actown Exectrocoil - GAME  ROOM neon  signcam.gif
2003 Sammy - Atomiswave SPORTS  SHOOTING  USA video  gamecam.gif
2004 Stern - ELVIS pinball
2005 Stern - NASCAR pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
2006 Zizzle - PIRATES  OF  THE  CARIBBEAN pinballcam.gif
2007 PMI/Capcom - BIG  BANG  BAR pinballcam.gif.
2007 Stern - DALE  EARNHARDT  Jr.  pinball http://users.dwx.com/pinball/cam.gif
2007 Stern - FAMILY  GUY pinball cam.gif.
2013 Stern - MARVEL, THE AVENGERS THE PIN pinball
2017 Stern/Whizz Bang Pinball - THE PABST CAN CRUSHER pinball
2019 Stern - BLACK  KNIGHT  SWORD  OF  RAGE pinball

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