A Prayer For The Mentally Retarded

A long kept hand written prayer for us and those he served and loved
By Father John R. Green

Shown with his blessing
Text printed below handwriting
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First page of John R. Green's hand written prayer for the mentally retarded Second page of John R. Green's hand written prayer for the mentally retarded

Our Heavenly Father,

we have been created in

the image of you.  Help us to

see your image more clearly

and strongly in all

creatures of your love, and

particularly in those which

we describe as mentally

retarded, though they are whole

in your sight, and have

a place and purpose

in your divine plan

for all mankind.  Help us

to enable them to

fully participate in the


life which is your

will for all human kind.

We are grateful for

the opportunity to share

our lives with those possessing

limited faculties

of mind and body, obli-

viously in a love and joy within us which is beyond understanding. We know your creation, though entirely good, is as yet incomplete, and that we may share in your created work to the bettering of all the children of men. Guide us with your truth, the truth that rules us free to love and serve all your children, and bring their right to happy and productive living in their world and mine, which is a pure object of your love. Amen.

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Each printed line corresponds to each hand written line.
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