Directions to Doug & Sherry Wilson's Home
105 Holley Ridge Road, Aiken, SC 29803 -- (803) 643-9187

From West on I-20 (Atlanta and Augusta, GA)

Take Exit 18 in South Carolina, turn south (right) on SC-19 (green line, map on right). Go 5.7 mi to Park Ave.

As you near Aiken, SC-19 becomes Laurens St.

[NOTE: At second traffic light, do NOT turn off SC-19 onto SC-19/Truck SC-118/Truck US-1/University Parkway, stay on Laurens.]

Follow Laurens through downtown area to Park Ave.

Follow SC-19 as it turns left around traffic island onto Park.

Follow Park two blocks to Chesterfield St. Follow SC-19 as it turns right onto Chesterfield (begin red line on map).

Stay on SC-19 as it bears left off Chesterfield onto Whiskey Rd.

Follow Whiskey Road / SC-19 3.3 mi to Aiken Mall.

[For reference, last traffic light before the Mall is Dougherty Rd where Walgreens is located on right. Publix/Ruby Tuesday entrance on right is immediately before the Mall.]

Turn right at Aiken Mall traffic light onto East Gate Drive.

Immediately get in left lane for traffic circle. Exit this and next traffic circle on opposite side of circle.

Continue on East Gate into Woodside Plantation and stop at Woodside Plantation Gate House to get visitor pass. (If you get directions from the guard, be sure they direct you to Holley Ridge Rd., not Holley Lake Rd.)

Continue on East Gate to second stop sign beyond gate house. Turn left onto Woodside Plantation Drive.

Follow Woodside Plantation 1.4 miles to Holley Ridge Road (just after second Winged Elm Circle intersection on left). Turn right onto Holley Ridge.

Ours is the first house on the left.

Last updated: 15 June, 2007